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Shyvana Build Guide by Fictionized

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fictionized

Shyvana - Jungling and Solo Drakes

Fictionized Last updated on February 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The Beginning

Greetings, and welcome, to my first -ever- guide for the game League of Legends: Clash of Fates. You might wonder why I'd create my first guide on a game that includes quite a lot of complication regarding other champions, buffs, strategies, etc.

The reason I did this was because I'm a very old League of Legends player and a happy one at that. I feel that, even though Riot has made their mistakes, they have done a good job over the years and brought some amazing times to us gamers. I personally try to ignore the balance issues and mistakes that Riot has made in the game so I can still enjoy myself while playing. Although I feel that issues in the game still remain, I do think that they have done a fair job with Shyvana in comparison to the other champions. Both balance, model and art wise. Which is quite nice for a change.

However, I also believe that if you play Shyvana right, like any other champion, you can turn the game or keep the game in your favor. You can also keep the game very much balanced even if your enemy team contains an overfed Akali, Tryndamere, you name it. This, of course, is the case with any champion -IF- you play them right. However, I think Shyvana is not the hardest but also not quite the easiest champion to master what-so-ever.

Anyway, let us get down to the guide, my rambling is most likely becoming repetitive.


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About Shyvana, the Half-Dragon. (Pros & Cons)

This is a small list containing her pros and cons.


+ She's a dragon, which in itself, is quite nice.
+ She's very easely adaptable to counter-jungling.
+ Her abilities fit like a clockwork.
+ Her Twin Bite does amazing damage as well as in early, mid and late game.
+ Her Burnout is a great chaser with damage and speed and a great scare-off when being chased.
+ Moderately easy to understand.
+ Great Mobility & Movement increasers.

- Vulnurable to harras when paired with another champion, especially with Melee, during the laning phase.
- High aimed target in team-fights and skirmishes. Be careful not to get pinned down during ganks early-game.
- People will know whether your ultimate is up or not due to your fury bar.
- Dragon's Descent is a tricky ability to use right.
- Hard to master.
- No CC unless you use Exhaust over Smite

About the Guide(Pros & Cons)

Before I continue with my guide. I think, in order to understand the guide and the champion itself more, everyone should watch the Champion Spotlight before considering to play her. And even if you are not planning on playing her at first, it's always a good thing to know the champion when fighting with or against her.

And do take a look at a really small overview of her base statistics and abilities listed above for a better understanding during the team-fight scenes. Pay attention to what Phreak is saying and how you can utilize your ultimate in team fights.

The build in this guide is by far not the only way to build her and grow her to be an amazing asset to the team. This is just my view and my choice of play on her.

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Jungle Masteries Explanations

Shyvana has a specific versatile touch to her. She can run any of the three mastery trees and still be successful in her wake. For the purposes of the Jungle path, I have chosen these masteries, with explanations below.

Offensive Tree

Tier 1: Summoner's Wrath obviously not picked because you won't be getting Exhaust during jungling with this build. Brute Force to get a better farming ratio and damage count on Twin Bite. Mental Force can be nice, but isn't worth it over the other optional masteries in this tree, so I decided to leave it.

Tier 2: Alacrity & Sorcery both to get the most optimal success out of the solo-top experience. Choosing any other masteries in the currently available masteries is futile compared to choosing these. Demolitionist shouldn't be picked by you.

Tier 3: Of course, the previous masteries were filled out with a reason. The Weapon Expertise is a great addition to your melee attacks and Twin Bite. And the Arcane Knowledge will give your nuke with Flame Breath the magic penetration it needs. We got Havoc here for the damage increase.

Tier 4: Vampirism is great for surviving inside the jungler and when taking over a lane to regenerate a bit of HP. The ability power in Blast is nice, however, not needed and will not provide you more survivability.3

Tier 5: No masteries picked in this tier seeing as these all provide sub-optimal success during a game.

Tier 6: Executioner is quite an obvious pick, it's what we've been working to. This is a great way to kill enemies fast when coming down to a lane to gank or to finish a harassed opponent.

Defensive Tree
Tier 1: Summoner's Resolve to give your Smite the bonus it needs so you can keep up with your income, do keep in mind, that it isn't a bad idea to spend this point in another mastery, seeing as the cooldown reduction has been removed. Hardiness is a better option than Resistance as you will be taking more AD damage than AP in most games due to your jungling role and lane take-overs. Tough Skin isn't necessary anymore since the recent patch.

