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Sivir - can be started which more than life steal

Last updated on August 11, 2011
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Sivir Build

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Introductions to my way of playing

in this guide i show you what i play like when i played my lates
games to summary my top 3 best games trying this guide

1# (Kills 19 /Death 5 /Assists 12 )
2# (Kills 13 /Death 8 /Assists 1 )
3# (Kills 8 /Death 0 /Assists 0 ) but here i got 4 tower kills

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on the masteries i try to focus on the offensive part of sivir the heavy damage and her low mana to get the maximum out of her damage for her boomerange blade that i would like to use as a way to clean up kills start an ***ult to oppen a fast take down

NOTE! i put points in plentiful bounty
so that u can take down golem or any
kind of jungle mosters in early game

for money and exp + as bonus u can if u want to get golem buff

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Summoner Spells

for summoner spells i prefer

I chose because my vison of a fast lvl boost is to jungle in lvl 4 and then its very nice to get a pick up some clean kills in jungle to earn money


Ghost: Is both for chase and for the purpuse of a quick gank joining whith ultimate to take down targets as teemo and kennen and/or you may just use it to flee

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Abilitys of Sivir

On my sivir guide i build up so i can use these spells of sivir like this or as i would normaly say how i use them when i play league of legends.

spell 1# rely on the damage of boomerang blade to oppen and finish figths
spell 2# give a little extra punsh against tanks and bad *** mages
spell 3# defend form mainly mages some times tanks(Alister,Sion)
spell 4# give a little edge in the bigger fights whith your team

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This is how you should get the items to adapt after the guide and show´s you lvl by lvl steps

1: Buy dorans ring because its a good start item cause its like a makai pendat and ability tome that should give your boomerang blade a little boost + 100 health
Lvl 2: as fast you get 145 gold buy 2 health pots and one mana so you can stay and lane for a longer amount of time

Lvl 5: open fast by selling dorans ring and change it to a tears of godess and then a pair of bersker greavers Note! make sure you have enough to buy these items when you go back so you dont waste valueble time on recalling

Lvl 8: If it goes realy well and you already gaind possesion of the archangles staff by using up the tears of godess you maybe want to go first for a stark´s fevor but only if enougth money i tell you once again

Lvl 13: know you should have a blood thirster so that makes you more of a threat so by making your team go for baron nacher youmay be able to pick up one or two team fight kills

Lvl 15: phantom dancer
Lvl 16: phantom dancer

Lvl 17: Now here comes the hardest option ofthe game frozen malet or not the option is depending on your prefernces you maybe want to go for a infinty edge to get a higer dps what do i know but the point this last item can help out the team to turn and/or win a game.