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SInged - Best for 3v3

Last updated on January 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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1.Welcome !

Hi everybody! I would start by saying that this is my first tutorial. I'll show you how good can be Singed on 3v3. Here we go!

At once I want to apologize for my poor English, but I'm from Poland and still learning. Do not criticize my mistakes so much :P

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It may seem strange that I gave the points, but I chose what is best for our champion.

"Resistance"and "hardiness", I do not have to explain, finally it's tank, and the extra armor and magic resist is always useful.

"Strength of Spirit increases the regeneration of our hp, depending on how much mana we have, we have as much mana so we will need additional recovery.

"Evasion" often these evasions can save us, so you should spend a few points here and so I do not see a better solution.

"Nimbleness" as we gave already in the "Evasion" it would be wrong not to the point here, we have an increased chance to dodge, so once you avoid the attack, we will be quicker. This is useful to escape or catch up with runaway champion.

"Veteran's Scars" additional amount of HP is always useful, and very often will allow us to survive the porch.

"Ardor" ap increases, that is our poison trail will beat stronger opponents, and the attack speed it might be useful. ; -)

"Tenacity" receive injuries are reduced by 4%, what more do you want to tank? ^^


"Perseverence" regeneration of mana and hp never too much:>

"Haste" very helpful if someone also has a ghost and flees or chases you, when you put a point here, you're quicker than him and overtake him, or his escape.

"Awareness" is very useful when you're down you need to quickly gain levels to advance a person does not kill you only that it has a higher level than you.

"Expandend Mind" our ability to passive, we increase the amount of hit points depending on how much we have many, so thanks to this we will increase hp.

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3.Summoner Spells

Ignite, we need to "beat" when someone is wearing the poison of our ability, and has very little hp you can throw it ignite, to make sure that it will perish. This is useful in many situations and is universal.

Ghost, in conjunction with our ultimate point of the Masteries and give us a super fast, thanks to easy to avoid unnecessary deaths and catch up with fleeing champions.

I see no other possibility, unless the ghost instead of flash. As you will, I prefer this option.

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We start with sapphire crystal and HP potion, after the first recall buying shoes. Then the catalyst and improve buy shoes on Mercury or Swiftness, depending on the situation. When there is a lot of slows / stuns buy mercury, if you do not Swiftness. Later catalyst for improving ROA and buy Zhonya's Hourglass, many people, particularly those less experienced at this point, grab behind his head and says: Oh god what the tank such items?
Let me explain, ROA gives mana (of liability shall also hp) as well as HP, and ablity power, which increases the power of poison trail. Well but why go to the damage, if we tank? The reason that so we do so, then fill it or to kill. Tank also has to do something, especially in 3v3. Hourglass buy because it gives us ap and armor, you need two things:>. Then buy depending on your opponents or Thornmail Banshee. Banshee vs Casters and thornmail vs fighters. After another return to base, or buy a Sunfire cape Force Of Nature, we need to decide whether the wizards of the opposite team does not beat us too hard. The last item will be quicksilver Omen or sash, also depending on the situation.

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In my opinion, the hardest step of all build. I am not very good at choosing the matching run to form, but I gave some examples, of course they are not necessary to buy and will be delighted if propose here a different set of runes to Singed. We do not currently have purchased directly run into him just use the other:>

So do not załamujcie looking at the runes, they are bad because it is very possible, here the choice is arbitrary.

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6.How to Play

The onset may be difficult, especially vs strong characters. At the start wytankujemy little, so be careful.

Beginning of the game is as follows:

We buy quickly sapphire and HP potion and soon we will go to first blood. Turn Q, and we run out of the hand in beating the champion, who has little hp. After that we return and we are at the bottom, top leave for someone more "flexible. " We do not play aggressively, just past farms killing by poison trail. Occasionally enter the ganks, głównnym goal is to farm and winning gold on the items. Once we have the first item under the tank, you can safely start with the team fights.

No more need to describe, because it uczymi ourselves and no guidebook does not teach us to play well.

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7. End

I thank those who have read the tutorial and look forward to comments. Bye bye.

I greet all my friends!