Tier 2: Vigor is something to be used in solo-top rather than the jungle. And it won't do you much good anyways since you will spend most of your time in the jungle and not trying to sustain a lane as much. Durability is great as it will give you a slight boost to your jungle survivability and ganking capabilities.

Tier 3: Veteran's Scars is something we've been going for in the 21-9-0 build. This will give you a great boost to, just as Durability your jungle survivability and your ganks. This is definitely the best choice in the matter.

Solo-Top Masteries Explanations

Shyvana is also very much qualified as a solo top, if you haven't seen the build overview. Go back up to the beginning of the guide and click on the second build!

Offensive Tree

Tier 1: Summoner's Wrath is definitely a big bonus to your Exhaust the 10 MR and Armor reduce is great for team-fights and bruisers. Brute Force to get a better farming ratio and damage count on Twin Bite. Mental Force can be nice, but isn't worth it over the other optional masteries in this tree, so I decided to leave it.

Tier 2: Alacrity & Sorcery both to get the most optimal success out of the solo-top experience. Choosing any other masteries in the currently available masteries is futile compared to choosing these. Demolitionist shouldn't be picked by you.

Tier 3: Of course, the previous masteries were filled out with a reason. The Weapon Expertise is a great addition to your melee attacks and Twin Bite. And the Arcane Knowledge will give your nuke with Flame Breath the magic penetration it needs. We got Havoc instead of Vampirism in the next tier for filling.

Tier 4: No masteries picked in this tier seeing as these all provide sub-optimal success during a game.

Tier 5: Sunder over Archmage . The extra Ability Power is nice, but let us not forget that Shyvana will mostly be hitting with her AD damage capability inbetween her abilities and when using Twin Bite.

Tier 6: Executioner is quite an obvious pick, it's what we've been working to. This is a great way to kill enemies fast when coming down to a lane to gank or to finish a harrased opponent.

Utility Tree
Tier 1: I pick Summoner's Insight to reduce the cooldown on Flash. I personally believe that it's better to spend a point to upgrade your Flash than in Improved Recall for your recall ability. Good Hands is very much a personal preference, however, I feel it is better than Expanded Mind in any case, but for Shyvana, it's quite obvious since she doesn't have any mana.

Tier 2: Swiftness because you'll get an even higher edge on movement speed and ganking, also utility in general. Scout is viable however not the best option for Shyvana since you won't be playing support and warding much besides when using Wriggle's Lantern

Tier 3: Runic Affinity might seem weird to use in the solo-top runes section. However, Shyvana is fast enough to keep her buffs up for her ganks, and she won't be using the blue buff a lot anyways. However, for Solo-Top, if you do farm or get a buff, you want to hold on to it for maximum success. Later on, however, Shyvana will be giving away her buffs for the AD carry/AP carry.

Thoughts & Ideas

Make sure you keep your own personal preference in mind when filling in your mastery pages. This is very important because you need to adapt to your own play style and choices in a game, otherwise, you will fail anyways.

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Jungling Runes

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Lethality
Solo-Top Runes

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Jungle Marks
Jungle Seals
Jungle Glyphs
Jungle Quintessences
Solo-Top Marks
Solo-Top Seals
Solo-Top Glyphs
Solo-Top Quintessences

I have listed a choice of two for each unique rune type to give the player a choice in which he or she can adapt according to his/her own playstyle. I personally favor the first of every choice, as you might have noticed from the images above the lists.

Exactly why?
Jungle & Solo-Top Seals
  • Seals: The reason why I picked these seals is to give myself more survivability in the jungle. It will give you the defense to keep yourself going through the designated Jungle paths. As you will be able to take on more, giving you more gank oppertunities.
  • Seals: As you might have noticed, this is the turned rune, it's pretty much the only rune that changed from switching roles. The armor is great, but really good only to keep yourself alive vs. AD champions, minons and jungle creeps.

