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League of Legends Build Guide Author Altarian

Silly enemy team, Udyr's right here.

Altarian Last updated on January 15, 2011
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Udyr Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Thank you for choosing my guide on how to DPS Udyr.

With the last patch and how Tiger Stance got buffed, we will see more damage Udyr's and less tank udyr's.

Most people will laugh when you say ''I'm playing DPS Udyr'', Mind doing me a small favor? Dominate that game. show them that a raging Udyr is nothing to scoff at.

*Please Comment on this and tell me how to add pictures -.-

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Pros / Cons

* Great damage at higher levels
* Can destroy a squishier champion in a few auto attacks
* very fast at getting around.
* Fairly weak in the beginning
* Very prone to ganks
* Looks fairly silly without the Primal Udyr skin

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Summoner Spells


*Smite* Smite is good because well, you're gonna start in that there jungle, and what else is gonna help you more?
*Ignite* Don't you hate when that lucky Ryze or ashe just Barelyescapes you? This makes it hard for them to escape, also messes up them mundo's and Fiddle's.

*Clairvoyance* This ability is nice for the awareness it brings, good to see and look for possible gankers, or to find that other jungler (If there is one)
*Exhaust* This I would have recommended if not for the nerf it had gotten, Still good for them Yi's and Twitches.
*Flash* Flash is perfectly situational if you have those runners that are hiding around a bend, but Bear Stance cuts this down.
*Heal* Heal is one of those spells that are nice at low levels, but really, really, REALLY bad for you at higher levels.
*Fortify* it's nice but the Cooldown is really not fun, in my eyes.

Bad for Udyr
*Ghost* No, just no, you already have a Ghost that's in Bear Stance, but Bear Stance is better
*Revive* You shouldn't need this at all. just don't use it
*Clarity* You'll be getting golem buff early and often, so there's no point to this spell
*Rally* This spell just isn't for you, most people will run from a Bear stanced Udyr and his team(If played properly)

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Unique Skills

The unique thing about Udyr is how much Bear stance does to people, how Tiger stance does to squishies, and what Turtle stance does for his healing while dealing some Damage.

Low on health from a team fight? go into the Jungle and murder a few wolves, you should have a good amount of health back.

Sick of that little bugger Yi highlander'ing from your team?
Pop bear stance, and smack him. your team will <3 you.

Hate that little Veigar who has one bar and is towerhugging at level 12? go in with Turtle stance and tiger stance his face, then bear to get out.

Simply put, Udyr brings the hurt.

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I usually start off in the Jungle (Crazy right?) with armor and 5 Health potions or, if i'm really confident, a Vampiric Septer then hit the appropriate camps

By the time i get the gold, i usually have either a gank or two done successfully or i have a Madreds Base done.

If you've gotten kills, buy basic boots, or heck, the Ninja Tabi Finished.

Then work on you Wriggles or a zeal, whatever you really want.

then you should be either building to a B.F sword, or a Blasting wand for Guinsoo's.

then build either, then finish the other one, if you have enough.

Now at this point in the game, one team will be winning or losing, hopefully you're winning, and your last item should be worked towards.

If you're being focused by the mages, build a Force of Nature

if they have tons of health champs, sell your wriggle if you have enough, and buy your madreds completed.

if they have tons of armor, buy a black cleaver, nothing says scary like a armor piercer,

if focused by the melee, build a Sunfire,after all, you should be dealing pain, and this adds insult to injury

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Questioning point

This is what i'm gonna name ''The questions point''

Now, you may be thinking ''Why build a guinsoo's?'' well, tiger stance/Phoenix stance both benefit from magic damage, and plus, you'll be dishing more attacks and healing back faster with that Blood Thirster

The Ninja Tabi add to your dodge, which is brought in from your passive, but that's my choice of boots.

The Phantom dancer and Blood thirster?
You're gonna be hitting fast already, why not make it faster, and the blood thirster, now with Exhaust being nerfed, makes you hit foes and kill them in a few hits.

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Well this is the end of my Guide, remember to win, be smart, and hell, you're like a better Dr. Mundo, you CAN go where you please.