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League of Legends Build Guide Author Squirtle

Simply Ashe

Squirtle Last updated on January 19, 2011
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Rewrote the item section and took off anything that was not the core on the build. And I added pictures!

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By all means, Ashe in most people's eyes is a very simple character. It isnt that hard to right click on the enemy that you wanna hit. However, as most players will come to know, Ashe isnt all about that right click. Kiting with your volley and maximizing the usage of your arrow is probably the true way to look at Ashe. Therefore, i dont want you all to think that Ashe is just simply Ashe and nothing more.

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About the Marks
Ashe is really about armor penetration. If you look at her stats, her attack is well above most other champions; making armor penetration runes simply magnificent on her.

About the Seals
Ashe drains mana fast. And because she is simply not in need of many other kinds of seals, mana regeneration seals are perfect for her. In later levels, she probably has sufficient mana to last her, so the per level mana regen runes arent that useful, its the early levels that Ashe drains fast.

About the Glyphs
Because Ashe relies in her arrows, offering outstanding support for the team and probably the easiest kills from it, cooldown reduction glyphs synergies very well with her. The reason CDR runes per level isnt required is because her arrow becomes less and less prevalent the further the game goes on, as more and more people realize that your arrows are a threat and decide to get banshees.

About the Quintessence
Armor pen because the Armor pen from marks simply are not enough to cut through most of the armor. Some people may want to go hp quints because they get out harassed easily, but its really to your own liking.

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This mastery set exemplifies Ashe's arrow, thats enough said.
Why not 21 on offense?
well im not going crit ashe, and thats probably the only use for the offense tree.
Why not 21 on defense?
well you might want it if you simply fail at predicting movements and all that and are harassed to the point that you just keep dying.
Why not 21 on utility?
Explain your choice more because 21 on offense is standard.(complements to xaioli)
21 on offense suits crit Ashe because of the 10% crit damage you can get from it. Other then that, you only get around 1-5 more attack damage then what you originally have. That 5% increase? Ashe would naturally have around 400 AD by lategame, 5% of that is 20. 21 on utility gives you 5 mana regen per second, slightly faster movement speed, a great CDR, longer buffs, and even nets me some extra gold to make farming that much easier. Also, having your summoner spells and arrow up more often is better for you then having like 50 more attack damage. If I was to build a crit Ashe, definitely have 21 offense; no questions asked.

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Skill Sequence

Max out Volley like every other Ashe should.

The only difference i can see is that some people choose to max Frost Shot before Hawkshot, but i like the gold earning more then slowing. Slowing helps more if your team is simply rawking at ganking, but considering how players your with tends to be .. not gonna happen a lot. Definitely play ranked by maxing out frost shot before hawkshot though, unless your heavily harassed and need some way to make up for the lost gold.

Another arguement between Hawk and Frost shot (thanks again to xaioli)
This guy really made me dig deep into the math. Most kills grant you around 350 gold, and after some really intense math, maxed out hawkshot can net you that same amount in around 8-9 minion kills. So I do agree with him in respect to gold earning... BUT

What is better, to kill the enemy and deny him his farming and exp, or to outfarm him?
Dont forget that if you know your team doesnt gank very well, usually in solo queue normal games, it is probably best to max hawkshot first since they can probably still get away even with your maxed out frost shot.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport to move back to lane faster, and its perfect for performing your own sneak attack when you shoot an arrow then tele back to have them already stunned on the spot. Other then that, Flash or Exhaust works well, one for a good escape and the other to 1v1 better.

Ghost. period. There might be some debate about whether to have tele or not. But ghost is needed. Not only for running away, but the extra speed helps you move around to kite easier, and Ashe + kiting is standard.

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Ashe can dominate the early game with 2 simple items. Berserker's Greaves and The Brutalizer, with more armor pen and attack speed, it probably throws you into legendary status in those early fights.

The boots could be questioned, but in the end, I only see 4 viable boots for Ashe
Berserker's Greaves is pretty standard because of the nice atk speed it gives.
Mercury's Treads,trust me when i say it saves lives
Ionian Boots of Lucidity because ...wats not to like about faster arrows?
Boots of Swiftness is for all the kiting and harassing business.

Everything after that is watever works for you.

Noteworthy items to fill in remaining spots:
Infinity Edge
Zeke's Harbinger
The Bloodthirster
Banshee's Veil
Guardian Angel
Madred's Bloodrazor
The Black Cleaver
Youmuu's Ghostblade

Wont go too into these items since it's probably covering all the items the average Ashe will buy later on.

Some noticeable builds

Lifesteal Ashe
Berserker's Greaves
Zeke's Harbinger
The Bloodthirster
The Black Cleaver
Banshee's Veil
The Bloodthirster

Crit Ashe
Berserker's Greaves
Infinity Edge
Youmuu's Ghostblade
Phantom Dancer
The Black Cleaver
The Bloodthirster

My Ashe
Berserker's Greaves
The Brutalizer
The Black Cleaver
The Bloodthirster
Banshee's Veil
The Bloodthirster

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Helpful stuff

Everyone loves it when those long distance arrows hit. Most of the time it doesnt. I know there's a lot of people saying that only pro Ashe can hit those arrows, but the arrow is so slow that most average players can and WILL dodge them. This simply means that the next time you think about shooting that arrow, think about whether you could probably use it to net a kill first. After all, your kills and your survival are more important then your teammates. Based on how Ashe is probably the mid or solo lane most of the time.

The easiest way for Ashe to kill is to harass the enemy until you can take out half their current hp with your ult, then actually popping your ult on them, volley them, then shoot them if they arent dead. If they alone, it is also ok to tower dive them while performing this rotation. ONLY TOWER DIVE IN THIS SITUATION AND IN NO OTHER SITUATIONS.

Never ever dive or rush in teamfights to get a kill. It is simply not needed. Remember that you are squishy, and you will get targeted. Only situation that it is ok to dive is listed above.

Always fire your volley whenever you are sure that it will hit the champion, but never use it to farm, it probably ends up making your lane time less because your oom.

Dont stare at your arrows when you fire them from your lane to a different lane. EVER. It is fired, and theres nothing you can do to make it hit. Dont forget to let your team know that you shot an arrow though, thats probably the second worst mistake the Ashe can make.

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Thanks to all those guys that commented on my previous build for making me take more time learning Ashe for who she really is.

Thanks to:
shadows fiji