Marks, Glyphs & Quintessences
  • Marks: I picked the with AP because seeing as your Greater Quintessence of Desolation will give you the ARP, there's nothing really left to grab anyways. But it still has a reason, the Attack Speed will keep your Twin Bite because of her Fury of the Dragonborn. This gives you a great bonus burst ratio in team-fights and in the laning phase. Greater Mark of Desolations are entirely optional, if you feel the need for more ARP, then that's always personal preference and choice.
  • Glyphs: The main reason I picked the with Cooldown Reduction was because the build gave me quite a high survivability options by itself. Seeing as my Wit's End will give me enough early and late-game Magic Resistance, if played correctly, I decided to go for CDR in this build as well. This will also help you keep your burst under control when you see yourself using Twin Bite coming back off of cooldown every time. If you do decide to go for a more tanky role, and pick te Magic Resistance over Cooldown Reduction. Be sure to pick yourself up a Wit's End anyways.
  • Quintessence's: Our first priority with Quintessence's is to narrow our options down to DPS options. Out of all the DPS options I've decided to once again go ARP. Given, I went with Greater Quintessence of Desolations. We're going to find ourselves in the fray a lot, and if you play Shyvana a bit right, they will buy armor. This means that ARP will help you out a lot on every situation, not only against enemies with armor but also squishies. Make sure you harras as much as possible, you don't have mana, so no depletion, this means no mercy!

Think about yourself

I hope that the above has helped you in making your decision towards your rune-page. Remember that even though I posted my own personal preferences, and I am already saying it, they are still my own -personal- preferences and in my opinion the best choice for Shyvana. You can always pick other runes that will adapt to your own play-style.

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Summoner Spells.

The summoner spells are pretty basic and just about the same as the summoner spells other champions use.

Viable Summoner Spells

Smite: This is not per se mandatory for the jungling part of this build. However, I suggest using it unless you practiced smiteless jungling.

  • With the given mastery, extra 5 gold per use.
  • Super/Turret minion clearer/pusher.

  • Useless in chases, team-fights, ganks, etc.
Flash: Mandatory, very much, to give her extra escape abilities and mobility. Both for jungling & solo-top! Flash will help you out a lot.

  • Flash over walls, ledges & champions.
  • Great ultimate escaper. (Fiddlesticks, etc)

  • Almost useless without a ledge.
Exhaust: Pretty much the first pick for both Jungling & Solo-Top if you choose to disregard Smite. Obvious reasons.

  • Shyvana has no CC, this helps.
  • Effective spell to break chases, escapes, etc.

  • Countered by gap-closers.

Less viable Summoner Spells.

Ignite: It's not recommended. Picking Ignite over any other mobility affecting spell hurts your ganks.

  • Gives you that extra damage to finish off the run-aways.
  • Stops healing effects on enemy champions.

  • Mediocre/good players will not give you a chance.
Ghost: Not recommended over Exhaust but if you can't live with Burnout replacing Ghost. Ghost is a good option.

  • Ultimate/Skillshot dodger with a decently long duration.
  • An amazing chase/escape spell due to creep ignore.

Cleanse: Not recommended, the mobility is more useful in many occasions. Breaks CC & Debuffs.

  • Removes all stuns, slow, fear, etc.
  • Decreases the time of new ones applied by 65%

  • Not worth to suffer from mobility loss.

Suggestions when picking spells

First, I suggest you practice and think really hard before you decide to replace Smite and keep Flash with another summoner spell when jungling with Shyvana. It'll be hard, and I personally believe that if you do, you'll need considerable practice and pulls on the harder creep targets. However, if you can pull it off, you will become a ganking machine.
  • Flash is, in my opinion, still mandatory. So if you're going to replace something, replace Smite when jungling and Exhaust when playing Solo-Top.
  • If you're going to put in Exhaust whily jungling, try to refrain from forgetting to use it. It's a great spell and in the mid and late game phases, I suggest you don't use Exhaust on ganks anymore. Keep it for team-fights for mandatory targets. When ganking in the laning phase, use it ASAP and do not doubt to use it even if you think you can get the kill without it. Do not take chances.
  • If you're playing as a Solo-Top laner. Try to use your Exhaust when they overextend their path. If they get in too close to you or your turret past the river. Then engage him or her and try to burst them down ASAP, you will win most fights. If he decides to run, pop an Exhaust and finish them. Use a Dragon's Descent to pull them back or to the sides of neccesary.
  • When putting in Ghost, it's the same thing as Exhaust. Do not hesitate to use it in any ganks. If escaping, try to save it. If you're in doubt, use it immediately. When you are, however, in a team-fight. Try to use it for skill shot dodge & catching up.
  • Ignite is a great spell, but not the best for Shyvana. If you can grab a kill with it, use it. However, if you find your team lacking Ignite against champions such as Vladimir or Tryndamere or other champions with life-steal stacks. It's always good to have an ignite to counter them.
  • I got no tips for Cleanse, use it when to use it. To escape, in team-fights, whatever. Just make sure you use it correctly if you actually pick it!

