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Sivir: Watch Your Nexus

Last updated on December 8, 2010
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Alright, to get this started, Sivir is a hard play. She is one of the few characters that I couldn't pull off a great game with quickly. I will try explaining all aspects of this guide, however nothing is finite. Each person has their own play style. I will try sharing my experiences within games.

1) Sivir is not made for fighting. She is not a fighter.
2) She is very very very item-dependent. Sivir requires many items to make her lethal.
3) She is not easy. She is not a character that a nooby should pick up. She requires knowledge of other characters for her shield, and pushing.
4) Sivir is the best pusher and tower pusher in game. She is very lethal endgame. Early and mid game she doesnt really shine, however passed around 40~ minutes, Sivir can really wreck.
5) I avoid playing Sivir in pubs, she isnt made for high kills and teamfights.

On average, I get around 300+ minion kills a game. 13 minion kills roughly equals a kill. So average 300/400 minion kills/13. This is your bread and butter. Most games by 40 minutes I complete my item set and max out either both or the three BloodThirsters.

Early game defensive play is necessary. Maxing out your W is very beneficial for pushing, minion kills, ect. You really shouldnt be leaving your lane until level 13/4 (this assumes going back whenever teleport is available). You really shouldnt gank as though you dont have a stun or anything. Your job is to solo mid usually, use shield whenever low mana/getting harassed.

Spells: Your Q: Early game this deprives your mana pool very quick. I wait to get this at usually 2/4 based upon who you are laning against for finishing blows/harassment, however use it very sparingly because 1 throw of that is equal to around 10 or so ricochet, which is why I dont get it first. Although it may do more damage it does hinder your farming skills.

Your W: Your best spell. End/mid game you should push minion waves very quick. I wait till the 2nd buff of this to use it since it uses 6 mana no matter what level. that early the damage output isnt really worth it for the mana, best to used it on shield ect. Max this out asap due to farming and leveling.

Your E: Shield. Wow. Amazing. This is really a saver. Combined with your ult, you can escape ults, kill many people and regenerate mana. Its a great spell, usually get it at level 2. Great against mages, and ap builds can wreck people such as vlad and ryze and karthus. I get a banshee veil sometimes in combination because of the negation. I went against a karthus and ezreal and none of them could get their ults off on me.

Ult: Great for pushing and fighting and escaping. Pretty good ult for your passive.

Passive: Good for escaping and Chasing. Lets you actually chase and with 1.5 attack speed, you can achieve max attack speed later on.

Summoner Spells: Teleport. Self explanitory. Sivir late game can push anything very quick in teamfights or anything. Its really deadly teleing to wards with minions even remotely close to their turrets is wreckage. So many times its a 4v5 situation, my team simply distracts, waits for them to over extend and push an inhib. Even if you die a few times, 1 inhibitor plus the gold from towers makes up for it. And many times people have needed to safeguard their inhibitors from me, making it a 5v4 situation for us.

Exhuast: I get this because its good to escape, good against mellers, and one summoner spell that helps you. Flash is okay, however cant really be used to chase since you have ult.

Items: Instead of Stark's I go for Phantom for a few reasons. You dont need the lifesteal first off. Thats what 3 bt's are for. P.D. has improved speed for pushing and escaping ect. There is the extra dodge chance and attack speed is more important than damage because of your W right now. Bt is self-explanatory.

Teammates: Teemo. Great. Shrooms can be teleported to and map awareness is free. Ganks can be prevented from his slow. Great.
Rammus: his mobility is good, his taunt is good.

Sivir is a great soloer too. With teleport and ricochet, she can farm with the threats and when out-leveling she can really harass. She can withstand annoyances such as blitz due to her shield.