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Sion Build Guide by GrandDeath

Sion BOOM Masta

Sion BOOM Masta

Updated on September 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GrandDeath Build Guide By GrandDeath 1,190 Views 0 Comments
1,190 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GrandDeath Sion Build Guide By GrandDeath Updated on September 18, 2011
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Hello everyone, this is my build on how to play Sion. I have been playing Sion for about three months and have had great success with this build. This build requires a solo lane, most likely if not always top lane (never really wanted mid as Sion, but im sure hed be an ok mid if you play im correctly). Just write any questions or comments and il try to answer them when I come on.
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The reason i choose the runes i do is because i want to have that initial AP that will help you get that pressure at top lane. I dont choose to go for magic resist quints because i never feel pressured by anyone else in game that i have gone solo top against.
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I go back for the first time when i have enough gold to buy a second dorans and boots. I get 2 dorans rings because of sion has real bad mana issues so if you use your skill combo 3-4 times, u will be very oom, so it helps alot. After that I get sheen because u wont really need that much ability power since u have those glyphs and the 2 dorans blades. Now here is where the build kind of depends on you. you could either go for blasting wand and get the boots of mobility or go for needlessly large rod and boots of mobility. And obviously after that get rabadons and then get your lich bane,void staff, and zhonyas hourglass.
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Skill Sequence

Early Game

From level 1 to level 4 you should be only trying to last hit. And if your opponent is very aggressive, just sit in the back and just suck up the exp. (U will get revenge at level 4/5) At level 4 or 5 (i usually start at 4 and then by the time i get the kill I'm level 5) you want to use the best combo Sion has. Run into the bushes and start charging your W, and as soon as Ur opponent overextends just a bit, run out stun him with your Q and then blow your shield on him, and run away. even if he turns and hits you a couple of times, you will be at a much greater advantage. For me, if my opponent is now potion-less, he will most likly die on my next hide in bushes/stun combo. if he has potions i will keep doing that combo until he blows his last potion. after he blows his last potion you want to hit him just enough to make him feel safe in lane, but low enough so if he peeks out just far enough, you can combo him to death. (the combo being brush, W, Q stun, W (shield explodes. This is also where ignite comes in very handy. this is why i get ignite. you can even tower dive because you can run in with your creeps, stun them, take 1 tower hit (without ur shield exploding) and then blow ur shield in there face and flash out. these are just some common early game strats. you want to avoid going back until you either die or you have enough to buy 2 dorans with boots 1.

Mid Game
I would say that at this point in the game, you should be able to just about clear a minion wave with 1 pop of your W. I usually stay in my lane for a large amount of time, because i want to get as much CS (Creep Score) as possible because Sion is very dependent on his items. If your opponent is still top with you, just keep doing the same combo from the bush, if he decides to sit by his turret, then just exp block him. If there is a team fight, you can act like a partial tank, but i play Sion as AP carry, so i tend to just blow someone out of the water if they overextend, and usually unless you have a stupid team, when they see u stun they will all rush in with you. When you get boots of Mobility, you should begin running from lane to lane and ganking, but dont over do it, because you still want to get cs. Also ask your jungler for blue buff whenever its up, because sion has mana problems.

Late Game

At this point, i usually have my rabadons and lich bane built, just with these two items, sions damage is immense. you will notice that people will run when they see you with your shield because of the damage you can do to them in 1 combo. In team fights your spell order should be W, then run in and Q (u want to Q a squishy because you want your team to melt that person) and then w and before you get your first auto attack you want to use R because with your lich bane proc and your ulty up, you can heal for over 600 HP, and that is a mass group heal if your all stacked.
League of Legends Build Guide Author GrandDeath
GrandDeath Sion Guide
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Sion BOOM Masta

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