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Shyvana Build Guide by zro20

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zro20

Shyvana - The Fearless Dragon

zro20 Last updated on March 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I'm zro20 and i will show you my Shyvana guide. I play Shyvana as a tanky DPS fighter with a little bit AP.

This guide will allow you to dominate mid and late game. You will also be able to do TONS of Damage and still be tanky enough to survive that Teamfights.

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Pros / Cons


- Can take Squishys down in a few seconds
- Very strong mid/late game
- Great mobility
- High damage in any game phase
- Lots of AoE, specially in Dragon Form
- No mana = Spam all you want


- Not the best escaping abilities
- No natural CC ( Frozen Mallet or Trinity Force can fix that)
- Can be kiteable by high ranged champions
- Not a strong ganker

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For Runes I take:


Greater Mark of Desolation: I use these marks for the great late game advantage , due to the fact people will have stacked armor late game. Though I rather take attack speed runes because my jungle speed will become much lower when I remove my attack speed runes.

Greater Seal of Resilience: I take flat armor because it´s necessary for your first 2 jungle routes , it gives sustain and a small late game advantage seeming armor is always welcome isn´t it?


Greater Glyph of Warding: These glyphs give an early game advantage against AP carry's but because AP carry's aren't that strong early game I recommend MR/lvl. Also , due to the fact that you don't take magic damage in jungle these runes wont have any use.
Note: These runes are recommended for laning


Greater Quintessence of Strength Its for a strong early game, good early game, good mid and end game.

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Summoner Spells

With shyvana it`s always been the same summoner spells:

Smite: A must have if you are gonna jungle, makes it quicker and some extra gold every time you use it.

Flash: you can do anything you can imagine with it, escape, land that last hit on that 5 Hp champion, use your ignite on a champion under the tower with really low health to get that kill, open a can of sardines, anything you want.

Ignite: If you´re not jungling this is a must have. One of the best spells in my opinion to get those sneaky quicky champions that always escape from you when you are about to kill them, killing more champions means more gold and experience wich means a fed Shyvana.

Interesting Point:

Exhaust: This would be a great choice for Shyvana since she has no natural CC from any of her abilities, but there´s no need of exhaust since you´re going for Frozen Mallet.

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Skill Explanation

This is your passive, basically it procs with each auto attack you make.

Twin Bite´s Cooldown is reduced by 0,5 seconds with every auto attack.
Burnout The duration will be extended by 1 second with each auto attack you make, to a maximum of 6 seconds.
Flame Breath Your Auto Attack's will deal 15% of the ability's damage to every debuffed enemy
Dragon's Descent Every auto attack will generate 2 of fury and Shyvana will pasively get fury while in human form.

Q: Shyvana strikes twice on her next attack, dealing physical damage on the second attack. The bonus damage is equal to 80/85/90/95/100% of Shyvana's Attack Damage.
Dragon Form: Twin Bite cleaves all units in front Shyvana.
No Cost
Range - 650

I max this skill after Burnout, use it to farm creeps or destroy towers quicker, one of your main damage sources.

W: Shyvana deals 25/40/55/70/85 (+0.2 AD) magic damage per second to nearby enemies and moves 30/35/40/45/50% faster for 3 seconds. Shyvana's Movement Speed bonus is reduced over time.
Dragon Form: Burnout scorches the ground beneath it, enemies on the scorched earth continue to take damage.
No Cost
Range - 325

Best tool to farm creeps, gives you a big movement speed for a short time, usefull to get a fleeing champion, if you are in dragon form. Use it when you are atacking a enemy tower and there are no champions nearby to damage the minions around you and possibly getting some extra gold from their deaths.

E: Shyvana unleashes a fireball that deals 80/125/170/215/260 (+0.6 AP) magic damage and burns 15% of their Armor for 4 seconds.
Dragon Form: Flame Breath engulfs all units in a cone in front of her.
No Cost
Range - 925

I often use this ability to last hit minions if you know its damage, sometimes i even killed fleeing champions with it, i often max this first so i have a good damage in dragon form and does a nice damage in early game.

R: Passive - Shyvana reinforces her scales, increasing her Armor and Magic Resist by 15/20/25. Defensive bonuses are doubled in Dragon Form.

Active - Shyvana transforms into a dragon and takes flight to a target location. Enemies along her path take 200/300/400 (+0.7 AP) magic damage and are knocked toward her target location.
Cost - 6 Fury per second
Range – 1000

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Mercury´s Treads: are highly recommended on this build, we will need the Tenacity against a heavy CC enemy team, since we dont have strong CC tool´s to escape or not very efficient escaping mechanisms (if the ultimate is on cooldown), tenacity from this boots are very helpfull.

