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Build Guide by Colonel K.O.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Colonel K.O.

Sion - Tank & DPS Hybrid

Colonel K.O. Last updated on February 22, 2011
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Chapter 1

***Note-Please do not just vote this build down if it did not work for you or you feel like voting me down for some other reason. Leave a comment as to why you did not like it, and if you deem it necessary and/or see something that would work better for this build, offer a suggestion for improvement.

Sion is a champion that can be played in many different ways. Some like him full tank, others as DPS only. This build is intended to get the best of the Tank side of Sion and combine it with AP and AS to make a very capable hybrid.

Let's start out with the abilities:
You always want to start out with a cryptic gaze because it does a decent amount of damage for an entry level ability on top of being able to stun. You combine that with another stun, you just got first blood right off the bat.

I personally find the shield (Death's Caress) less effective at the start of the game, so I wait until the end when you need to turret dive or take down turrets. With that being said, level it up just once before level 6.

Enrage. This skill is why Sion can be such a great tank. For every minion kill, Sion gains a little bit of health, and if Sion kills a champion, he gains more health. It is supposed to cost HP to use, but Sion has such a high Health Regen rate that it doesn't affect him at all. Oh, forgot another thing, it increases attack damage by a LOT.

Cannibalism. Great ultimate. Increased AS and Lifesteal. What's not to love?

Level up stun and Enrage first. period. Having those high as early as possible wins games. If you are going against another DPS who is good, the shield might be useful earlier, but that is your call.

Start out with boots of speed with a a couple potions (I recommend 1 mana and 2 health) to stay out longer.

Next item is Guinsoo's rageblade. This item gives AP, AD, and increases your AS and AP as you attack. Getting this early can help you get some quick kills before anyone gets much defense to counter you.

Third item is archangel's staff because it gives you AP and mana early so that you can keep using your spells early. As you use spells, your mana increases, which also increases your AP. Potentially this is 60 extra AP if you use your spells enough.

After archangels finish off your boots with usually berserker's greaves for the extra AS. But if you are going against a mage or a dps that you need some extra help with, go with mercury's treads or ninja tabi.

Next item - frozen mallet. It slows enemies, gives you health, and AD. It helps give Sion the tankiness for the hybrid. If you need more HP, go with Warmog's armor without a doubt.

Item 5 bilgewater cutless. It gives you Lifesteal and AD. It also gives a decent 5th ability to use to do some extra damage and slow the enemy.

Next item is Nashor's tooth. AP and AS. Need I explain myself?

If you get to this point, then you can finish off Hextech gunblade to add to AP, AD, and give you spell vamp.

I mixed AS in marks and seals with ap in glyphs and magic pen quintessence. Completely up to you.

Go with the attack all the way. I spent 9 in Defense for some tank stuff, but if you want to go utility for Sion's abilities or with more attack, go for it.