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Singed in mid/top

Last updated on December 17, 2012
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Singed and his playstyle.

Most people assume that singed isn't viable against most champions
but those people haven't experienced alot of duels between champs.
Singed was my first purchase and I've played for about 2 years so
i have alot of experience with him in both items (including season 3)
and tactics (flipping, proper poison use) and such. Singed can be aggressive or passive but it depends on the pick from the opposite lane(s). Singed can be a high dps role while being very self sustaining. You want to build items that are high in mana and ap and once you have those build tanking items or support items if your team needs the help. I suggest some of
the items on this guide but don't be afraid to try your own builds or combinations.

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Items *order and changes are irrelevant

    Sorcerers Boots
    Rod of Ages *x2
    Rabbadon's Deathcap
    Archangel's staff *x2
    Will of The Ancients

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Masteries for the most part are up to the person
but i personally use either ap masteries or tanking masteries.
Try to stay in 1 category while choosing your masteries.
MANA masteries are amazing on singed because they give him an
early advantage in health and spell popping.

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Pros / Cons

Singed has a great late game in health and ap.
He has a fling to initiate fights.
he isn't item dependent.
he's a badass.
He's hard to chase.
He can tank and dish out alot of ap damage.
He has amazing dps in aoe poison when fighting team fights.

Singed has a low amount of poke against ranged champions.
You can do poorly if you feed or die to much.
Singed is slow without ap swords or another speed boost item.
Your teammates can ks your poison.


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