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Singed: The Tank That Damages.

Last updated on December 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I really enjoy singed. people have called him the king of assists, but if you play him right it doesn't have to be that way. singed plays very aggressive, maxing poison trail every time you can will get his damage up a lot and all you have to do is kite the enemies.

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Marks- Magic penetration. for obvious reasons.

Seals- I like to take the scaling armor runes because they do just that. Flat armor runes give you a good amount to start with but in the endgame that last little extra bit is helpful. Also i don't run into many problems early game because of not using the flat armor runes.

Glyphs- Scaling magic resist for the same reason as armor.

Quints- i take the scaling AP runes for extra damage, movement runes are also acceptable. Get the mana runes if you want both a little more health and mana due to his passive, however it most likely wouldn't be a great choice.

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they might be a little unusual but they work very well. I don't really know what to say about them. feel free to edit them however you like i guess.

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These are the items i have been using since the start of season 3 with singed. again they might seem a little different but in the end it works out so he is quite tanky. You can switch the buy order of boots and the mana crystal if you wish but you will be able to sustain your self longer before returning the first time using the crystal first. Getting Catalyst the protector pretty much removes the need to go back often because of its passive. feel free to replace "spirit visage" with what ever you want, maybe "Randuin's omen". I usually just pick the last item based on what i need to survive, if i need nothing then just take an item that gives AP and mana it would be the best.

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Skill Sequence

standard skill sequence for most singed players i assume. Max "Fling" last because you want it for its mechanic more than its damage. Max "Poison Trail" first at level 9 for best damage. Max "Mega Adhesive" by level 13 again because its mechanic is good but its cool down is sort-of long at it lower levels. You might find "Mega Adhesive" hard to use in the beginning; My advise is to just use it often and get familiar with it, its both great for escapes and ganks, when you get faster and leveled a little its good to chase people down with. Max you're ult whenever you can, it is very useful for escapes and chasing as well, however you should always be running and having people chase you until then suffocate them selves in you're gas.

In team battles use fling to interrupt channeled moves or to throw certain champions away from the group. it is very important when flinging a champion into a group that you try to make sure its the ones with single target ults and moves or at-least weak aoe ones. mostly just run around the battle poisoning everyone and basic attacking them you should get plenty of kills and assists. more of you're kills will be from finishing off champions or chasing and one on one battles.

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My first two choices with singed are:
Ghost- is good because you want to be running in front of your target, or you could use it for catching up or escapes.
Ignite- to finish off champions and the more dots you get stacked with your poison on a target the easier to take down.

Other viable spells are:
Flash- not quite as good as ghost because ghost takes you farther and sustains you being at a distance, whereas Flash only gives a short jump.
Teleport- a good spell because it can take you to where you need to be quickly.

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you get a lot of minion kills if you play right, hardly ever basic attack and turn poison trail on and run around all of the minions. Last hitting them is still good to do for practice and sometimes you even get a kill of them if the poison hasn't got it already.