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Singed, the regen king

Last updated on October 1, 2010
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This build might seem ******ed, but it's not, I've used this several times and benefited my team greatly.
This build is great for soloing, just stick to the tower, spray some adhesive if they get too close, and fling em back, kill the minions as fast as possible so as not to give ranged enemies any chance of attacking the tower.
Grab the regrowth pendant first, for the health regeneration, you're going to get hit alot, but nothing lethal, so it is imperative that you regenerate quickly, when recalling, ask one of your teammates to take your place, and hug the tower, so as not to be disadvantaged when you get back.
The health regeneration runes should help plenty, coupled with the force of nature, you will be very hard to wear down, enemies will be forced to attack u and will try their best to kill you straight off, as you will regenerate if escaped.
Boots should be bought right after the force of nature, you need to catch enemies and mega adhesive won't help if you cant move fast.
Get the rod of ages next, for the ability power, this will help your poison and fling, when you need an extra burst of hp regen, use your ultimate, it's worth it.
The rod of ages will also give you more hp and mana, increase your tank status, let it get to work while you build up warmog's by poisoning minions.
After these few items, you will be an amazing tank, but you can go further, get the Banshee's veil for blocking spells, since enemies will hit you with either their stuns or snares first, then bring out the strong spells, such as Veigar, Evelynn, Sion, and Ryze.
The veil will nullify the effectivness of the other spells, and render you free to escape.
Finally, get guardian angel, since you will be taking most of the damage, you need to have a backup plan in case you don't survive.
Putting all of this together, you are an amazing tank, running away from enemies will give them the illusion that you're ripe for the picking with only 200 hp, then turn on them and start raping with more than 1000 hp.
Good luck, and Have fun