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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Last updated on September 15, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Early Item Choices in Game: The starting items of: boots, 2x health potions and 1x mana potion are incredily useful. Mobafire doesn't calculate the health bonus from Singed's passive so keep in mind that Singed recieves 25% of his mana as health. This means that the mana you've got sitting on your rune page + Health runes is alot. To be exact:

429 (starting health) + 48.15 (health seals) + 97.2 (health quints) + 38.61 (health through passive from mana runes) + 60 (defensive masteries) + 62.5 (Starting mana health bonus from passive) = 735.46 Health!!!!!! (Not to mention the bonus 140+ mana from runes).

All in all this makes for a robust starting profile with lots of options. Some people may suggest picking up a health or mana crystal first thing, but I don't suggest that for a couple reasons. Picking up a ruby (health) crystal first puts you up at the amazing starting health value of 915.46, but that allows you no money for health or mana pots and with such a huge starting health value it takes a while to regen it with your 7.65 health regen per 5 secs starting. So if you get low, a return to base is virtually necessary to stay aggressive which this build needs. Also 740 health starting off is more than enough especially considering many characters have low 400's to start even with competitive builds. Picking up a sapphire(mana) crystal can be great(gives you a bonus 50 health and the 200 mana for 400), but the 600+ mana you start with is just not as practical as the bonus speed for flinging people right away.

Early Game Play: Laning with a champion that has a stun or is high damaging is ideal for the first gank. The element of surprise and a fling plus a stun, and/or ignite, almost assures the first blood + your incredibly high starting health can even withstand a tower hit or two as long as its just to get a key hit or get within ignite range. With this bonus cash the rest of game will become much easier. Harrasing with poision and occasional advantageous flings will keep your enemy low and your laning partner safe. It might even get you a few unintentional ganks. Usually a return to base around 6 or at first death will be early enough to get you boots of swiftness yet maintain your speedy competitive edge. Early game should focus on taking advatage of ganking oppotunities and harassing opponents.

Middle Game Play: Mid game is dominated by the skilled Singed. With great health progression and a solid starting statline Singed can take very early tower hits and has enough health to mess around with non-tank enemy champions individually. With boots of swiftness the alert Singed can also lane shift to grab otherwise escaping enemey champions. Force of Nature and Rod of Ages are essential during this stage. Good health/mana and a decent health boost every minute from the rod(not to mention a fairly important speed boost and health regen from Force) will keep your tank Singed healthy and laneable.

Late Game Play: The late game is where the tanky Singed can run into problems so a few things to watch out for:

1. Don't get behind on levels: If you are Singed you need to keep pace with enemey champions in order to stay competitive. No matter what some team mates will say. It is more important for you to miss out on a team fight or two if it means you can catch up or get ahead in levels. (Don't abuse this statemtn!!)
2. Don't get lazy: The pro Singed will use his awesome poison and speed to activiely dominate 2 lanes. If you stay in one lane too much you can miss out on ganks, neutral kills, and most importanly massive gold from waves of creeps.
3. Realize your limits: From game to game the level of sheer dominance you will have is going to change. Especially in late game other characters will become more competitive to your Singed build. This is why early and middle game dominance is an important stepping stone to you leading your team to victory.
4. Tank up first: Most teams are going to see Singed and think...Tank. This means you can't go for an ap build like I have seen some people do. That always pisses me off anyway. Rod of ages is about as much ap as you will get in most games. You can only really start to damage up in a very late game setting once you have mountains of health, speed, and guardian angel.

Notes: This build is fun and more often then not very affective. Don't get discouraged if you lose a few times because the build is solid, but it does require some good teamwork and halfway decent players. Singed just isn't a high enough damage character to dominate solely by himself. Also it is a game. GL HF