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Sivir Build Guide by Aschantna

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aschantna

Sivir, breaking the meta(mid)

Aschantna Last updated on August 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Changes that guide survived


getting BBCodings (character links, colors, lists ets.)

adding a explicit "mid char" section (split in the parts)

what the future will bring? Look at the bottom in the "to come (to do)" chapter

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Sivir is my favorite AD-Carry and she is much more. If you are just looking for a guide how to play her "normally" I recomend Meridianprime's Sivir guide to you (i recomend it anyway you want to play her since this guide has many detailed information about her shield and other things that you might want to know).

In this guide I want to show you an other way to play Sivir sucessfully. Sivir can be played on mid. This is, for an adcarry, a position you won't see often, but i really like to play her there. "Why mid isn't that the ap-carry position?" you might ask now and I tell you "Thats exactly why you want to be there!!"

btw this is my first guide so criticize and let me know what i can do better
I will not make this guide long and detailed (at least not now) but I will give you an idea of a Sivir that can crash down a midline.

btw please tell me if you have something that works better or have made any experience(!) or if you have any suggestions how to make the guide better!

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Sivir and her problems(short statement: runes and spellshield @ level 2)

Well first of all Sivir has her little problems (i am not talking about fat or something) but her mana runs out early if you do not use it wisely, or don't know how to get it back. That is one problem u might have much less on midline since you just use your spell shield to block off the harrass of the other midlaner and get your mana up on the other hand. That is also why i pick up Spell Shield on level 2. If you put that together with your Greater Seal of replenishment most of that problem will be gone.

Second thing: She is squishy! well the other midlaner will be too but if you get not so much damage from him/her you will have a great advantage. Thats why I prefer Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist to all other glyphs for Sivir mid. Additional there is the health you get from your masteries with all that there should be no problem standing in midline for some time without getting in too much trouble if you play smart.

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Sivir's most Important "Weapon"

I'm not talking about you Boomerang Blade (even though that is your harrassing tool) but about the Spell Shield. The Spell Shield is your manasource and defense at the same time. And if you think about it you see: less damage from harrass leads to longer laning and more mana leads to more harrass. Well if you want to know what to block and other specific informations i once again can only recommend Meridianprime's guide that is linked in the introduction already.

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When considering Sivir mid?

At which time will you play Sivir mid? Well first you can play her mid if you say you want to do it and your Team says "Yes go on" one other possible moment is if you find your midlaner crying "i have no chance versus the other midlaner" (or you ask him politely if he has a bad matchup and wants to swap). Well even for a Sivir a Kassadin might be hard, but she has better chances to win then a already crying Annie that is worried sick about this OP-Champ.

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Early Game

Since the only state of the game where you will really feel the difference is the early game I will only write about that stage of the game here.

Well what you want to do is to strike fear in the heart of your opponent but how? well it is not really a question, but anyway just use your Boomerang Blade and look how the casters life go down in one shot. if he still comes near you auto attack him/her and watch them running away. especially the Boomerang Blade will create miracles even if it hits through two creeps. The only scary thing is the enemy's jungler but that is something every midlaner has to fear.

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"You have only 4 items on your build what about the other 2?"

Yeah i didn't add the other two since what i take for them is very much depending on what my opponents take. Our Opponents all have at least 2,5k hp and 200 armor? pick up a Last Whisper!

Your opponent got farmed up even though you tried to disrupt him all the time? get a Negatron Cloak (that item is awesome anyway in mid you might consider picking it up early for sustainability)

you are first focus of your opponents? time to go tanky Sivir! pick up a Guardian Angel and see if they still try it

etc. etc. i often pick up items early, if they fit in better at an other time, but the items above are "the core" i play on Sivir and that are needed really hard so don't forget them!

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Champions you will meet (A-C)

remember this is how I got good games maybe you find a way to counter an Anivia or have problems i didn't have on playing versus an Annie please inform me if you do so to make this guide better :):

Ahri till she hits level 6 you will have a nice game, as long as you let your creeps shield you and got Spell Shieldready when you start aggressive acts. as soon as she has her ulti she will become a pain. Since her ulti is split you can block only one part of it, not to mention there will be skills that follow up! Try to make your jungler gank your line early and try to zone early but zoning in mid is not easy so care and don't force a zone that costs your life.

Anivia a pain in the butt. you want to block every spell she uses but you won't be able. Till you hit Level 6 you will want to block her Flash Frost after that you will want to block her Frostbite but whatever you do she will get you. You have to be very cautious if you have to go up against her.

Annie Well she should be easy, most annie's farm with Disintegrate till their stun is up. That is the moment you want to use: Go agressive and taunt her to try to stun you. Block the stun with your shield and show her what you are talking about when you say "Boomerang". In case you play against a smart annie play smart too. You will might have a harder time get the maximum use of your Spell Shield, but there will always be oportunities. One more advice: A smart annie first Disintegrate you with her stun up and call her tibbers after that be aware of that and do not wait for tibbers to come.

Brand it's intresting to play against him: be aware that if you block his first spell he will have:

  • no damage on one spell
  • no extra effekt on two spells
this will give you a huge advantage (and a lot of mana) but as with annie be aware of his stun:
If you stand face to face with him and there are no other minions or champions around and all two have everything up you should consider moving out of his Pillar of Flameand block his Sear.
If there are a lot of your creeps around you, consider blocking Pillar of Flame since his Sear will be blocked by your creeps (care about it anyways and dodge behind your creeps if he throws it)

Cassiopeia NOT good... try to stay calm and try to block her Noxious Blast or if you get hit by her Miasma try to block her Twin Fang but whatever you do it will be REALLY hard against her if you even have a chance (remember: there always is a chance even if it is as tiny as a mustard seed)

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Champions you will meet (F- K)

Fizz (no viable information till now so i won't write anything based guessing if anyone gets some experience (more then one game XP) tell me please)

Galio (same as Fizz)

Gragas because of his tanky nature he can be a great pain in the butt. If you keep your cool you can at least dodge and Spell Shield his Barrel Roll but stopping his farm is nearly impossible. Even if you get to zone him he will probably be up to his farm thanks to his barrels.

