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Singed: The Tank Carry

Last updated on June 5, 2010
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Singed is one of the most fun champs to play as because you can tank huge amounts of damage but your also the best gank set up char in the game. Groups of 2 even 3 enemies will try to take off running when they see you coming(or if your lucky they wills stay). All you gota do is turn on the gas, goo, flip and let the kill fall into your lap(or one of your hungry allies behind you).

Summoner Spells:
Exhaust- The reason this spell is great cause often times you know a char will get away before you get a chance to flip them. So this combined with you ult guarantees you catch and flip them. Also i like it because if you can catch them without it, I always goo and exhaust the flipped champion right away to make sure they aren't going anywhere
Cleanse-Singed is only useful in team fights when he is sprinting around poisoning everybody. He can't do that if he's stunned or slowed, plus this spell is the perfect get away for singed. And you will see that half the fight with singed is getting the enemy champs to chase you.

Item Build:
Sapphire Crystal/2 hp pots- Mana first cause that poison is hard on your mana bank and you'll need mana to minion farm and harass and champ that gets too close with flip
Catalyst the Protector- Great item to have early on, you'll see you can start tanking a bit here and it will keep you in the lane with its health and mana refunds every lvl
Boots of Mobility- I used to run swiftness but these have 2 positives...Gets you back to your lane and your exp faster, and you are the fight initiator, you'll need to be able to run down that squishy little mage and flip him back to his certain death.
Rod of Ages- Great item for Singed. Good Hp, will solve your mana problem for the rest of the game(Mana also increases your Hp by 1 for every 4 mana due to Singed's passive), and good AP=Poison and Fling hitting harder
Rylai's Crystal Scepter- THIS ITEM WAS MADE FOR SINGED. Very good Hp(Heavy Tank by this point), and HUGE AP which will make your fling a deadly damage attack as well as a trap. And best of all it has a slow for your AP. The only thing better then your enemy flying through the air into a noxious pit of poison is that they can't get out.
Sunfire Cape/Force of Nature- This next item depends who you are up against. If you are getting hit heavy by casters then getting FoN first would b best. Bust Sunfire is great due to its huge hp plus armor to protect that hp, and an auto AoE to top it off.
Sunfire Cape/Force of Nature- w/e you didnt get before
Sunfire Cape- Cause all you need to do now is build those walls higher.

Early Game:
Singed is best when laneing with a partner because his gank set up. You will need to play a defensive early game before the catalyst because if you get in too far the ranged dps/casters will make you pay for it. Run up and poison minions(be conservative with the poison) when you get a chance and watch for the enemy champs to over-commit. When they do goo, flip, and you and your ally tear them apart.

Mid Game:
By this point you should be finishing up your Rod of Ages and the fun begins. You can leave your poison on during the entire duration of team fights. During which you should be sprinting circles around all enemy champs to poison them and flip the weakest one whenever its cooldown is up. goo any weak ones that try to escape and take off after them(if you can catch them). Try to use your fling as a last hit killing blow(it actually does a lot of damage) if you can do this effectively you will fully become the Tank Carry with top kills at the end of each game even though you are a tank.

Late Game:
You are Pretty much invincible by this point. You can reduce turrets to rubble in seconds while taking little damage by yourself. Just burn that ult and it will go down. Btw since I didn't say so before. Your ult is a deadly gank weapon/Get away. Pop it every time you go in for a gank/team fight, or to get away if the fight goes badly for you. But other then that just keep going like mid game. Run down unlucky champions like its your job(which it is) flip them back and make them suffer.

Chasing/Being Chased:
I figured it was important to include this section because this is how you will get half of your kills as singed. When chasing and opponent be sure to never try to dps them, always stay in front of the enemy and let your poison kill them as the helplessly try to avoid it.
But even more fun then chasing is BEING chased, yes it is a gift in disguise. If i am in a fight and get pretty low on health(lets say 1/10 of my bar) and the enemies r still pretty strong i will take off(into the jungle if i can) and of course them will follow. Turn on your posion and goo right in front of them to keep them off you. they wont give up the chase if you are too tempting. But the trick is your poison has been on this whole time. Very soon their health will have dropped to about half of lower and they will almost give up the chase. THIS IS WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR MOVE. Right before you know they will stop you change direction. Run right at then and flip them behind you. This will do heavy damage and put them in a world of hurt. Because they are very weak, still choking on your fumes, and now you have just blocked off their escape route. From this point just stay in front of them with your poison and they try to get back, or flip/dps them to death if they very weak. And you just turned the predator into prey. I do this ALL THE TIME. Its the reason I play singed.

Just be sure to root through all the friend requests you'll get at the end of the game for the good players ;)
Have fun!