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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Shyvana, Bahamut's Favorite

Last updated on November 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a tanky dps build based on living through much as much as you have to in order to get close to your enemies and take them down, you can also hunt down any enemies that stray from the fights.

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I grab flash and ignite for my summoner spells because you already start off with a powerfull speed boost so ghost isnt really necessary, and flash helps survivability early.

Ignite is just a great way to stack up damage on your enemies in lane early game, especially if they overextend or make a mistake and you are able to pick up a kill.

Exhaust also works really well, but if you follow this build then Frozen Mallet will be all the cc you really need so exhauset isnt really necessary.

Teleport is good for any laning champ as it allows you to go back if you need to without sacrificing the lane.

As will all champs you should use spells you are familiar with, but some are better than others using people meant to deal damage.

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I always grab runes based upon making my early game as successful as possible.

Attack speed runes greatly increase your dps when combine with your Twin Fang ability.

Armor runes are great for any champ early on as practically nobody will be able to do enough magic damage to kill you without auto attacks.

Cooldown reduction helps her at all levels because her abilities might have short-ish cooldowns, but its better to have your abilities whenever you need them, especially on champs without resources.

health (and health regeneration) runes are ok on her but its hard to stay in lane without some form of damage reduction.

Attack damage runes work well as well, but i prefer to get the most out of my twin fang ability, especially because i take a rank in Flame Breath at level 3 which increases the damage Twin Fang deals by a fair amount.

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This item list is just a basic build for use against a well rounded team, feel free to improvise against teams heavy in one type of damage or another.

Frozen mallet is almost essential on her because it helps her stick to her enemies. between that and your Burnout ability noone will be able to get away from you.

Trinity Force, also works fairly well, but the constant crowd control frozen mallet allows you is much better in terms of taking down an enemy team.

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Shyvana is a very interesting champion to play especially because unless you have a bit of armor you will get focused down pretty quick. the best way ive found to play her is to help your team do stuff, but wait to use your ultiamte ability until the enemies are grouped up in one place thats hard to move away from, or to wait until the tank has them all tied up with crowd control to make full use of the AOE damage that your ult gives you.

Also, since she is a melee champ without very much movement, it is essentially that your team fights the enemy team in a place that is easy to engage in. if you have to use your ultimate to initiate youd better hope that their tank is somewhere else otherewise you might have trouble with getting focused down, otherwise, if you know their crowd control is on cooldown feel free to jump right in.

with shyvana you should always wait until the opportune moment to jump right in swinging otherwise your team could be out of position.