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League of Legends Build Guide Author daniscool

Sion the underplayed pentakiller

daniscool Last updated on May 31, 2011
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Sion is prabably the best tank out their. Let me all tell you before you read this i hate to write. This is just to inform you about how to play one of the best tanks in the entire game (if played right) english is my 9th language so im sorry about my grammar or anything else you find wrong with this. (im asian sorry)

*Also please note that even if you read this it may not make you the best sion player in the world. It all comes down to 2 things. 1 being skill and the other being common sense. But reading this will give you a very good understanding of sion and how to play him very effectivly.

please take a dou lane with someone you can trust with and you will support your team very well. (your meant to go get assist not kills) sometimes you will get kills but let your carry (who you should be laning with most of the time) get them he will help your team more later game.

Make a deal with your laning partner you get 80% of the last hits so you can get more health from enrage and he gets 20% of the farm and most of the the kills from lane

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Pros / Cons

*Can have unlimited health
*Great stun
*Great teamfighter
*Very good in lane
*Helps get carry get kills= Winning the game

*Requires a lot of farm
*Needs a good laning partner to be good
*Expensive build
*Has to buy wards/iniate the fight (which i don't mind doing but you do)

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The runes are all for ability power. You may think why abilty power and not health and MR, AD and AR. The reason for this is that all sion abilities are based off of his ap. And you don't need health or anything because of his amazing skill enrage and it will give you more health everytime u farm.

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Skill Sequence

The 1st thing you want to put a point is your stun. (it doesn't get any harder, meaning the length doesn't increase every ponit u put in) So we upgrade it last. The reason for this its a great thing to have at level 1. You can hide in the bush and secure bush dominates and pop stun and boom carry gets the kill. Next put a point into enrage. this is your main bread and butter skill. (you want to have this up at all time except when your getting ganked or teamfighting) even i forget to turn it off sometimes but its still a must have on when laning. If you ask why its simple it makes your health go up PERM! So you get free health a kill. This skill is making you the best tank in game because you simply have so much health no one can kill you. (even if you don't stack armour 6k-9k health is really hard to get down) That is what i average in health everygame.

We max out your enrage whenever we can because it hits higher therfore increasing the chance of you last hitting the minion and getting health. Also you will get more health as you level it.

Next you level up your shield. This is simply because the base damage it can take increase which will do a lot with your Ap added to it.

And lastly you max your glare because it simply is meant to stun not to kill.. and Only damage goes up by level not the stun duration... :(

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Summoner Spells

Pack ghost and ignite. Or you can pack cliarvoyance if no one else is packing it (need atleast some1 to pack it) if no one has cliarvoyance get rid of ignite and use it.

Reason for ghost is simple your chasing down the enemy but your not fast enough boom pop ghost in and stun will get them basicaly everytime.

reason for ignite is true damage screws over people who have lifesteal like nasus, warwick, and mundo. but it is also good if you pack exhaust.

i say exhaust beacause it slows them down making it easier for your carry to kill them and reduces the damage they do.

personally i pack exhaust and cliarvoyance but you can pack whatever u wish. (or whatever your team needs) i am genral the support tanky warding person on my team.

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i got with a standard 9/0/21 mage build it is very good and is standard for all ap mages

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This is the tricky part you want soul steal early on (only if your lane is doing well) Its a snowball item and is extremely helpful (only buy this if you are taking a easy lane or you are harassing well and getting kills and not dieing a lot) try to rush ROA or (rod of ages) you want it asap if you aren't doing well you should buy that instead of soulsteal you want it soon so the passive kicks in and it gets stronger.
Now the next item can be deathcap or sceptor. If you think you aren't beefy enough buy sceptor if not go for deathcap because passive will make you hit hard. Then buy the other item that you didn't buy. If the enemy team is stacking MR or ( magic resistance) buy a void staff if not buy a gunblade it will help a lot.

* buy boots whenever its your call* But you must get sorc boots just get them when you think you are too slow or having trouble avoiding the tower (when you tower dive) or if your being ganked constently.

to finish your build off you want to buy hourglass great ap and good armour bonus will help you stay in longer and amazing active saves my life soo much.

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How to use Hourglass

I deticated this whole part into using this i feel its a misunderstood item and people just blow its active. okay to use this item you have to run into the fight and initate. When everyone is going to spec out on you (using all the abilities to try to get a free kill) activate it. If a ww (warwick) Malzahar or anyone silences, fears, stuns you as soon as your over with it use it as then (if your still alive of course)

other great times to use it is when you are being ganked. If someone is about to kill your carry take the death instead of them. (your a tank thats how you are menat to play, if you don't like it don't play a tank) try to distract them away (with ur stun or something) and when they target you pop your shield up (please don't run away it just makes it harder on carry to gtfo) and if thats not enough (meaning your carry doesn't have enough time to recall) then pop the hourglass.

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Team Work

Take the top or bottom lane never take middle you will just be harassed by the enemy. When in the lane at a low level just harass with your stun and get last hits with enrage. When the enemy gets cocky stun then and use shield to burst on them. Also iniate the fight (be the 1st one in the fight and try to take most of the damage and get focused on so your dps can kill them)

Its much better to let someone else get a kill then it is for you to get one. But if you are the only one able to get them do it. But please don't die because a team without their tank is worthless. Even if you kill 2 people its not worth it because its a 4v3 only if you can give your team a major advantage by killing 3 or more you should chase because a 4v2 or a 4v1 no one can handle that not even a fed warwick or master yi.

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Have the laning partner in exp range and while having enrgage on you kill the minions. If they try to harass you can either

A) play passive put up shield and keep farming or...
B) Pop up shield stun then and try to let your laning partner kill them or...
C) Run like a little girl and hug your tower..

Your farming phase is generally around 1min and 30seconds into the game into the end. Because farming still helps you at level 18 because of enerage.

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Early game

You should focus on the farm and get health. This phase should last till about level 1-6 or 1minute till 9minutes. At the end of this you should have either soulsteal or RoA if not you are behind on the build and need to either

A) farm more minions
B) particape in teamfights more
C) Get some kills...

you are not even close to being tanky yet don't tower die because you will most likely die

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Mid game

You should have a good amount of health by now over 3k would be excellent
this phase is level 7-15. And around the 10minutes to 30minutes.
Keep farming minions when no one is team fighting but when they teamfight you should be the 1st to dive in get hourglass if a lot of teamfights and you should have deathcap also if not you are really behind and prabably need a lot more farm or something...

you are doing fairly good damage right now so don't be afraid to dive

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Late game

You are amazing. You could prabably get a pentakill if the enemy team would stop hugging their Nexu's turrets. Or the enemy team surrendered. This is 30minutes to end game and level 16-18. You don't need some more farm but if their is no teamfights you should get some farm cuz more hp doesn't hurt but always be ready to come mid or whever to help your team fight.

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Buy wards whenver you can


Buy a ward

Stop a gank

Save a life


prabably the best item in game. place them near mid lane on either side of bush and you will see the enemy team coming to gank the middle, top or bottom. You will save a lot of lives and also be loved by your team. Also place them at dragon and baron and when the enemy team is trying to get them kill them. Also if someone has an oracle and is killing your wards. Set down a ward as a trap (hid somewhere close) and when that person is destrying your ward kill them and keep placing your wards because they just lost their oracle. Also ask team mates to target the enemies if they have wards.

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Thank you all for reading this. My first guide every i hope i gave you a lot of good information and i hope you are playing well as sion and are helping out your team a lot.