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Ahri Build Guide by ByLeXii

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ByLeXii

SK Ocelote inspired Ahri

ByLeXii Last updated on April 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Ahri is a highly mobile sustained DPS assassin caster who is capable of dealing small bursts of significant damage to her enemies. She sports a unique toolkit that makes her a dangerous champion to play against.

Her role is to deal damage when able to enemy champions while waiting for the right time to go in and use her ultimate to deliver 3 small quick bursts of damage to them finishing them off. When it isn't safe for Ahri to deal damage, she should sit back and toss out spells to deal damage where able, as well as peel your teammates from enemy crowd control effects.

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Positive & Negative

+ Very high sustain with her passive combined with Will of the Ancients.
+ Good burst and sustained DPS.
+ Very high mobility after level 6.
+ Great at picking out low targets and assassinating them.

- Not that tanky and when using her ultimate, you can get to close to a teamfight sometimes and end up getting yourself caught.
- Learning curve for the laning phase on knowing how to last hit in the early levels with Q and her low base auto attack.
- Her range isn't the longest so you can be out poked / harassed by some champions in lane.
- Her mobility is VERY low once her ultimate is used.

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Starting Items.

Boots and pots is a very standard way of starting the game as an AP middle champion. It's the safest way to start the game as you'll be faster to dodge ganks / enemy harass and you'll have the sustain to keep yourself in lane with 3 HP pots.

Core Items

Dorans Rings: Two dorans early game will provide you with a decent base amount of HP, mana regen, and AP boost for your early game. These items you'll sell as you make it to late game but can be a vital part of your early and mid game.

Sorcerer's Shoes: These boots will provide you with the move speed and spell pen you'll need to take down targets.

Will of the Ancients: This will give you over the top sustain that when combined with your passive will make you VERY hard to kill due to Ahri's abilities having pretty small cool downs so she can continue to spam abilities to spell vamp her health back. Combine this item with her ultimate and that makes for one, annoying, hard to kill assassin.

Rylais: This item will provide you with the tankyness and utility that Ahri needs. Her abilities when she decides to go in and kill a champion are all "mid range" so to speak so she has to get somewhat close to them as a squishy caster to take them down. This will give you that large chunk of HP you'll need to stay alive while also allowing you to kite, chase down and kill champions with. Rylais procs it's single target slow "30%" on Ahri's W spell. So each charge will slow as it hits 1 by 1 by 1 almost stopping targets from moving at all for a few seconds which can be devastating if you play it well. Rylais is a fantastic item on her for these reasons.

Endgame Items

Deathcap: This item will provide you with all the AP you'll need to go into late game with. Combined with the AP and utility you have from your other items, on AD carries, Supports, and other AP champion, you will hit VERY hard on them now. They shouldn't have much resistances so that's why we don't worry about getting Void Staff until after we get the Deathcap because your job is to take out low targets and otherwise DPS where you can and when you can. Deathcap again will provide you with that damage to make you hit real hard late game.

Now you can grab a DCap before you finish your Rylais or even start to build it if you're really far ahead. I prefer the safer route but if you feel you won't die or aren't getting focused you can go for the DCap and still be successful.

Void Staff: This item is to break those resistances enemy champions have started to build up. This is so you'll be able to damage those tanks, and MR stacking jerks trying to stop you from killing them. It adds a good amount of AP and it will make sure your damage is on the strong side come late game.