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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Sivir's Grandma had sex with a bird

Last updated on June 16, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Azir with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Azir Azir is a trash champ lets be real here, he does no damage and even fucking taric is better than him. Azir is prob the worst champ in league of legends.*Background* "This guide is on azir" Wait what? This guide is on Azir, oh shit, this was all sarcasm hahaheheh....CUT TO THE NEXT CLIP CUT-
Maokai Now in this lane, you and maokai will not kill each other, no, you will be friends, why? Because birds sleep in trees and trees love birds, by the end of laning phase you should be cuddling
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Hello, im here to help you play Sivir's Grandpa. His name is Azir. Azir is a douchebag who goes midlane usually who legit doesnt do anything, no im not joking, you do nothing. We will go on this more later. My mom walked in while I was making this guide and told me to introduce myself, so. Hi, my name is Michael, umm, i'm 11 years old, i'm currently failing 5/6 classes, but im white so I get whatever I want, um I play call of duty and halo a lot. Yeah. Ok my mom left. I LIKE TO EAT ***** AND SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY MAKE IT RAIN *****

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Step One - Embrace the Bird within you.

Lets be real here, we all are connected to birds in some way, because we are all....connected dude, *cough* Like, that tree, this guide, azir, me, we are all connected by, like life energy and stuff dude *cough*. Im hungry

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Step Two - Understand **** about Azir

Azir is like a bird, and like, ok lets do this organized
Passive - Azir's passive is where, he puts up a ****ing turret, A ****ING TURRET. So like he puts it up and he's just like **** YOU ***********ER LOOK AT ME I'M UNDER A TURRET
Q Ability - Azir's Q is where he takes his soldiers, and just spears yo face, they get launched around like a bunch of ragdolls from Garry's Mod W Ability - Azir's W is the most ******** THING, see, if azir was an ADC, it would fit him perfectly, because you're making everyone else do ALL the work for you, you summon a memory of a soldier, now incased in sand, which just attacks for you, you are just so much ********, making everyone do everything for you, **** this champion
E Ability - This is the best ability ever, next to Bard's E, it makes you go zoom zoom You will basically turn into a race car after this and your q has been maxed
Ultimate Ability - Azir's ult is a ****ing wall, A ****ING WALL. Azir just places down a wall which be crossed BY ANYTHING EXCEPT FLASH AND FLASH LIKE ABILITIES . Corki w? NOPE
Khazix Jump? NOPE Nothing, You can't fly over it, go under it, you can only teleport through it or go around it

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Step Three - Think before playing

Are you ready to play azir? If you are then go straight to step four, if not stay for a while. Azir is a champion all about **** you, just thats all, just **** you. Trying to kill me? Ima put a wall and say **** YOU. Nice try corki, you want to fly around ABOVE ME, NOPE **** YOU WALL. Oh hi rek'sai, going underground I see, guess what!? **** YOU WITH MY WALL MOVEEEE.

Azir basically resembles America and its thought processes, got a problem? Shove them away and make a giant wall to prevent them from getting in. Too tired to do it yourself? Make someone else do it for you. Don't want to walk around like a normal human being? Well you can now walk around with the help of someone else.

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Step Four - Playing Azir

Playing Azir is simple, enter champion select, spam with ctrl-v MID OR FEED, if you don't get mid then repeat the process till successful, once you have accomplished this high skill maneuver, you are ready to play Azir, enter the game and buy whatever the **** you want, in lane, just point at **** and your soldiers will do everything for you, but they wont get mad at you if you boost their morale, just say from time to time, Good Job, Thanks Man, You Played That Really Well! And so on. And if you're ever in a tight spot just zoom zoom your way out and put a ****ing wall in their face, get a pentakill and then spam your joke. Then they all rage quit and it's like GG

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In this guide I have taught you expertease Azir builds and plays, and have readied you for a ranked game, go on, go first time azir in a ranked game I promise you it will work out, especially if you follow all these tips. I will miss you all, Goodbye future faker challenjour play makers ;'(.

*Theodore Fullerton is not liable for any azir feeding you may encounter in your games, this guide does not actually get you a girlfriend, help you make money or make you better at life in anyway. Batteries not included.*