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Simply Teemo

Last updated on January 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The classic Teemo set for maximum mushroom spammage and map awareness.

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This build is really for the people who dont treat Teemo as purely carry or purely support, but rather as something in between. Maximizing the potential to spam mushrooms over the whole map leaves this version of Teemo extremely squishy and prone to getting zoned, but with proper playing and properly utilizing all of Teemo's unique traits, you could probably lure that enemy that is trying to harass you to their own deaths.

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This set of runes addresses many of Teemo's weak points while also giving a boost to Teemo's strong points.

About the Marks
AD Teemo goes armor pen, other wise, the best marks would be Magic Pen because it synergies so well with almost all of Teemo's abilities.
About the Seals
All the mushroom spammage and dart harassing leaves Teemo a little mana hungry early game, and believe me, early game is important for everyone. Running out of mana during that point is probably the worst case scenario you could face. THAT does NOT mean you should not take the opportunity to fire your dart at the opponent every time it is up.
About the Glyphs
CDR runes makes your shrooms spammable, if you feel that CDR isnt that important, AP runes work just as well, although I like spamming shrooms ever 14.3 seconds instead of 18 seconds.(Yup I totally think 4 seconds makes all the difference =))
About the Quintessence
To cover Teemo's extremely squishy body throughout the course of the game HP quints should be considered as standard for most Teemo players. Honestly though, I've only lately been starting to use HP quints, but there is a difference guys. (Most of the time its because everyone else runs them and if you dont u lose out on harassing them more then they can harass you.)

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Teemo and shrooms are like bffs, so when it came to masteries, shrooms said CDR PLEASE and Teemo said ok and pointed his long stick up my butt and told me to go 9-0-21. Anyways, a more simple way to say this... I dont really see any other alternative for masteries while playing Teemo, unless you really want to go tanky for some strange reason. (Not that its not fun.)

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What's wonderful about this guide is that I've only listed 3 items, and that gives a variety of ways you can build Teemo from there on out. Instead of talking about all the different items you may acquire in your journey as a Teemo, I'll talk about the different builds you can get out of this.

AP Teemo~
With Nashor's Tooth comes 60 AP which is a great starting for any AP character. If you choose to go with this style of Teemo, dont forget to grab a Rylai's for the sake of HP. What I would not recommend is Mejai's Soulstealer, unless your just playing a game where you are plain owning. Most recommended path for every Teemo out there. Since the nerf, Teemo's mushroom spamming abilities has greatly increased, making this build more prevalent in the current game.

AD Teemo~
Most people would tell you that you are going hybrid, but just tell them that Nashor's gives a lotta attack speed =). Probably my most least recommended path for Teemo with this build style, since you shouldnt be up on everyone's butts with your long stick anyways. However, that doesnt mean that you shouldnt try this. Teemo has excellent farming abilities, and with that, he can sort of afford this sort of build with IE and all that. Most people wont be expecting you to do a lot of hurt with your attacks, so you can sometimes catch people off guard =D. It is also the best build to fight casters with imo.

Hybrid Teemo~
Most people consider this the way to play Teemo these days. It is basically attack speed Teemo with a few AP items or a few AD items. Mainly focused on Rageblade, Malady and Bloodrazor for the superior attack speed on the already superior attack speed of Teemo. It is a super fun build, I think all Teemo's should play this build a few times just for the fun of spamming your attack on them =)

Tank Teemo~
Herp Derp.

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Skill Sequence

There IS only ONE arguement. The great blinding dart or poison first arguement.

Blinding dart arguement~
This is Teemo's harassing ablility, and allows him to safely harass in most situations too. By leveling this skill first, Teemo's dart can deal a lot of hurt to many unexpecting champs. Keep in mind that with the increased skill level comes the increased mana cost, and you wont be spamming it as much as when it was still level 1. That is why I found that by keeping this skill at level 1, I can freely spam this little meanie at any time, anywhere.

The Poison arguement~
This is Teemo's farming ability, and is so annoying that its going to make the other champs puke when he sees his health drained by 10 every second. Probably going to make them more careful and allows you more of a presence throughout the laning phase then if you werent maxing this skill first. I wont lie when I say that this skill does hurt, and you can shoot more of these then you can shoot darts. It also allows you to keep the minion wave from ever getting near your tower, and makes the enemy less prone to try to zone you out.

This is for you to decide, as the player, you are responsible for your decisions.

The less important but still important arguement
What about Move Quick? Does it really have to stay at level 1 throughout the laning phase?
Does the extra speed help you that much? Does it really let you dodge all the skill shots? Does it keep you from getting hit from any champion attack? Do you like to move super fast? Do you feel that you can give better map awareness by moving faster?
If yes to all five questions, feel free to throw more points in this, probably replacing points on either dart or poison(depending on which one you decide to max first)

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Summoner Spells

I will not lie when I say that Tele has given me a great number of ganks that would be impossible if I didnt have tele. The simple rotation of planting a shroom in a bush then teleing there later gives a great number of opportunities for the most surprising ganks of all time. You could also keep better lane presence with tele if you are continuously harassed and need to recall a lot. Probably best used with beginner Teemo's.

Other then that, Exhaust and Flash work so amazingly with Teemo that I cant explain it. Actually i will. Exhaust, with its BUFF(not debuff) makes Teemo more exceptional at successfully silencing enemy carries, which is probably the main job of all Teemos. Flash is like the best escape spell for Teemo, not ghost im afraid. When you are in a tough spot, you can flash out and pop your move quick to get away, but if you decide to have ghost over flash, you cannot get away no matter what you do.

Other common spell pairs:

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Helpful Stuff

If Teemo is every caught for more then one seconds in a teamfight, hes dead. You could argue that he can die painfully, or quickly, or slowly, but hes dead.

(Would like to thank Xaioli for this)
Some people like to put the shrooms to keep people out of the jungle, some people like to put them somewhere where it wont be hit and leave it there as wards. Through much experimentation, I believe it is best to shroom to keep out and not to only ward, as discussed by Xaioli somewhere in one of my previous builds.

Ok so here are all the places that you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO PLACE SHROOMS. Oh wait, you should already know. It's been discussed in so much builds, it seems pretty redundant. BUT if something new can be taught, when its late game, its probably more wise to have shrooms in lanes more then in the jungle, especially because it keep minion waves back and keeps backdoor..ers.. from pulling successful backdoors outta no where. Places like IN FRONT of your turret, in the middle of lanes, a little to the side so minions dont generally run them over.. yea.

I see Teemo's teamfight rotation like this. Go in and mess up their carries. Go out and shroom escape route because you know that your team has to go back sooner or later, then start hitting the tank. Why the tank? ...What else is close enough for you to hit without being majorly screwed over? Of course, in some rare instances, you wont get focused because your so small and no one cares about you, but in 90% of the cases that doesnt happen. That's why if anyone rages at how your not focusing squishies, you can tell them to focus on your uber squishiness and how you cant run from squat.



Going into teamfights without proper backup. Trying to towerdive with your super fast speed from move quick. yup. Trying to run away when you get ganked and you dont have your flash. Not planting your mushroom when your about to die.

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Thanks to Xaioli and the future people that will leave comments =)