Where is the rest?!

I'd personally like to ignore this section for now and continue down. However, I will have to explain why the other spells are, quite frankly, useless. I will give you a small but thorough explanation.
  • Clairvoyance: You are not a support. This is not necessary what-so-ever. And you cannot spare the mobility from Flash/ Ghost by a long-shot, especially not for Clairvoyance.
  • Revive: I'm not going into this deeply, you are not Karthus.
  • Clarity: You have no mana.
  • Heal: Can be life-saving, but that means you'd probably be playing your champion incorrectly. It's not worth it in the long-shot.

If you have any further questions on the summoner spells, feel free to send me a PM or leave a comment. I will be happy to answer. I also hope that the explanations above have been enough to answer your wonders or questions.

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Skill Explanation

- - - -

Fury of the Dragonborn: This is Shyvana's passive ability. This is the ability that does all the magic behind the magic. This ability encourages you to melee hit as much as possible. While doing so you will receive several bonuses to your abilities.
  • For Twin Bite: Every time you melee attack the cooldown on your Twin Bite is reduced by 0,5 seconds.
  • For Burnout: Every time you melee attack, the duration of Burnout is increased by 1 second to a maximum of 6 seconds.
  • For Flame Breath: Every time you melee attack you deal 20% of the ability's damage to debuffed targets.
  • For Dragon's Descent: Every time you melee attack you gain 2 Fury and Shyvana passively gains Fury over time while in Human form.

Twin Bite: This ability is your main burst in, almost, every situation. What this does is you basically get a melee attack reset. You strike twice on your next attack. However, the second attack will deal 80/85/90/95/100 physical damage +% of your attack damage. This is the third ability in your skill sequence of hitting someone. This changes into an AoE cleave when in Dragon Form.

Tips and Tricks
  • Use your Twin Bite before landing your Flame Breath. This to proc the on-hit effect from your Fury of the Dragonborn. This will give your Flame Breath extra damage on-hit and allows you to nuke your opponent.
  • Try to make sure that when switching to Dragon Form, you use Twin Bite in front of the enemy group, giving maximum damage output with the cleave.

Burnout: This is your pride and joy before level six. This is your little jungle helper, your chaser, your ganker your Udyr's stun. Not only will this deal considerable amount of damage while your enemies stay in it's aura, you will gain a speed buff that will increase with each second every hit. The magic damage also increases per attack damage. (+0.2 per bonus AD.)

Tips and Tricks
  • Try to close in to your target before using this ability. Even though you have the option to receive 6 seconds of extra Burnout time with your hits. The speed will not be enough to cover great distances on it's own in 3 seconds.
  • Using this in the middle of a team-fight is very effective. Try to stand in the middle of the fight with your team close to make sure you do not get stunned so you can keep up your basic attacks and keep the Burnout running.
  • When using Dragon's Descent and transforming into a dragon. Make sure you use your Burnout first. This will scorch the area you fly over when transforming. Basically a short Singed's Poison Trail

Flame Breath: This is your initiation spell in any fight. Team or single. If you use this spell, it can become a great initiation combined with your Dragon's Descent. Using this spell decreases the armor of the target hit by 15% for 4 seconds

Tips and Tricks
  • Unless ganking, try to use Twin Bite in fights before you apply a Flame Breath. This will proc the on-hit effect from your Fury of the Dragonborn. Making sure that you deal extra magic damage against the target when using Flame Breath. Allowing you to nuke your enemy.
  • Flame Breath has about the same range as Brand's Sear ability. This means that it's a great spell to finish off someone in the distance, or while someone is chasing. It's also a splendid range to sneak behind a moderately thin wall and finish someone off that's taking the blue pill home.
  • This works the same as Twin Bite while using Shyvana's ultimate Dragon's Descent. It's basically a cone of flame cast in front of Shyvana. Once again, try standing in front of the enemy team and combine it with Twin Bite when using it in her dragon form for maximum AoE damage output.

