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singed- flingin' and fartin'

Last updated on December 3, 2010
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Singed with good early game ability, along with great late game support.

ignite could be an alternative to clarity if your super aggresive.

clairvoyance is a great way to avoid ganks as singed and works best if you are more defensive

I pick clarity because it allows me to lane longer and to also support my ally's lanning time.

In early game, you pick up poison trail for annoying the other team and bringing their health down to a good amount for ganking. At level 3 you should have rank 2 poison trail and fling. You can choose to gank now, or wait for mega adhesive. Try to fling the squishiest enemy champ over your shoulder into your farts. Try to stay ahead of the fleeing champion so your poison will inflict maximum damage, and hope your teammate either finishes them off, or gets their health low enough for your farts to do the rest.

when you hit level 6 and have low health, or just owned your enemy laners, get back to base and grab your catalyst. If you've gotten a kill or 2, you can probaly grab your first shoes and head back to your lane. You might be thinking, "OMG NOOB, WHY AREN'T YOU GANKING A LANE NOOB FACE?!" Well I'll tell you why, singed is one of the best tower divers in the game with his ulti. As long as you push the enemy minions back to their tower, yuo can get a fling on a tower huggin' nub. As long as your partner is still with you, you can squeeze a kill out of a half to 75% health enemy at their tower. Just pop ulti, ghost, fling them over your shoulder and adhesive their escape. Most of the time I end up half health or lower, but we almost always get the kill, and even if we don't , my partner can just finish off that tower. Be careful though, this only works if you are 1v2 in the lane, or both champs are half health. If even one of them has half health you probaly won't make it. Just let them push, annoy them with your farts, and find an opening for an easy fling.

mid game isn't that much different for singed than early, other than the fact that you are buffed up with stupid crazy health and are probaly working on your force of nature. Just go to lanes that are struggling and get a fling on a champ or 2. The tower diving trick that worked early game will still work now, except that now you can pull it off with 2 champs beating on you. Be warned, if one or two of their champs are fed, try to avoid tower diving them, just fart on them to get their health low, but don't gte 2 close for a fling. If the teams are even, or your team is fed, you can tower dive all you want. After you gank a couple enemy champs and/or take out some turrets with your mad pushing ability, you should head back and finish off your force of nature for mad move speed even without your ulti. Getting annoyed about not landing a fling? suffer no more! now you run so fast, they have but seconds to react to your blinding speed. Losing health too quickly while tower diving? Put mundo to shame with your health regen ability. once you pop insanity poison, your health will shoot up and you can tower dive some more!

Hopefully you have your force of nature and are working on your Frozen Heart, or Banshee's veil ( depending on who your against, who is the most buff, the smartest, ect. ) Late ame is where some people might think singed loses his luster because he feels like a sack of meat. While I'll admit, singed's damage is a little lacking, that doesn't mean a good fling into farts is useless. On the contrary, this could do some pretty good damage, while letting your teammates get a free kill. try to stay with 2 other champs at this time, because unless your super fed, you won't get 1v1 kills, just some angry champs swearing at you. singed's pushing and tower killing powers are amazing by now and if your team is really distracting and not engaging too much, you can run off and push a lane to a tower for a team tower kill. Mkae sure you save insanity poison for running away from the 4-5 POed champs likely to come wanting your heart. By this time, your DPS should be buff and powning, or noobs and getting rolled while your trying to save the team with your tower pushes. You can't win them all, and sometimes, you'll face teams that just roll faces, be it the champs your facing, or the teammates you have, you just won't win every single one. on the other hand, singed can carry his lane if played correctly, and can be that unkillable demon that reaps the souls of his foes. This is my first build and I will probaly republish it when I get my account. Comment with any, comments, complaints, queries, desires, needs, life lessons, helpful advice, not so helpful advice, ect.