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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Shyvana jungle true power

Last updated on November 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys this is the first build i'm making for League of Legends, with this guide i intende to show you my way to play with Shyvana and how to unleash it's true potential . I've decided to make this build because i've seen so many people talking about this champion and how useless it is.
This build will focus in Shyvana's jungle.

I hope you enjoy this guide and this champions as much as i do.

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- Great jungler
- Insane mobility
- Great ganker
- Though champion

- Has no CC
- Get focused

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9 Greater marks of Alacrity

- The extra attack speed makes the jungle so easy early game and improves the overall shyvana's play.

- This armor makes jungle easier and makes her less squishy.

- Same reason as marks.

- Shyvana's movement speed is already high, with the first boots, masteries and this runes she can reach 520 movement speed at level 3, ganking with red buff and this insane movement speed makes it hard for anyone to escape you.

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For Masteries i take 9/0/21, i prefer this over 21/0/9 because it gives you cooldown reduction, movement speed, extra buff duration and makes your summoner spells recharge faster.

This extra movement speed will make your gank and jungle so much faster and easier.

I find the extra damage from 21/0/9 insignificant.

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Summoner Spells

Not much to say here, Smite and Flash are the best possible summoner spells for a jungler.
Ghost might be good but i prefer flash to escape through walls or to steal a buff or even barun.

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Skill Sequence

Fury of the Dragonborn

- This is one of the coolest passives in this game, it improves all Shyvana's skills.

Twin Bite

- This skill deals a ton of damage and it's great to heal your self, specially in dragon form since it makes Twin Blade Aoe damage.
- Don't forget to auto attack before using this skill it makes a big difference specially in jungle.


This is in my opinion Shyvana's best skill:
- It gives her an insane mobility which helps her chasing or escaping from other champions.
- This skill makes jungle piece of cake and its great to farm clusters of minions.
- Use this skill to roam around the map, when ganking, when farming, so basically SMASH SMASH SMASH WWWWW.

Flame Breath

- The damage from this skill isnt that great but the passive it's really good, with attack speed you can destroy your enemies in seconds.

Dragon's Descent

- This turns Shyvana into a dragon improving her armour/magic resist, you can use this skill as a flash to escape but it's better to use it in an offensive way.
- Try to auto attack and use as many skills as you can when in dragon form, in order to make it last longer.

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Core items for this build are:

- Wriggle's Latern best jungling item ever.

- Berserkers Greaves for the extra attack speed. (If u prefer you can buy Mercury's treads, but in my opinion this extra attack speeds improves her early game and if it's needed you can always switch to mercury's later.)

- Starks Fervor extra attack speed extra lifesteal and an aura which helps your team.

- Frozen Mallet insane with this champion mobility and attack speed.

The rest of the items are situational:



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Starting Items

Only need 2 potions for the first rotation.

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The route i find faster and easier:
- Start by Smiting the Blue wraith
- Kill wolfs pop a potion
- Kill wraiths pop a potion
- Kill golems
- Recall buy 2 potions
- Kill Red buff pop both potions and go gank.

(I'll make a video soon)

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Most games i start ganking at level 3 after i get red buff, i usually start by trying top, the right way to gank is to wait for the right shot but dont stand more then 30 sec in each lane, try to work your way around.

When your ganking run towards your enemy but dont activate W before your sure that you'll be able to hit him in order to extend the buff duration, with W at level 3 and first boots you'll have around 520 movement speed + red buff and flash they are unlikely to get away.

Try to get latern as soon as possible, gank as much times as possible but dont forget the jungle, try to clear all camps before ganking.

Don't gank only when you have red buff, for example if you gank mid without red buff and he flashes away you've made your job, just run to your jungle and wait for the next oportunity to gank, this time since he has no flash your likely to kill him, once you have phage it's like me and my friends used to say "All night long" just keep ganking ganking ganking and win the game.

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I love Shyvana's gameplay its a very interesting and funny, i dont advice her for laning but in the jungle she's a monster.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and thanks for checking it.
If you liked it vote please.

Some scores from the games i've made with this build