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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Sion Jg, Supp and Top

Last updated on October 21, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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HI yes, I am a sion main. I love this character. Do you like knocking people up (no, not that kind of knocking up)? do you like to cc a person to death and laugh as they struggle to limp away? DO you like to use an ult that may **** up your whole entire game if you overshoot it, but it's really epic when you use it right? THEN SION IS THE CHAMP FOR U. I'm stuck in gold, experimenting with different champions other than Sion, but my win rate with Sion is always around 60%. The reason why it's so high is not because i main this champ, but because his kit is so destructive if used properly. Overall, I would rank Sion's positions as:
1. Sion Supp
2. Sion AD
3. Sion AP
4. Sion JG
5. Sion Tank (a build I didn't list because you should be able to figure out what items are tanky hopefully).

I will not be talking about Sion JG (other than the items), because I'm not yet experienced at jungle control.

As Jatt would say in teamfight breakdown: "lets get into it."

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Why do I pick ghost, TP, and Ignite?

Ghost is so much better on Sion than flash, because you can use ghost to have better positioning for multiple abilities, while flash only gives you good positioning for a single ability. Sion can get so much more CC off in teamfights with ghost, and chasing down a wounded lane opponent is easier as well. Also, the cooldown for ghost is much much lower than flash.

TP is important for making pressure on the map, and aiding your team in situations without having to use your ult to get into position. I don't know what you would subsitute it for to make Sion Top more useful. It's even a must-use in solo Q.

Ignite on Sion Supp is very useful. If you do a level 1 cheese play (explained in the next section) or you use your ult (followed by all of your abilities), ignite allows you to burst a person down that much quicker. If you are just starting out as Sion, exhaust is more safe.

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Masteries and Runes

I always take yellow armor and blue MR/scaling MR runes for all my builds, but experiment with cooldown or health % runes if you want. Straight health runes are worthless because Sion gains passive health from killing minions, or getting kills and assists on champs.

AP Sion needs to give early game poke, so take penetration runes and thunderlord's decree to really chunk the enemy down.
AD Sion needs a bit of dmg so go attack dmg reds, and attack speed quints. To gain some tankiness and dmg at the same time, take grasp of the undying.
Supp Sion just needs to protect the ADC, but can still give lots of dmg with pure armor. So take armor reds and quints, and bond of stone for the mastery.

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Large health scale with W passive
High early base damage
Great ability costs (excluding W)
Lotza CC
Good poke
Map pressure with ult

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Poor tank stats early game
1v1'ed easily
Ult can easily fail
Ult and Q are easy to dodge
Doesn't usually carry games

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How to play Sion (level 1-6)

Level 1 Cheese Plays
In the early game, sion is actually super strong, especially level 1. If you die in a 5v5 lvl 1 fight, you will literally delete the enemy team's health in your dead passive mode if they don't immediately flash away. His attack damage and speed is so high at this stage of the game during his passive, so 4 hits will kill mostly any full health lvl 1 champ. Disclaimer: don't think that it's a good thing to immediately die at level 1. You want to use you Q to knock ppl up as much as possible before you die. ALSO if your team says "no" to an invade, then don't go in as a 1 man army thinking ur gonna be sl1ck. The rule is, if you can invade and have atleast 1 more man than them, then do it. If you get all 4 other teammates, then you can stick around for even teamfights. Another level 1 trick is to play supp and pick the ignite spell. Pick Q as an ability (your knockup) and wait in the enemy bush in bot lane. Let your adc leash your jgler, then wait for him/her to get into lane. By now, everyone (including your enemy) should be in lane. Try and go for a double knockup with your q (they can't see you load your Q while in a bush, which is a good strategy for when running away or setting a trap). load it as much as you can, and then BOOM a quarter of their health is gone. you then can ignite and get off possibly 2 autoattacks before they've even had a chance to fight back. If your adc has a brain, they'll be ready for this too (but pinging and using chat helps), and be able to chunk one target down. You either trade an ignite for a flash, or you can end up getting up to a double kill and all their summoners. HOWEVER, if they start walking towards your bush before your adc is close to them, you have to back away. The last lvl 1 cheese play with Sion is stealing either red or blue buff. You need to be either the top laner, and have TP for this play. When the game says "MINIONS HAVE SPAWNED", enter the enemy jg that is furthest from bot lane. Ward their krugs or gromp to check if the jgler is starting on this side. Pick a lvl 1 ability (E if you're going AP sion, Q if you're going AD or full tank). Fight the red or blue buff when it spawns (just gonna let you know: you die to the buff and everyone on your team is gonna go TF top???? and you aint playing twisted fate). In your passive mode, you easily kill the buff and the small monsters, and you gain the buff. You don't get level 2 from this, but you can tp back to lane with either infinite mana or huge health regen. Using this buff, please kick the **** out of your lane opponent and make them suffer with your powerful abilities as much as possible for atleast 3 mins. After that mark, you have to be aware that the enemy jg will probably come top to kill you if your lane is too pushed (also you stole their buff so naturally they're gonna look for revenge). 1 caveat to this play is that if the enemy jgler starts on the red side, and you are taking red buff without them knowing, you can die to the buff and take it and the jgler can't kill you in return (killing sion's passive form gives them nothing). And remember how I said earlier that dead sion is strong sion in the early game? WELL if this is timed perfectly so that you take the buff while in passive, you may be able to kill the jgler afterwards. The risk is high when you're alive, but you have nothing to lose while you're dead (please be warned that trying to do this play can still have risk, like giving the enemy jgler a free buff basically if they saved smite).

