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Singed Build Guide by gamik0s

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gamik0s

Singed: Unbeatable solo top AP offtank carry

gamik0s Last updated on December 22, 2012
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Solo top career.....

Hi guys, i'm new here, and that's my first topic and build. I tried many times this build, and all were wins.

In a few words, i would explain this build, because my english really sucks.


First of all you start with health and mana regen just to spam enemy. You can easy solo top vs 2 enemies....If your jungler is good....Focus on bringing enemies close to your turret, leaving them beleive they can kill you, and then just open ghost and fling someone into the turret...He will never understand quickly what happend....An enemy has been slained. Keep going this and focus on killing enemy alone or with jungler. Pay attention on farming. You should have about 80-90 minions till 13-15 min... And some assists or kills, to make this build early enough to carry the game.


Now that you have already made rod of ages and rylai's, it's time to help team, ganging enemies etc...It's easy now to assist your team...If you build early, enemies will not understanD what happened in battle....Maybe it's double kill....triple kill....or triple assist....Whatever it is...Enemies will be "aced" with your help....Just go first of all, open ghost, ulti and poison trail, ignite someone who heals fast or has got high lifesteal and cut his career for ever. Tehen chase someone low hp, fling him back and let team do the job....Or let poison trail do the job....Enemy will never go away from you when you run like hell....Furor enhantment and rylai's are here to help you kill fast, easy and effectively....Many adc enemies will think they can kill you, when they see you 30-20% hp left....But for sure, they forgot look at their hp....burning like in hell cause of your poison.....HP HELL is here for them....fling them one more time, run away from them with your low hp, and let them fight against your poison trail and rylai's effects....They will think for sure that they will be saved with 10-20 hp left.....No...Poison trail will burn their life more than they think now....


You can still assist your team or kill easier....Everyone now feels terror coming next to you with such poison damage per second and slow....The little mask now(Liandry's torment), must be ready...This will lead your team to win.....Now you are ready to farm like hell, minions will die in 2 sec, "push" will take just a few seconds and enemies(espacially offtanks) will think that NOW they are fed enough to kill you and resist to your poison....But this little white mask, is here to confuse their thoughts.....but it is really late for them.....Their life will burn like hell, you will still run like Bold in Olympic games, and one tear will drom from their eye while looking at their hp burning......It's to make them believe they can save their as s again....Let them turnh back, open ghost and fling them again back to hell calles POISON TRAIL.....If you have allready purchased Sunfire Cape you will laugh till die.....Everything burns.......

Lead your team to many Aces, and push like hell alone, all lanes.....Win is next to you now.....