Wriggle´s Lantern: Since we are going to Jungle. It’s a must have because gives us creep farming tool, life steal, atack damage, armor and free ward. Both armor and lifesteal are great for our survival and the free ward for counter gank.

Frozen Mallet: A MUST HAVE item, we totally need the CC from the Frozen Mallet, the extra 700 health.

Wit´s End: Gives us high atack speed + bonus of 42 Magic Damage per AA and some nice MR against enemy AP Champs to help our tankiness with Shyvana.

Randuin´s Omen: The reason for this item being a good choice is that it not only provides a huge amount of armor, but also gives you health. Also provides a good amount of health regen for those times you're just sitting outside the enemy tower harassing it down. Also this item's active is a great chaser and/or way to slow down enemies you pulled.

The Bloodthirster: I switch the Wriggle´s Lantern for this. All AD carries need one of this, if its stacked to the max you will enjoy some nice %25 lifesteal, and since your damage will be extreamly high, lifesteal will heal you insanely high aswell. Of course the ammount of AD it gives comes great.

Quicksilver Sash: you will need this in ranked games to stop being ignite locked the whole time. Especially if you take heal, you are going to need cleanse. Personal preference though, some might take an additional DPS item. If you are in a normal game it is not so much of a problem, or if you are fed and have way more health than anyone on your team. If you find yourself getting focused and CCed I always take a QSS.

Viable Items: (in place of quicksilver sash)

Madred´s Bloodrazor: More atack speed for our champion and a high damage source, plus the armor will help us last longer against AD champions and for the extra magic damage.

Infinity Edge: More AD to add to our champion and some %25 crit chance. Of course we get this item for the passive, the damage increase from critical strikes will pop your damage to the sky. For new players, you only have to buy this item once since the passive its unique and doesnt stack.

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I usually start with armor and 5 health pots, instead of the scepter.

We start at RED, immediately afterwards we should go for the 2 golems then, wraths, wolves and BLUE (Always checking top and bot for ganks). If we had at least one successfull gank we can choose to recall to base (number 5) or you can invade their jungle or keep jungling the wraths, wolves and two golems until you have enough money for lantern and boots. When you totally completed this route you can choose to do it all over again, counter jungle, protecting lanes or just keep ganking all the time.

When you already have Lantern, you can go for the Dragon.

Note: Always watch where you can gank and which lane needs your help. This is very important for winning this game. And it is your job to gank and protect lanes.

If there is no lane to gank you should clear Golems, Wraiths and Wolves again and again, until you can gank or you got enough money to buy the next item.

Double Golems, Wraiths, Wolves . After the wolves you should repeat the 3-camps route, until a lane needs your help. Always repeat this 3-camps route if you are not ganking and/or invade their jungle if they are jungless.

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This is the respawn time of the main Camps.

Normal Camps (Wolves, Wraths, Small Golems): Initial Spawn: (1:40) Respawn Time: (1:00)
Blue Buff: Initial Spawn: (1:55) Respawn Time: (5:00)
Red Buff: Initial Spawn: (1:55) Respawn Time: (5:00)
Dragon: Initial Spawn: (2:30) Respawn Time: (6:00)
Baron: Initial Spawn: (15:00) Respawn Time: (7:00)

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Team Work

Your role in a Teamfight will be the tanky DPS Dealer. You will really need that Tankyness, cause you will and must use your Ultimate. And if you use it, usually every enemy will focus you. If you aren't tanky, they will take you down in a few seconds and a dead Dragon is not a useful Dragon. But their Focus is what we want! If you take some of the Damage, you safe your team from dying and if your team doesn't die, you will win the Teamfight.

I wouldn't recommend to initiate with your Dragon's Descent. Keep it until your Main Tank initiated or went into the fight.
Why? Well, if you initiate with your ultimate, you will die sometimes.
They will focus you immediately and if they are feeded or very strong, they will just kill you before you dealed your Damage.

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However you decide to set these up with your team, whether it be orderly among the team or supports only wards, make sure these are always laid out! Dragon for early/mid game and Baron for mid/late game are what we're primarily keeping an eye on here. Early in the match it's not as important obviously, however, you still need to know whether top, mid, or bot will be set up for a gank when enemy laners/junglers are wandering about. These early kills can help the enemy sculpt the rest of the match and land a victory. We don't want to be allowing the enemy to kill either Baron or Dragon. That's a good chunk of gold that will distribute among their team, not to mention Baron's handy buff.

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Thank you very much for reading this guide.

I hope you can appreciate all the effort and time i put into this. Im not done with this guide, ill keep updating it.

All your comments and votes will be very appreciated. Thank you for reading and i hope the guide helped you to be a better Shyvana.