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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tadesx

Sivir - The Underestimated one (Updated)

Tadesx Last updated on October 3, 2010
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Something about me:
Hello MOBAFire members !!! My name is Tadas , friends call me Tade and my in-game nick is Tadesx, and i present you my first build!! Yup its about sivir. So maybe lets get to the bussines? ok here we go!

Skilling order:

This is skilling order i preffer: at 1st lst lvl get "Boomerang blade". At 2nd lvl get "Ricochet" (yes i know what im doing). At 3rd lvl as u all guess it is what we still dont have Our "Spell Shield". So this is what you get in the first 3 lvl, after this go like this R<Q<W<E , in other words all the time when you can pick your R skill (On the hunt) when you cant level up your R level up your Q (Boomerang Blade) and so on (i think you get it already).

You can change this skilling order so it could fit your gameplay style better ,but this is what i use.

Many sivir players tries to go full ad and aspd or full ap (ad- attack damage ap- ability power aspd- attack speed) and this build tries to have both aspd ad and ap ,why this kind of build? Answer is simple your skills has cooldown so you cant attack with your skills all the time and sometimes your may run out of mana. Why not full ad aspd? Sometimes your auto-attacks won't save you or won't get you kills since boomerang blade has nice range and nice damage. Ok now i'll tell you the items

I ALWAYS start with meki pendant, since early game you won't deal a lot of damage with your auto-attacks and you will be skill based.

Then i usually get berserkers greaves OR ninja tabi. Why greaves? You should gte greaves if you are doing well and aspd should help you and besides this is were our sivir's auto-attack side will show up - you will finaly start doing something with auto-attacks. Why tabi? you should get tabi if you getting chased a lot or chaing something near minion since it will be very good with your passive, thats simple right?

Then i get Fiendish Codex. It lets you spam your skills a little bit more and reduces cooldowns on them have i mentioned some ap? (i know its not much but still helpful)

Then get bilgewater cutlass. This item will make your auto attacks stronger and from now on you will have very good thing - Life Steal

Then we should get stinger i think you already know why...

Next up Hextech revolver. Well its a nice bonus damage to our Q skill

What next? I think it would be nashors tooth. This is a great item since it gives both aspd and ap and both are good for us.

The next one is the fabulous Hextech Gunblade . Now this is the part were you show the real self and the core build is complete. Now you will start dealing damage with both auto-attacks and your Q skill. Have i mentioned the damage is pretty nice?

Now , my favorite damage item of all a must buy for every ad champ... Bloodthirster ,this item gives a ad champ almost everything ad and lifesteal the damage is pretty high and the lifesteal is very helpful 2 so now you will be insane....

Ok now here comes Stark's Fervor this item isnt very expensive but it has nice VERY NICE bonuses , it has a good life steal that i enjoy a lot it has aspd that will let us deal our little damage even faster and with that it will let us heal a "little bit" faster.
Sooo now i think this is it about the items

Runes And Masteries

I think you can see the runes in the top of the page and i dont wanna write them since i never belived that they helps really much. And for masteries i go 21/9/0 it helps us gte a little more damage armor pen and a little dodge with a move speed bonus, said enough?

Best Laning Partners

Stay Tuned Coming SOOOOON.

What Items ISN'T Good For Sivir

Stay Tuned Coming SOOOOON.

So i guess thats it. Feel free to vote and comment and ask and help me improve this build :)
Best Wishes Tade :)