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Shyvana Build Guide by vathaniel

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author vathaniel

Shyvana - The Jungling Half-Dragon

vathaniel Last updated on November 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello! This is one of my first build up on Mobafire, so constructive criticism is really welcome.

I present to you my off-tank damage dealer Shvyana, which I have been developing since she came out.

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Explanation of runes

For runes, I pick 9x greater mark of desolation, 9x Seal of Armor, and 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction.

I use those blues, beacuse they lower the cooldown on my Q and W spells, which are main damage sources for Shyvana, but you could just switch to 9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist as well. I think i do not need to explain why i picked greater mark of desolation's and Seal of Armor's.

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Explanation of items

1. You start off with a Cloth Armor, that shouldn't leave any doubts, and some health potions.

2. After you have two-times finished your basic Shyvana jungle route explained in the Chapter below, you should grab Boots of Speed, and some Health Potion's. Why the boots, when Shyvana's burnout boosts movement speed @ beginning? Because just with burnout you won't catch up your enemies that you are ganking. That is why. And why the potions? Just because, you may always need them, there's nothing wrong in carrying an extra potion. Actually it would be good if you would carry some of them throughout the game.

2. Next stop? Vampiric Scepter, or if you have enough gold, then Wriggle's Lantern. This is every jungler a MUST HAVE (well, Madred's Bloodrazor in some cases also, but whatever). You get your lifesteal, attack bonus, armor bonus and a free ward every three minutes. GREAT!

3. Mercury's Treads are next. I chose those over Ionian boots o lucidity or berseker's greaves just because they boost up your Tenacity and Magic Resist, which is great, because your role in the team is to be a off-tanky damage dealer.

4. Infinity Edge - I chose this one, because it greatly boosts your damage output, and grants you some critical chance also. You could just go for The Bloodthirster but I do not think that is really necessary since you have your Wriggle's Lantern for lifesteal.

5. Warmog's Armor and Atma's Impaler - this i a really good combo for a off-tank dps or damage dealer, so you should definitely grab both of these. You can swap Warmog's Armor for a Frozen Mallet but you will suffer from lack of health in favor of slowing your enemies with each hit you make.

6. Last, but not least: Banshee's Veil, but it's just really a matter of game. If you need a slight boost to your HP and MR take this. It also blocks one negative spell, so it is great. When facing heavy AP teams you should go for Force of Nature though, and when facing heavy AD teams just go for Thornmail.

I won't be making any CORE/OPTIONAL items section, because I just do not feel like it. If you are looking through this guide, you are probably a intermediate/advanced player with full set of runes and at least a little experience of playing as a jungler, or playing in general. You know what you need, and you can probably make your own decision in switching some of those items to other ones.

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Neutral Monster Spawn Times

You just have to know this.

Spawn times:

1. Golems/Wraiths/Wolves - [1:40]
2. Blue/Red buff camp - [1:55]
3. Dragon - [2:30]
4. Baron Nashor - [15:00]

Respawn times

1. Golems/Wraiths/Wolves - [1:30]
2. Blue/Red buff camp - [5:00]
3. Dragon - [6:00]
4. Baron Nashor - [7:00]

You, as a jungler need to have your own jungle warded for maximum mobility and map awareness, you should also have the dragon warded (whenever it will spawn soon, or is up).

I won't say about the Baron warding, 'cause I am sure that you know that it is necessary for every team. Even when you can't kill the dragon you may always try to steal it, but you have to see it, hence the wards.

Whenever the dragon/baron/buff camp's are down just calculate when they will spawn and go for them when available. This will maximize your jungle control and help you throughout the game.

Remember, that having the Dragon in your control can lead to massive gold advantage, while having the Baron in your control can even lead to a really quick and unexpected victory.

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Jungle Route

Ok, here's the most important part of this build, I tried my best to make it as detailed as it is possible (tried this 4 times, this is what came out).

[0:00] Game starts, grab a Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion, head to your team's Wolf Camp, and add 1 point to Burnout.

[1:40] All small mobs camps have spawned, kill the Wolves using Burnout and basic attacks starting from the Big one. Use ONE Health Potion IN "MIDDLE" OF THE FIGHT.

[1:57] Wolves are dead, head to Wraiths.

Smite the Blue one, kill the rest with Burnout and basic attacks.

[2:14] Wraiths are dead.

You should level up after fight, take 1 point in Twin Bite, and thanks to the Potion used during the wolf fight you should have almost full hp.

Head over to Small Golems Camp, and just kill them using your basic attacks and abilities, use a health potion when needed. You should be level 3 after fight. Add 1 point in Flame Breath.

[2:43] Golems are dead.

Now you have ~50 seconds before the Wolves spawn, so trying not to be useless, you can go and gank the mid lane if your teammate is having problems, or just to disrupt your enemy and force it to fall back/recall.

[3:27] Wolves have respawned, just kill them, you'll probably use a Health Potion (3 used, 2 left).

[3:52] Wolves dead, head over to Wraiths.

[3:44] Wraiths have respawned, kill them w/o smite. Probably use a health potion near the end of a fight.

[4:13] Wraiths dead, head over to Golems.

[4:13] Golems have respawned, kill them with the help of Smite.

[4:37] Golems are dead.

By now, you should:

* finished your basic route two times;
* be at level 4 ( Twin Bite 1 point, Burnout 2 points, Flame Breath 1 point);
* have approximately 1/2 health left;
* have 1 or 0 health potions;
* have ~640 gold.

Now there are two ways of what you should do.
You can either go gank the bot or mid lane, or you can recall, and buy Boots of Speed and probably 2x Health Potion, then go ganking.