Dragon's Descent: This is your enlarge spell, basically. This makes you turn into a dragon, stylishly and very effectively in a team fight. With this you can turn an entire fight around or cheat death.

Obviously, you're going to want to level this ability up at the levels 6, 11 & 16.

Tips and Tricks
  • Be sure to use your Burnout before you decide to use your Dragon's Descent. Doing so, the Burnout will leave a trail of flame behind her. This will also increase your Movement Speed right after. Giving you a winning edge with which you can shatter the enemy team's formation if you use your AoE combo's after.
  • You can lose many times if you don't know how to correctly use Dragon's Descent. Try to always remember that using this ability doesn't necessarily mean that you will increase your damage on single target per-se. Try to make sure you harass your enemy before you utilize your Dragon's Descent and unleash your true end burst.
  • This ability is like Tristana's Rocket Jump, you can basically fly over almost any thick wall or ledge, giving you the ability to cheat death. This is perfect for mid fight situations, if you find yourself losing without having used your Dragon's Descent, use it to jump over one of the ledges landing you on the river, then flash over the next wall. Giving you a fast escape.
  • When in a teamfight, try to make sure that your bruiser or, occasionally tank, initiates the fight instead of yourself with your Flame Breath, then when the enemy team starts to push your team into a more tense battle, use your Dragon's Descent to disrupt them and your Twin Bite & Flame Breath to burst them. Giving your team the chance to retaliate correctly.

Will update later. Looking for a little way on how to nicely change this section to make it eye-pleasing. Will be updated soon ;)

For now you could take a look at the link below as to why Flame Breath overrules Twin Bite!

Hard mathematics proving Flame Breath overrules Twin Bite.

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Skill Sequence: Overview & Details

Jungle & Solo-Top Skill Sequence
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Level 1 to level 5.
=> => => =>

The reason why we use Burnout as our first ability to use in the jungle because it works almost the same as Amumu's Despair. It is of course an AD AoE ability. This ability does not only deal considerable amount of damage. It's also a very good ability to use against Red and Blue.

When laning at any given situation. Use this to either harras or scare your opponent away, or use it to quickly take out a group of minions so you can expose a lane to a push.

After that, you'll want to level Flame Breath at level 2 and Twin Bite at level 3. At level 4 you should get your Flame Breath to rank 2. Giving you the option to deal more damage during ganks with Flame Breath after applying the on-hit effect from Fury of the Dragonborn with your Twin Bite, allowing you to practically land a nuke.

At level 4 you'll receive your three main abilities for ganks, I think it's important to give Flame Breath three points before you hit your Dragon's Descent in order to give you the ability to nuke down a hard opponent combined with the on-hit effect from Twin Bite from your passive.

When laning at Solo-Top. It's best to level your Flame Breath faster than any other skill. This will make sure you'll be able to harras your enemies at a safe distance with no fear of running out of mana you do not have. This is also a great turning point in solo fights or 1v2 fights when ganked. This also helps your friendly ganks, of course.

Level 7 to level 10.
=> => =>

Having your ultimate, Dragon's Descent, it's time to start growing your Flame Breath for ganks and minor team fights. The reason why we take Flame Breath], which is a single target nuke and an excellent AoE ability, over [[Twin Bite is because when we gank we want to take one guy down and acquiring single target power is important. Twin Bite is only there to proc the on-hit effect from your Fury of the Dragonborn. This leveling sequence also gives you a fair share of AoE damage along with you while in dragon form.

Level 12 to level 15
=> => =>

At this point we will want to max out our Burnout first. The reason for this is because team-fights will start to occur. And as Burnout is already leveled 3/5 of the way. We will want to make sure that we have more AoE damage when in Dragon's Descent and teamfights. After that, of course, focus on the only thing left: Twin Bite.

Other than that, it's pretty simple. Level your Dragon's Descent at the level of 16, and max out your Twin Bite.

Tips and Tricks for level 1 to level 5
  • Before you reach the level of 6, try to remember that your Burnout will only last for 3 seconds until you auto attack something to keep the time going. As you cannot afford time to hit a minion to keep your timer up, try to get closer before you activate Burnout so that you'll have the opportunity to get in close and hard.
  • Use your Flame Breath as a nuke, an initiator and as, practically, a buff for your allies. When starting a gank, it's essential to land a Flame Breath on outcome. This will give your AD champions the ability to hit them harder. And it'l come off cooldown before you reach them. So that you can use Twin Bite to proc the on-hit effect from your Fury of the Dragonborn. After that, use your Flame Breath to deal extra nuke damage.

