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League of Legends Build Guide Author Freestyle

Singed Guerilla Tactics

Freestyle Last updated on November 10, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 15

I. With this build, you can annihilate basically anyone. You have enough hp to soak up damage and you have the mana to always have poison trail up and the mana for your ult and fling, and if you don't, you have clarity. Fling also hits like a truck, and with the movement speed you'll have from your boots, quintessences, and utility talent, ghost, AND your ultimate, you're going to be almost uncatchable while also being able to catch anyone and fling them back into your team.

II. How to play singed:
1. do not autoattack unless you are level one without poison trail or you are taking down a turret with your ultimate.
2. Run AHEAD of the enemy you are trying to kill and make sure they stay in your poison trail.
3. You are bait for the enemy, lure them in. Singed doesn't have loads of hp for nothing, if you are the only beefy hero on your team, initiate the fights! Run in and run out, if they chase you just laugh as they run through your poison trail.
4. Do not rush to use fling, set up your position and let loose to make the enemy go where you want them to go.
5. PLAY AGGRESSIVELY. I cannot stress this enough. Singed NEEDS to be front line and in their face, but play aggressively smartly. (in other words.. don't rush in when you have half hp.. unless you know they are going to die with no threat to you)

1. Rod of Ages. This item is the bread and butter of all the singed items. Period. Get this item or get out.
2. Boots of Swiftness. Some may like to get mercury's treads, or sorcerer's shoes. These other two are ok, but with my build its all about the movement speed. Only get mercury's if their team is really hammering into you with CC. Otherwise, get Swiftness.
3. Archangel's Staff. Why this item? Mana = hp. Singed has a lot of mana, and paired with rod of ages, and every time you use any move other than poison trail, you are going to gain hp every minute, meaning youre only going to get stronger as time goes on. 3% of your mana is converted into ap? This is a godly amount of AP when your mana is continually on the rise. whats 3% of 4130? 123, plus the AP that this item already gives you.
4. Frozen Heart. Why this item? Mana= more hp, and with archangels, more AP. 99 armor and CDR with an aoe reduction of enemy attack speed. This item is going to make you melee resistant to a laughable point.
5. Rylai's Crystal Scepter. More AP, More HP, and your poison trail now slows anyone who runs through it. GG. When running away, the enemy can now basically never catch you, and you can cover your teams getaway as well.
6. Abyssal Scepter. Magic resist, Magic pen and more AP to rip your enemies hp apart with your poison. Running through your poison was never any more dangerous.

IV. Skill sequence.
1. The sequence is above, but as a note on the side, fling is great to get as a first ability when you have clarity because of the mass harrassment you can do at the beginning. Every time that fling is up, get in there (safely) and fling your opponent back into your teammate, and most every time they will run back instead of fight you, gaining you massive hp advantage early on.
2. Poison trail second and youre good to go. grab mega adhesive only when you cant get the next rank of poison trail, then max out trail and fling.

V. Runes.
1. Mana runes. More mana, more hp, more ap (with archangel's)
2. Movement speed Quintessence. Stay ahead of them with poison trail.

VI. Masteries.
I feel that these are quite self explanatory, but if you need a reason for this build, 15% Magic pen is amazing for poison trail, you cant go wrong with extra hp regen based on your extremely high mana pool, and the utility tree increases his mana pool by 5%, his movespeed by 3% and helps to keep him laning.

VII. Summoner Spells.
1. Ghost- Sustained Movement Speed. Flash is hit or miss, but with this you can be halfway across the map, pop this and your ult and fly over to the enemy to fling them to your team mates.
2. Clarity- I toyed around with this choice, but clarity, to me, seemed the best choice. Early on I was always needing mana, and found myself at times unable to fling at opportune times. Clarity fixes this problem. So let your poison trail always be up without fear of having no mana for fling.
3. Cleanse- This is better if you die too much to CC.
4. Ignite- If you really want to kill them.. but if you can ignite them, you can probably catch them to fling em with your movement speed.