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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pepota

Singed - Master of TT

Pepota Last updated on January 15, 2011
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This is for anyone who wants to know how to do Singed right on Twisted Treeline. I have 900+ wins on normal with Singed doing solo queues on Twisted Treeline. I'm currently at 1500 ranked, though I do not play it often, and Singed is banned often in ranked anyway. This is a AP/Tank build which will leave you with a Tough tank that will take many hits, especially while your ultimate and a hp pot are rolling.. but also someone who puts out insane damage, controls team fights, and dominates anyone who isn't an extreme tank, or Tryndamere ;p.

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These are the runes I have been using for almost 600 games now. I like magic pen for runes because it ups your damage on Throw and Poison Trail. I like armor/magic resist for seals/glyphs because one thing I've learned with Singed is that he is very easy to focus down with CC/Mass dmg, Armor and Magic Resist will let you stay in the lane longer and survive team fights if the team starts focusing you.

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I like to use 21/5/4 and I know most people don't break up points like this. I like to go the full 21 in Offensive so my skills do enough damage, It's also good to beat on people while they're running in your poison and you're walking in front of them, or if they think they can go toe to toe just keep punching them with your poison rolling. With your Ultimate you will do decent AD damage against squishies, Imperative to turn and punch every chance you get. I go the 5 in Defensive because after buffing ghost and my hp mana/regen in Utility there aren't any higher skills I want in that tree, and I always welcome extra armor and magic resist.

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I always start with a Doran's shield and a hp pot. I go Doran's shield to last longer in lanes, and give even more armor to me so I can go toe to toe with physical dps who get cocky. I end up selling the Doran's shield after getting my first armor item, but until then it is a big help with hp regen, hp, and armor.

On my first time back it depends on the team what items I will get. Sometimes I get boots first, sometimes I'll get mana crystal, sometimes both ;p. Eventually I upgrade the Catalyst Protector first because it helps big on level ups, and I often like to jungle side packs(I start side packs at lvl 3 once getting my 2nd level of psn) and buffs around level 6(With Ulti going). After Catalyst I will go Mercury Treads. Many Singed go Boots of Swiftness, but I like to be able to survive stuns and slows since to me Singed biggest weakness is CC(Crowd Control).

After this I'll almost always go Rylai's, it makes your poison trail very over powered and gives you more hp/ap. From this point a game is usually already won by ganks with ghost/ulti going people cannot escape you.

If the game is a little more difficult, if the team has AD, go Thornmail for people stacking attack speed, Randuins Omen if people are stacking damage, or both if needed. I'll upgrade my Catalyst at around 17-18(To a Banshee's Veil) I like to keep it until then for the level up effect(Huge in team fights where poison hits not only the enemy, but minions in the lane and levels you up). If people are going heavy AP I'll get a Force of Nature with the Veil, if not I'll get more AP/Armor.

Usually since the game is won by Rylai's, I'll just go straight Void Staff to make sure they can't do anything. The damage you put out with this combo is ridiculous. Defensive items never hurt though for when you're getting cocky and tower diving every other second.

Last but not least---- I am constantly buying healing potions. Since I like to jungle alot and am very aggressive I tend to take alot of damage. Every time I go back to the base to upgrade items I grab 2-3 healing potions depending on how much gold I have left. Anytime my hp drops below 70% I'll just pop a healing potion to try and stay out fighting/jungling/pushing for as long as I can.

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Skill Sequence

My Skill Sequence is pretty straight forward. Max Poison first, then Throw, get a point in slow at 4 so you can CC people to catch them and throw them or keep them from escaping. Put at point into your ulti at every level you can because it boosts all of your stats and is very powerful. It is on such a low cooldown that you can have your ulti going for pretty much every team fight. Run in real quick with Ulti/ghost going, throw someone either offensively or defensively/psn everyone/throw a slow to save teammates. Then run out to safety until poison starts to wear off, run back in, throw should be back.. fight over.

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Summoner Spells

I've tinkered around with Smite/Ignite in the place of Exhaust but I find that Exhaust really saves my life too often against heavy AD like Trynd and any others because of the blind component. It also can be used offensively to catch someone that's moving too quick for ya. Smite can be used to level up quicker, but I often find that I can freely farm buffs after winning team fights with no worries about an enemy jungler stealing the buff. Ignite is good to add to your damage, but again I find Exhaust too useful.

Ghost is a must no matter what, as Singed, if you cannot catch your prey, you will be useless. That is why CC, especially slows, really destroy Singed.

Cleanse is another option to go along with Ghost to get out of CC so that you can catch someone, I find that I'm rarely in that much danger to where I need a cleanse to escape, this is why again I use exhaust.

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Follow this guide and get used to dodging people through bushes, and knowing when and where to gank and you will be an almost unbeatable Singed on Twisted Treeline. Most of this will also apply to Summoner's Rift, but in 5s I like to go less Offensively and grab an extra Armor/Magic Resist item in the place. Singed is less effective on Summoner's Rift because as I have explained many times... CC DESTROY'S SINGED :(!