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Sion of Death

Last updated on December 22, 2010
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So this build relies a lot on the ability to get a bunch of health as well as stacking attack to show that you are a force to not be matched. Solo, this build can take just about any character. Seeing as how he focuses on health and damage, you might think to get armors and health regeneration. But rather than use Sion solo, you should have some support character such as (Shaco, blitzcrank, Dr.Mundo, etc.) and just about any ranged character. Alone, Sion will not get the vital levels he needs to dominate. Start with his stun ability, this will allow you to bring the pain from the bushes in the beginning so long as you have a team-mate to help fight the person with you. Before all this though, you will want to make sure you have ghost and heal. Ghost is good at any level while heal is mainly vital for tanking the first few levels. Buy the Boots of Speed to start, this makes sure Sion can chase any weak characters for the early kill in the match. You will have to stay as long as possible, usually until you get a kill. This should be roughly 1.2k gold after some minion kills, a player kill. You will roughly be level 5-6. Then port back. Purchase the Berserker Boots and the Sapphire Crystal. The boots will allow for a fast movement and swing and will be combo'd in with Sions' Cannibalize ability. The Sapphire Gem is 200 mana which allows for 2 more casts of Sions' stun attack which at level 1 lasts 2 seconds. You continue to push enemies back and gaining life through the enrage ability which you should get at level 2, and the Cannibalize ability which you get at level 6. Do not tank a turret until level 9 and only once enemies are away or you can have your support character cover you. To tank the turret, you need creeps to take the turret blasts and have your lane partner cover any enemies. In the meantime, you will enrage (which I suggest you pretty much leave on all the time) and use Cannibalize. Although you get no life from a turret, this ability allows for movement speed and attack speed increase. With this, Sion can take a turret down at level 9 in about 10 seconds or less. After the turret drops and you collect the gold, you should port back to buy more equipment. Buying Sheen will allow you to have more mana for your stun and Cannibalize move as well as double damage from the next attack after you cast a spell. This becomes truly dangerous when you stun followed by a flurry of attacks. Then you piece together the Infinity Edge. Buy the Cloak of Agility and the B.F.Sword. Your following buy will be Infinity Edge itself. By this point, your critical strikes with 10% increased crit damage for your rune chart will be about 600 points. So with the rune page giving you 45.51% increased crit damage, you should be hitting about 800-900 if I had to guess (I really don't know on the specifics cause my rune chart is not completely filled in, I just figured the end percentage). Any items after this are really up to you but I suggest the Frozen Mallet for the health, damage, and 35% slow. Then the Atma's Impaler because you'll be pushing 3k life roughly by level 18 which gives you 60 attack to this weapon, plus you're getting armor from it. Sions' cannibalize when maxed should give 75% lifesteal to yourself making Sion untouchable for right around 20 seconds, and also giving team-mates an aura of 37.5% life on every one of your hits, making you vital to push enemies back, and take turrets down, solo, in 5 seconds.