Don't Feed Shyvana - Thanks to: Ciderhelm

Watch this, this will help you understand Shyvana a lot and it will also help to play her as well! I know it helped me.

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Core & Situational items.

Jungle Core Items
Item Sequence

Wriggle's Lantern

Trinity Force

Atma's Impaler

Warmog's Armor
Solo-Top Core items
Item Sequence

Wriggle's Lantern

Wit's End

Trinity Force

Hextech Gunblade

These are your core items. However, you do not need those items per-se to excel with Shyvana using this guide. Once you reach your Trinity Force, you can basically wander of and buy situational items to your and your teams advantage. I have created a small flowchart for you to follow to help you reach your destination in both roles.

Jungle Flowchart

Solo-Top Flowhcart

A bit more info

I explained the main use of every optional item in there with a few smaller paragraphs along the sides. Also, I wanted to talk about my reason why I took Malady over Wit's End. For that I'll give you a small overview.

Malady vs. Wit's End

Malady is great for bursting down your enemies for several reasons. It gives you not only attack speed which lowers the cooldown of Twin Bite, giving you more burst in a smaller window of time. It makes sure that the passive of Malady stacks up to 4 times fast. This gives your team the opportunity to deal even more damage with their own skill sequence. The Ability Power is also a big added bonus because it will make sure your own AoE does even more damage.

  • A great versatile passive that will help yourself and your team.
  • The stats are a great bonus and the passive fits Shyvana well.
  • No survivability bonus unlike Wit's End which grants some Magic Resistance.
Wit's End is in itself a great item for anyone who could use some attack speed and magic resistance. However, for Shyvana, I personally believe that this item is not as good as Malady because, like expressed before in other situations, Shyvana is strong enough to handle herself and the extra Magic Resistance is not per-se needed on her at all unless she'd really be facing a full AP team. The bonus magic damage is nice, but the magic resistance stack is once again, like the above, unnecessary.

  • The Magic Resist is welcome, however, unnecessary still.
  • 42 Bonus magic damage is very nice for a reserve item.
  • Malady will give you better options and versatility than Wit's End during most situations.

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Laning + Farming, Jungling & Teamwork.

Before I continue I'll give you a basic overview of the skill rotation used in different situations.

It's possible that you are the only one near and able to push a tower, if the enemy team is distracted or very far away. You can launch a quick push using your Smite to clear the Cannon minions whe jungling or use your Twin Bite when playing a Solo-Top role. If you do reach a tower, remember, that just as Garen's Decisive Strike & Nasus' Siphoning Strike you can use Shyvana's Twin Bite to strike down a turret faster and harder.

When farming:

Its the obvious choice for farming minions. Try not to use Twin Bite when near enemy champions since you never know when they try to engage with or without a gank.

When YOU are engaging:
Use Burnout to get close, Twin Bite to proc the on-hit effect from Fury of the Dragonborn and followed by a Flame Breath for the nuke effect. After that, use Dragon's Descent according to the situational positioning and situation. When in your dragon form, remember to use your Flame Breath & Twin Bite in front of your enemies.

When THEY are engaging:
Depending on your choice of action, whether you make a move and retaliate, or try to run. This is still the skill sequence. However, when you escape, all you should have to use is Burnout to escape. If that doesn't work, use Dragon's Descent to leap away. If you think you have the burst, you can try and use Dragon's Descent to leap someone with you into a turret so you can quickly burst them down after.

I created a small picture guide here on an image I took from Google, so I'm not sure who to credit for it. However, this is the basic path that I personally follow. It's a very do-able path because Shyvana is versatile in the jungle and can be a very fast one at that. The key to this jungle pattern is Burnout of course.

The reason why you are getting the blue Golum first is because it will help you with the rest of your jungle to keep your Burnout up and to make Twin Bite come back up even faster during the fight with the Red Lizard. This is also a very good buff for ganks & laning for practically the same reason.

In case the picture is unclear to you, I also have another version in writing. The basic skill leveling sequence applies.

