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Jax Build Guide by Fat Jedi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fat Jedi

Simple AP Jax Dominion Guide

Fat Jedi Last updated on February 24, 2012
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This is how I play Jax and it seems to work for me. I go straigh AP and I can generally beat any other Jax I come across. Nothing is 100% but I find this build really lets me wreak havoc on the opposing team no matter who they are. Going straight AP and magic penetration means once you have your Ultimate every third attack you do a ton of damage and your Empowered Leap Strike is devestating.

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I go with Marks of Insight to weaken their magic defense. If you can get them to negative magic defense then they are paper even if they are a tank. Next I have have Seals of Alacrity for increased attack speed so those attacks powered by your AP every 3 hits happen more often. Then I use Glyphs of Focus so your Empower and Leap Strike happen more often. Finaly Quints of Swiftness so you can move around the board like a mad man.

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Pretty straight forward. All AP damage with some extra movement. A lot of people like the defense tree with Jax but the whole point to this is huge burst damage. You get survivability in the fact that once you have your Ultimate after every 3rd attack you get an attack that does a huge amount of extra damage and you heal from it with your spell vamp.

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Get boots and 2 Aplifying Tomes and stack up on healing pots. Get the Hextech Revolver next so once you get your Ultimate you will start healing. Get the Sorcer's Shoes for extra magic penetration. After that go for Nashor's Tooth. This has everything you need. AP, Attack Speed and cooldown. You will be attacking quickly and hitting with that beefy boosted attack every 3 hits and your empower with the cool down will rip the enemies appart. Pick up the Haunting Guise next. It is cheap and gives you even more penetration. Cheap is great because in Dominion the games do not last long. Then go for Lich Bane. This makes Jax devestating. Most dominion games are about done at this time. If you need to keep going you can go for some defense or more magic penetration at this point.

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Skill Sequence

Empower is your best skill. It has a super low cooldown with your runes and Nashor's tooth and as you can hit is more often than Leap Strike this is the one to push up first. Then is Leap Strike for even more damage on the initial hit. Next comes Counter Strike. Don't get me wrong I love Counter Strike but the goodness from it is the dodge and stun and you only need a single level for that. Any AD champ hates this cause you leap at them and take a hit and then activate this and dodge everything else. Once they get stunned you are pretty much done with them anyways. Of course get your Ult every time it is available and use it every chance you get for even more damage when it is activated.

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Summoner Spells

I can run and jump away from pretty much anyone so I just get Exhaust and Ignite to help me kill even more. Really this is a personal choice on how you play and what you need.

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This is my first guide. I don't even know if I will make more but I wanted it to be simple and easy and to show the way I love to play Jax. Good luck and have fun.