Level 1-6

Sion is good at poking an enemy from afar, but is actually hard to fight with if the enemy is up in your face like Jax or Irelia. During laning, your main goal is to last hit with autos, and be looking for a chance to poke the enemy with your autoattacks. Your E can be used to launch a minion at your enemy, which will give them a decent slow. If you directly hit the enemy with an E (and not a minion first), you give them armor shred for a couple seconds. This gives you the ability to damage them more with your Q or your ultimate. Your Q is an AOE knock up that can be charge for up to 2secs. At <1sec, you give an AOE slow, and little dmg. Charging for higher than 1 second will give you more damage and a knock up. Your W is quite a mana sink, so don't use it unless you want to back soon or if it's a situation where you're gonna take lots of dmg. It doesn't take too much dmg before it is lost, so try and hold on to it for a couple seconds before you can use it as an AOE dmg spell. A good combo is a direct E at the enemy champ, an R to the face, load your W shield, and knock them up with your Q. You can pop your shield a second after you Q. It will kill most champs that are less than half health. If you are engaged by a melee champ, you should have at least a quarter more health than them before thinking about going 1v1. Remember, your strength is poking without consequence, not straight-up fighting. Lastly, if you are not in a position to kill your lane opponent at level 6, you can always ult down mid lane if the enemy is there as an effective gank.

With AP Sion, you should be poking as much as you can with your E. Your Q can be used as follow-up dmg if you slow the enemy, but your E will do a fifth of any top laner's health if you max it out first. 2 Doran rings allow you to spam E and Q as much as you want, and you can even use your shield a bit to try and win trades with the other laner. If you chunk the enemy laner down to less than a fifth health, and they try and back under turret, you can use a minion to try and kill them like a bowling pin. I've done this trick a lot, and maybe a quarter of my early level kills are done with this. Your R should be used to run back into lane or to gank mid. The reason to go AP Sion is because you can safely farm while your enemy will get poked out. It doesn't give as much dmg, but it does have less risk for your laning phase.

AD Sion is all about his Q ability. If you hit an enemy with your E slow, punish their piss-poor dodging abilities by smacking them up with your Q. It does a lot of dmg and you can continue farming peacefully while your laner is scared to even come up near his/her creep wave. Your ult does more damage, which means if you land a direct E on the enemy after you hit level 6, they are not escaping the incoming dmg. AD Sion is high dmg, but he will be in more risk due to most of his dmg coming from a charging ability that can be easily dodged.

Sion Supp is very flexible and quite amazing when played right. Max your Q first if you're against champs that can't dodge easily. Max E if your against a lane that can poke hard. Take relic shield and farm minions with that passive as much as you can (you gain max health from each minion kill). Try to save a stack for cannon minions, because they give 10 health instead of 2. When you hit six, you can ult one of the enemy and stick them in place for about 3 seconds and cause massive dmg.

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How to play Sion after laning phase

Very simple after laning phase. You can't 1v1 any champion after about level 12, unless you're going AD Sion. You need to stick with teammates and take objectives, and keep a pink ward on the map as much as you can. Your ult can be used in a variety of ways: to start a team fight as long as the enemy is in the river or a straight lane; to run away down a lane if you're split pushing turrets (which means zz' rot and banner are useful with Sion); peel for your carries as long as they are getting attacked by someone who isn't mobile. If you carry a game and you're not going AD Sion, then that means your team is probably gonna lose. You have all the abilities to help other champs get fed, so help out as much as possible to assist your team. In team fights, you want to position your Q knockup to either protect your squishies or to engage the enemy. Example: Nocturne ults, so immediately load your Q on the position of your ADC. As supp Sion, you must decide if it's a good idea to be a front line tank or to peel for your carries. You may need to do both in a teamfight, but the best strategy is to engage the enemy with your ult after your team has engaged, and then check on your squishies to see if they're getting killed yet. If they aren't then, keep being a frontline tank until you're chunked out of health and be a permanent peel machine for your backline. If the enemy team has champs like nocturne or xin zhao or irelia or... ANYONE WHO CAN JUMP ON YOUR SQUISHIES, then you need to always be aware of where your ADC is, and if they can be caught out.