First Run
  • Kill the big Golem & both minions to get the Crest of the Ancient Golem , use smite. If you have a big mana-draining AP mage in mid such as Anivia, give the blue buff to her. She will make better use of it.
  • Head to the wolf camp and kill all three. Smite unnecessary.
  • Head to the Wraith Camp and kill all wraiths. Smite on own choice, but unnecessary if you didn't let yourself take too many hits and if you use Twin Bite enough on the blue wraith.
  • If you didn't use smite before you can take two down immediately. If you did use smite on the Wraiths you might have to wait for it to back or you'll have to go back and you can quickly finish it after the Lizard camp.

space Second Run
  • Head to the Lizard encampment and get the Blessing of the Lizard Elder, use smite to finish it off, if you feel that your carry can make use of the Blessing more than you can, give it to him/her.
  • {OPTIONAL} - If you did not finish the two Golems before, finish them now quickly. However, if you see a perfect ganking opportunity on Mid or Bot lane, do not waste your time there and use it!
  • Head to either Mid (and, if the opportunity is there)/or Bot lane and gank one of them. Remember to get in close before you use your Burnout and use your Twin Bite to apply the on-hit effect from your passive followed by a Flame Breath for the nuke effect.

Third Run
  • Kill the Golem & both minions and receive the Crest of the Ancient Golem/Go to the big Golem camp and kill the two minions and give your AP carry in mid the Blue buff for lane sustaining.
  • Head to either Mid (and, if the opportunity is there)/or Top lane and gank one of them. Remember the ganking procedure.
  • After that, it's either taking over a lane, counter-jungling & waiting for an opportunity to gank the lanes. If you do find a team-fight or a pushed lane, head over there immediately since they will need you!


Working as a team is always essential in League of Legends, not only in the laning phase, but at every given time of the game. Working with your team in teamfights as Shyvana is not that difficult. It's simple and quite straightforward, however, using her Dragon's Descent can be very tricky. For this reason I am going to quote one of the tips I wrote in the Skill Explanation part.

When in a teamfight, try to make sure that your bruiser or, occasionally tank, initiates the fight instead of yourself with your Flame Breath, then when the enemy team starts to push your team into a more tense battle, use your Dragon's Descent to disrupt them and your Twin Bite & Flame Breath to burst them. Giving your team the chance to retaliate correctly.

With this, you can not only disrupt your enemies and their formation. You can also make sure you bring one of the ranged hurting champions TO your melee allies. Positioning yourself near or behind the weak enemy champions will give you the opportunity to successfully use Dragon's Descent and push them back along with everyone else. This can also be used as an escape ability or a saving ability. Remember, that, even though you can use it as a ''push'' ability. You can also use it to position your enemy team into a group, giving you the chance for AoE's to hit.

e.g: When you have an Amumu in your team, it would be the perfect spell to try and make your enemy team get into position for a Curse of the Sad Mummy cast by Amumu

Other than that, it's important to try and use your Twin Bite more than your Flame Breath as a start. But if you are the most viable initiator than, most of the time, using Flame Breath as a first ability can be better than using Twin Bite for the on-hit effect.

Pro-Tip: Flame Breath works great with Nasus' Siphoning Strike if he farmed a bit. Trust me and any other player who had that experience.

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Draconic Summary.


Heh, I'd just like to say that my guide is not the longest but for sure not the shortest. I'll try to sum up my own thoughts in a few words. Shyvana is incredibly fun to play, she's obviously expensive because she is new. But that just goes to show that she's very overpowered if you do a few things right! But she is -most- definitely worth the RP/IP. =

I hope that using this guide helped you towards your adventures with Shyvana in the Fields of Justice!

With sincere thanks,

Do not hesitate with any questions, comments or suggestions regarding anything I have written in the above guide. I will respond ASAP. Also, I would appreciate it if I would get fair and justified downvotes on this guide. I have spent a lot of time on this and I worked my butt off to deliver this guide to the MobaFire community and regular players in League of Legends. Even though you do not intend to play Shyvana as a jungler, the information alone should have helped both new and old players.

That's it! Thanks for reading, also, if you take the time to vote, comment and respond to my guide. I will, most assured, take the time to do the same to yours!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Like the title suggests. Frequently asked questions and my response to them. This is how you're going to be able to read and see them. Do remember to ask any question you'd like and I will happily add it to this section and give a proper answer to it.

