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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Singed: Run noob, run!

Last updated on June 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys. Lately I've been getting into playing singed competitively, and I've been having a great time with him. This champion is a pure powerhouse of pwnage. This is the only champion you can play where running around like an idiot gets you kills. People will cry about how lame your play style is, how op and cheap singed is, and you'll know why when you play this champion. More than likely you're reading this guide because you recently got owned by a surfing singed and you want to destroy some noobs yourself. Well, I can help you with that :)

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Pro's and Con's

Very strong farmer
Invincible after catalyst and philo stone if you play right
Unique play style that is hard to combat
Great initiator
Always stocked up on sun tan lotion for those hot days :)

Although he has a lot of move speed, he is weak to cc
Fling can hurt your team if you don't use it right
Mana hungry until philo stone
Sucks at taking down towers, but that's what your team is for :D

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Sapphire crystal is easily the best item to begin the game with. With your passive you get bonus hp and the mana is nice as well as it gives you a bit more poison trail to play with until philo stone later on around level 3-4. Catalyst is insane for your early game as it gives you laning prowess like no other. Boots are nice after catalyst because you must stay ahead of your opponent in order to properly kill them. Fling helps with this but move speed is a large part of singed's success. Philo stone gives you the regen you need to lane, and when you pop your ult you are practically invincible with all the regen. Plus the gold generation gets you to your rod of ages quicker, as well as your scepter and force. Rod of ages gives you insane amounts of stats, easily the best item you can build on him and you want it fast. So farm like a champ. Rylai's is dumb on singed. Each poison tick slows your enemy, ensuring they stay well within death's caress. Force of nature gives you even more health regen, some much needed MR, and most importantly some more move speed. Shurelya's gives you some CD reduction, faster flings, as well as health regen, health, and an active that allows your whole team to dive in and get those kills that are just out of reach. After Shurelya's you can get either a banshee's veil or a deathcap if you're feeling cocky, but I prefer to stick to banshee's. Although it is nice to see your poison tick for 200 a second as they are slowed :P

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Early Game

During your early game, you want to focus on denying your opponents experience and gold, as well as farming up so you can get your catalyst and stone as fast as possible. Play it safe though. If you are laning against someone with a great early game, see how they react to your poison trail as you run through their minions. If they attack you back and harrass, let the minions come to you and poison them as they run down your lane. It may take a bit longer to farm this way, but at least you won't feed. And sometimes you'll get lucky and catch an enemy in your poison with it as well for a little early harrassment. Don't go back until you can buy catalyst. If that means tower hug, do it. Catalyst is so important early on. It improves your laning capability tenfold. I usually head back around 6 and pick up my boots and catalyst, and get started on my stone. This should carry you into mid-game.

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Mid Game

Mid game begins when you complete your philosopher stone. You want to play very aggressively after you have the first 3 items completed. Your regen and health recovery from catalyst during farming is so nice that you won't have problems with dying. Just harass and poison their minions constantly to keep them away from your minions and you will gimp your lane opponent so hard they won't know what to do. Gank a lot in this phase. Ghost is there for a reason. Run in front of your opponent, slow them, poison trail, and never run under a turret without your ult on. Mid game is where singed shines, as he is very tough to kill. His late game is also quite spectacular. Speaking of which...

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Late Game

As you finish your force of nature, you will be nearly unstoppable. You are a quick, poison damage dealing machine at this point. You won't die, and you will ensure that your teammates finish your opponents when you fling your enemies into your team. You are NOT a carry. You are a tank. Play accordingly. Let your carries get some kills, and slow enemies with your W as well to ensure your opposing team's death. I will explain your "rotation" and skill usage in the next section.

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Skills, Summoner Spells, and Rotation

As your summoner spells, you will want to take Ghost and Ignite. Ghost is so important for singed, it can't be replaced with anything. Ignite can be exchanged for teleport in 5's depending on your team composition, but I like having ignite to finish off poisoned enemies. Flash is alright on him as well.

You want to focus on your poison trail after you get a rank in each skill after you get rank 2 fling. The damage on it is pretty nice early on. Your poison is your bread and butter though, so don't neglect it. After philo stone you can pretty much keep your trail on the majority of the time, so don't be too conservative on mana. Obviously grab your ult when you can, and then max fling after trail. You really only need one rank in slow until you're done with fling.

As far as your rotation goes, it varies upon your situation. If your opponent is ahead of you, catch up with them, fling them behind you, and run ahead of them with your poison. Don't be so eager with your slow. Wait until your opponent decides to run a different direction, THEN slow them and get ahead of them again. When they turn to run in their original direction, your fling will be back up. Rinse and repeat. Use your fling to save teammates that are being ganked as well. And don't forget! Your poison slows after Rylai's so if fling isn't enough to keep them off of your or your teammate's tail, poison them to keep them at bay. You will get used to his play style after a few games. It is different and hard to play against, so practice and get good with him :)

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Thank you guys for taking the time to read my guide. My IGN is SadAfroSteve, so if you want to hit me up in game that's where you'll find me. Suggestions and comments are always welcome, and I would be more than happy to answer any further questions you have. Sorry my guide isn't fancy like all the others, I just like to get down to business :)
And don't vote me up unless you read the guide. I want genuine feedback. Thanks :3