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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skype Sucks

Singed Tank

Skype Sucks Last updated on January 17, 2011
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This build is designed for players that are looking to primarily tank as Singed. With incredible survivability, exceptional creep killing ability, and useful ganking tools, Singed is one of the most powerful characters in League of Legends. I hope you enjoy my guide, and seeing as how I am relatively new to the game and this being my first build on mobafire, I am open to all criticism and suggestions.

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It's a simple defensive rune build with the magic resist and dodge for obvious reasons, and the magic pen to help late game. You will not be obtaining any items with magic penetration so these runes are imperative.

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I am not 100% sold on the 2/3 in Ardor, but I am not convinced any of the other points spent are worth sacrificing. The primary goal is to tank, and the extra attack speed is essentially worthless while the bonus .66% ability power is useful, but you're not stacking AP so its not as important as lets say .5 block damage from completing 3/3 in Hardened Skin. The 9 points to obtain the Archaic Knowledge for magic penetration is for the same purpose as the runes (late game).

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The itemization of my build is the most important part. Always having a catalyst on you is crucial for being able to stay out and lane or gank instead of having to return to regen. Missing out on that experience or kill/assist is just too much of a loss, and seeing as how we are not Mundo we can't just heal ourselves to full with our ult. However, our ult DOES heal us some, and that catalyst will do the rest of the work. If you pay attention to your experience gain, you can occasionally time a gank when your opponents will think you are low, and as you enter the fight with your poison still surrounding minions, you'll gain the hp/mp you need to seal the deal and at very least get some damage out, poke, and bounce without lower than 40-60% of your life, and just stall until you can level or ult again.

The Rod of the Ages is more for the health and mana than the ability power. You just don't want to be too weak when it comes to your damage output AS you're tanking, so the extra AP from the rod will come in handy for minion clearing and team fights.

You'll notice in my build I suggest getting another catalyst before completing your Rod of the Ages. The passive is not unique, but I'm not suggesting that you actually have two on you at any point. If you can't afford your rod without still having a catalyst (will cost approx 2100), then simply keep an elixir of brilliance up while you're waiting, and buy a couple wards to help out your team's awareness.

Use your second catalyst for a Banshee's Veil, UNLESS you are rolling them, in which case purchase another Rod of the Ages, and start turret diving with your team to end the game. The Guardian Angel vs. Force of Nature is a matter of preference as to which you purchase first. I prefer the utility of the GA, especially because it ends up that the other team won't target you once you've got the hp from your rod, and the GA wings on your shoulders... They won't waste their time, giving you free movement to position yourself as you please in team fights.

The last item is a personal preference that I have been using in very long games lately. The 20% lifesteal and 20% spell vamp allow for EXTREME survivability and help while turret diving. Purchase all 3 elixirs repeatedly (and wards) until you can afford the entire last item.

One last comment about the items: If the other team is not stun/slow heavy, you can always go boots of swiftness instead of mercury treads.

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Skill Sequence

You're a tank, so slowing them down is not terribly important to start. You want to level up your poison quickly so you can burn through minions and start farming your gold for items, etc. The fling I find useful to level up to a second rank at level 4 for the extra damage. It's a moment in the game where you'll be looking to gank, and the damage helps.

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Summoner Spells

I go with ignite and ghost. Ghost is more useful than flash for Singed. I suppose it's a matter of preference but I'm not going to start that argument right here and now of flash vs. ghost. On most other characters that I play, I go with flash, but on Singed, Nidalee, and Mundo, I go with ghost. If you want to switch your masteries and go with exhaust instead of ignite, I suppose it's an option, but if you play correctly you won't need the extra protection or slow from exhaust, as your W skill can slow 'em for long enough to get a fling when you need it. Ignite is good for sealing the deal, especially being a poison character to begin with. Double damage over time is lethal.

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You're not the sort of character that needs to wait until level 6 for your ult to start ganking. I'm not suggesting to leave your lane, but coordinate with whoever your partner and setup a gank BEFORE they hit 6. If they're turret humping, just let their minions push forcing them to come out. Laning with a player with any sort of stun ability will likely result in a couple early kills and hopefully first blood. Poison, fling, stun, ignite, whack whack whack... Toggling Q on and off to save mana is important. Obviously never waste fling on a minion. I personally rarely have mana issues as Singed. If you play it right, and start with the sapphire crystal, 1 health pot, 1 mana pot, you should be fine. Once you can get a catalyst and level 1 boots, grab 'em, and get back into action. I don't care if you're full hp/mp, get that catalyst as quickly as possible. That and your ult are an incredible combination. Singed is one of the best turret divers in the game, once you get good at this skill it's gg, and you can actually carry a bad team as long as they aren't over-feeding.

I hope you enjoyed my guide!