Question:Hello, what do you think of your own guide and how it turned out!?
Answer:I love it, I'm really happy that my first guide turned out so well, and I really hope that everyone will find useful information in it as well! So anyways, enjoy ;)

Question:Why Malady over Wit's End
Answer: I have thoroughly explained this in the Core & Situational Items section of my guide. You will find a comparison between the two on the bottom of the section.

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Credits & Thanks

I'd like to thaaank, my mooooom, Paris Hiltoooon and Cartmaaa- Wait, wrong page.

Just kidding, I hope that was funny >_< Anyways, there are only really few people that I'd like to thank during the creation of this guide. Here's the list!

  • Jhoijhoi - for helping me so much with her How to create a guide guide and her personal help, thank you so much! And if you haven't yet, go check out her guides, they're amazing and very much worth reading!
  • Riot Games - For giving me a great time within a great game and bringing my personal favorite champion, ever.
  • My friend & the community who commented and helped me improve my guide.
  • - For providing the second video named "Don't feed Shyvana -- In Depth Champion Information." Subscribe to his channel, his video's are great and will help anyone out!
.. That was basically it, I created it all on my own with the help of Jhoijhoi. And I am so grateful for her help so..

Other Guides that helped me!
  • Templates were partially copied from Jhoijhoi's Creating a Guide walkthrough. About 50% of the templates were copied and filled and about 50% of the templates were created with the help of his guide. So it's definitely worth checking out, it'l help you a lot!
  • Picking the runes were straightforward, but I still turned to Searz Runes Guide.
  • I also turned to another one of Searz guides which also helped me with the Masteries a bit: Searz Mastery Guide

Thank you all for reviewing, reading and hopefully commenting & voting on my guide. I will try to get back to any questions ASAP and I hope this helped you and will continue to help you and others for times to come!

Fictionized, out!

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Change log.

I seriously forgot to actually put this in at the start, and I am completely confused as to what I all changed over the weeks. Will keep this updated from now on though!

Once again, thanks for reading my guide and I hope it helped!

Release date!
Next bit of time off!

Updated a lot! Too much, I didn't take notes. But here are the biggies!
  • Changed the main item build to be a bit more survival orientated. I removed the Guinsoo's Rageblade because it doesn't help Shyvana's actual AD scale with her 3 to 6 auto attack break.
  • Added a Con & a Pro to her list. - Con: Great mobility & Movement increasers. - Pros: No CC unless you use Exhaust over Smite.
  • Switched from the Defensive tree to the Utility tree after careful consideration. Explained in the masteries section.
  • Switched the entire runes section. More information in the runes section.
  • After careful thought, switched Exhaust and Ghost around. Ghost now being in the less viable summoner spells and Exhaust being in the more viable summoner spells.
  • Switched the level 3 skill sequence to Burnout.

Wow, 75% already, I'm the top guide now. Thanks a lot guys!

Finally hit the 10,000 views marker and a good score there too. I want to thank everyone who supported me so far and I'm not planning on dropping out yet. I got some updates waiting. I'm, of course, still trying to look for some ways to upgrade my current builds which I will always try. But I also am trying to get viable builds for mid, bot, support even. It probably won't work, but the fact that I got nothing to do, means I got plenty enough time to try in bot games and custom games. Thanks for the support all, if I find something awesome, I'll share it ASAP!

Updated the entire guide with a guide on going Solo-Top with Shyvana. Remember that this is a slight raw edition of a Solo-Top Shyvana. But it has worked for several friends and myself so far. Feel free to comment and respond to this.

There are some other minor things, as I said before, I've been doing quite a lot today. So I might have forgotten a few minor things. Anyway, those are the major changes. Basically what I did was rework the build itself. The principal is still the same however.

Got a few downvotes, however, most of them trollers and haters. I aint sad. :P - Number two as of this moment but I am definite I will rise soon enough!
  • Reworked masteries.
  • Reworked solo-top skill sequence.
  • Under construction: Mastery section - Reworking for Solo-Top change.
  • Changed the cheat-sheat and edited for more optimal use.
  • Changed from wards to health pots for Solo-Top item build. WILL UPDATE IN A SECOND WHEN THIS STUPID MOBAFIRE STARTS ACTUALLY LOADING HERE. God my internet sucks.
  • ^ Has been updated.

Updated the masteries page, enjoy!