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League of Legends Build Guide Author Abuu

Singed: Beware the Purple Mist

Abuu Last updated on January 11, 2011
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Welcome all to my Singed build. Firstly, this is NOT a tank build. Don't cry tanks, at the end of the build I'll give you my tank items. It features decent Armor and a nice Health pool, but you will not be standing there being a meat shield (unless you want to die). This focuses on doing massive amounts of damage with Poison Trail(PT) and Fling, with enough Health to survive those ganks. If you want to do over 300 damage per second with PT and over 1200 damage with Fling (throwing your enemy into the big purple cloud behind you), then this is the build for you.

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Pros and Cons


-Huge Health and Mana Pool
-Excellent Farmer
-Can save teamates or kill enemies with Fling
-Insane Poison Trail Damage
-AoE Slow


-Easily CCed
-No Ranged Attacks (besides Mega Adhesive, which does no damage)

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Passive: Empowered Bulwark- Pretty Simple. A fourth of your Mana pool is added to your Health pool. e.g. 2000 Mana= 500 Health. This is one of the best passives in the game.

Q: Poison Trail- Your bread and butter. This is your farming skill and champion killing DoT. It trails behind Singed when active and deals 70 Magic Damage (+30% of Ability Power) each second. It costs 13 Mana/sec, but this is chump change when you got that big Mana pool.

W: Mega Adhesive- This is your AoE Slow. It has a slight delay, so make sure to lead your target so you can assure a hit. This is how you chase down those pesky champs and allow you to beat face. This is a HUGE slow (75% at level 5) and it lasts for 5 secs.

E: Fling- Your nuke. Learn to love it. It deals 300 Magic Damage (+100% of Ability Power) and throws them behind you (preferably into your Tower or your teamates). When performed correctly, almost always guarantees a kill. Costs 140 Mana.

R: Insanity Potion- Ultimate. For 25 seconds, you gain 65 Damage, Attack Speed %, Ability Power, Armor, Movement Speed and Regen/5. What else needs to be said?

Most Used Combo: Start PT before you engage enemy to get a nice line down, throw down MA down to slow, pop ulty, and Fling. If anything survives that, kindly beat them in the face with your nice spiky shield until they give up the ghost.

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No need to explain here. Standard 9 points in Offense for the 15% Magic Pen. The rest goes to Utility for your abilities, regen, max mana, move speed, and reduced CD on your spells.

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Team Work

I use him for Twisted Treeline and think that he is one of the best champions you can use in 3v3. His durability and farming skills allows for long lane presence. Good champions to partner with are anyone with a good CC ability and healers. Singed can be played well with most champions. I find that a team with good CC usually wins. Your Mega Adhesive can also be used defensively to slow those champions who are trying to chase you or your partner down. Fling can also save your partner's *** by hanging back behind the guy chasing your teammate and Flinging him behind you.

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My build focuses on several things: Health, Mana, and Ability Power. This is the purchase order I use. I start off with Sapphire Crystal and build it into Catalyst the Protector. I then buy Boots of Speed as soon as I get 350 Gold. Boots of Swiftness are taken as soon as I can. Then I grab Blasting Wand and finish off Rod of Ages. Now, if I'm doing well, I usually skip getting Arcangel's Staff and go straight for Rabadon's and come back for it afterwards. If they have a champion that can boost move speed, I go for Rylai's next and grab Zhonya's last.
Now the reason I get Arcangel's Staff instead of a more traditional item is twofold. Firstly, extra Mana means extra Health. Second, the more Mana I have, the more AP I have (3% of max Mana is converted to AP).

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Skill Sequence

Ultimate is always taken when available. I get Fling first for the early gank. If they have heals, grab PT first. PT is maxed first with Fling not far behind. MA is maxed last because most of the time I don't need the slow thanks to Boots. If they have move boosters I dump points into it early. In short, R>Q>E>W.

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For the Tanks

Yes indeed, Singed makes a great tank. His Health pool is massive and with a little AP, you should be able to sneak a few kills in as well. The items are Boots of Swiftness, Rod of Ages, Banshee's Veil, Zhonya's Hourglass, Force of Nature, and Rylai's Crystal Scepter.The Boots are for catching enemies, Rod is for Health, Mana, and AP. Banshee's gives you Health, Mana, Magic Resist, and spell blocks. Zhonya's gives AP and armor. Force gives Health/5,Magic Resist, Move Speed, and a little Health Regen. Rylai's gives Health, AP, and spell slows.

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Singed is an amazing farmer. Just turn on PT, run a circle around minions, and watch them turn into XP and Gold. Speaking of PT, when you circle around minions it also prevents enemy champions from farming as well. Nobobdy wants to walk into your poison.

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In closing, Singed is an amazing champion. Not many champions can do huge damage and have nice durability. Once the team fights start, everyone will love your MA. Your job is to Fling some poor soul into your teammates. You will have great survivability once you start getting ganked. You will get ganked once you start getting fed. Most games will end when the other team surrenders. Very few games will let you build all your items. I hope this gives some insight to playing Singed. Please be sure to vote and leave comments!