Karthus his Lay Waste can be pretty painful his Wall of Pain makes you immobile, his Defile is unblockable and his Requiem is just a no comment skill, but still you can have a good match versus him. Just make sure to stay a bit away from your creeps, so he has to decide " Sivir or creeps" use your flash the moment he thinks he has you with his Wall of Pain and watch him rage the moment you watch his ulti breaking your Spell Shield while you have only 100 hp left after killing him.

Kassadin as mentioned already he is not easy to be ruled on mid, but it is possible. He gets his stacks for Force Pulse up if you cast so be careful how much and at what time you use your spells and with his Null Sphere silencing you, you will have a hard time to decide on what to block so be careful and watch the situation! There is no go to win way against him but it is possible if you play not too aggressive.

Katarina she will harrass you hard and with low cooldowns, but if she shunpos you she will have a long way without any kind of flash... i always buy Negatron Cloak early versus her since she has no manalimit (due to no mana existing) but to much harrass to let her be. It's really hard to block her skills reliable (without her ulti but 1 knife of that knifestorm might not be enough...)

Kennen same as with Katarina... his ability to spam endless because he has no mana (he has at least energy but that is still not a big barrier) and the low cooldowns make him hard to deal with but it's possible to deal with him (you can troll his Mark of the Strom by blocking one spell with your Spell Shield)

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Champions you will meet (L- M)

LeBlanc it's tricky to play against her: you have to consider several things:

Normally her Ethereal Chains have a low shielding priority and her Sigil of Silence to since it does neither damage nor silence on the first hit but if you get the chains hitting you after the sigil it will hit you like a truck! you can be pretty sure that she will distort you in the next second and after some seconds might even get her ult out... it is really hard to counter all that CC. I tend to max Spell Shield at level 12 and leave leveling Ricochet for the end. with the low Cooldown you can probably stop all the critical Skills (mainly the ult but sometimes blocking a Sigil of Silence to not get silenced or while running blocking her Ethereal Chains is a viable option).

Lux I just hate her range. It's hard to play against it. Till she hit's level 6 you want to block her Light Binding when she gets her Finales Funkeln it has block priority number 1. If you hit level 7 before she hits level 6 you have won and she most probably won't deal much damage in this game but you have to be careful and dodge a lot.

Malzahar all his spells deal considerable damage but by far the worst is the Null Zone + Nether Grasp combo you want to block his Nether Grasp anyways but standing alone it's not so hard. if you see the nullzone under your feet run and pull up your Spell Shield if his ulti is blown off worthless he's kinda funny.

Mordekaiser Since Moscow 5 owned with him he's back as strong as ever. I once beat one but have not enough viable information to say how hard or easy it really is to play against him (if you can get some more information tell me!!)

Morgana *mimimi she is so OP mimimi* NOT hide a bit behind your creeps block off her Dark Binding and crush her early game. Still be careful her spells CAN hit like a truck but her cooldowns are not low enough to really be spamabel (at least not the hard spells) you might take an early level 2 or three Spell Shield anyways to block some more bindings ;).

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Champions you will meet (R- X)

Ryze many Ryze tend to go a bit tanky at some point (since Ryze is more about constant damage and has less nuke thats a good idea) but exactly the time he starts that (he finishes Rod of Ages or gets his Glacial Shroud you will have a hard time. Seriously if you play against one you want to port back at that moment and get a Negatron Cloak and a The Brutalizer but you won't have the money for that (at least not for one of those items) so you have a time where you should play very carefully. As long as he is not that tanky he's a nice opponent neither too hard nor to easy, thanks to his spamming.

Veigar block his Event Horizon and dodge his Dark Matter don't let him farm with his Q a lot. You won't have the big Primordial Burst Problem that most casters have since it won't scale with your AP due to you not having any of that. If you know his Stun is on CD you can consider to block his Primordial Burst for sure since it deals a ton of damage even without your AP.

Viktor i consider him a thread since you since you can only block his Power Transfer and the stun of his Gravity Field even tough you can beat him (at least i could do it till now but i guess some of those victories were thanks to the fact that the players were new to him.

Vladimir his Transfusion has no big "here i come" animation and will heal him even when you block it and Tides of Blood still gives him bonus damage and life regeneration the only spell that is left to block is Hemoplague if you shield before it hits you you have won (it is blocked completly) if you shield after it hit you it will deal it's damage. So be careful not to activate it to late and leave it running out useless. Due to his regeneration and avoid skills it's hard to play against him so if you start to be absent minded you will start to lose!

Xerath his biggest advantage (his range) can be his worst enemy (his immobility while having the big range) try to block his Mage Chains to avoid getting stunned. With his ulti it's the same as with Ahri's. That split up ultis are a real pain in the butt since it's kinda worthless to block just one of the waves but the whole ulti is really going to roll over you like a truck.

more to come?
I told you about the most common mid chars till now if you have a special one you want to know about tell me and i will try to get some information (or find a player that plays against me with that special char)

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no i guess not and if you want to know other things, or have more detailed information on how to beat a special Character just comment or ask me in an other way i will try to answere asap.

and here comes the phrase everyone waited for "try before rating down"

Thanks for reading and have fun in LoL