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Skarner Build Guide by Korinu

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Korinu

Skarner, The Crystal Vanguard

Korinu Last updated on August 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone I'm Korinu and this will be my first build. I was never compelled to make a build until Skarner came out and I became obsessed with him. He is called a jungle and jungling is what i do 90% of the time so that's why i bought him but i soon came to realize that he more suites me in the Lane.Now jungle Skarner is still very good and the build is about the same but there are many better champs that can fill the role; However, I will go over a jungling guide briefly.

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My Thoughts on Skarner

Personally I feel that Skarner can be a huge asset to any team because of his control of the battle field. I play him as the champion that gets in the middle of everyone and causes as much mayhem as I possibly can while my team picks up all the kills. His Q allows him to spam some OKish DMG while is W and E keep him alive and kicking. His ult however is a whole other bundle of "OMG-WTF-FML!" Use it to initiate and make it a 4v5; use it to save allies running from certain death; use it to pull champions off of your carries; use it to gank or pull enemies into your turrets; use it to pull key targets into the fight; however the big key is to use it! Once its level 3 it has a pretty low cool-down on its own but because of Skarners magical passive you can just go farm some minions or 1v1 a champ and be able to use it right away. it should always be up in a team fight and always be used.

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More about his Ult......READ THIS!

Yes... more about his ult...
Now I know it sucks to read and I know that most of you will just skip to items but if you are going to read anything else in this guide READ THIS!! Like what was stated in the former chapter his ult is epic; however there are a few things everyone should know about it.

For starters it really doesn't do much DMG until you start building AP, which wont really happen with this guide; It's more about the utility purposes than the DMG. Also since it ticks the DMG twice (once when you suppress them and again when you let them go) that second tick of DMG may not even happen and hopefully it wont because your team will kill them before it can.

Secondly and most importantly is your positioning. Now when you suppress the enemy Most Skarner players will just run backwards for the 1.5sec and that's it. I personally prefer to turn around and aim them towards the most threatening thing you can find(like 4 of your buddies). This allows less of a chance of them to just simply be suppressed for 1.5sec and run away back the way they came. I've seen way to many good kills lost because of this and its very disappointing.
At first Skarners ult seems very unsatisfying but when used properly it becomes extremely annoying for the other team and can single-handedly turn fights around.

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I go 9/21/0 When I lane just for the magic pen and than to make him as tanky as possible to be able to disrupt as much as I can. I like to charge into the middle of fights and set up for my team to get kills so being tanky really helps.

For Jungling I go 1/19/10 getting a point in smite and enough in utility for both points in Utility Mastery Whiles still getting good defense mastery points to help early jungling.

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For laning runes I get:
9 Magic Pen Marks
9 Armor Seal
9 CDR glyphs
1 Magic Pen Quint
2 Movement speed Quints

For jungling I go my usual runes i use with any Jungler I use:
3 Armor Pen Marks
6 Attack Speed Marks (10%)
9 Armor Seals
9 CDR Glyphs
3 Armor Pen Quints

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Skill Sequence

The 2 Skill sequences I use for jungling and laneing are very different and focus on opposite skills.

When I jungle you need to try and max Crystal Slash first to help you jungle faster and gank better while leveling Crystalline Exoskeleton just under Slash to give you the speed boots for jungling and ganking.

When I lane I prefer to level Fracture first because of its high DMG and healing ability. I still level Crystalline Exoskeleton secondary but I only put 1 point in Crystal Slash at level 3 for the slow and the ability to Fracture a whole minion wave and than Slash them all to get healed.

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Summoner Spells

For laning I like to always take flash for escaping and because he has a built in haste; However I switch between Ignite and clariy as my second spell. Ignite just helps with those last bits of health and clarity cures a little bit of Skarners massive mana issues.

For jungle of course you need smite and flash picks up the other slot.

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Last but not least the Items. Now idk how to add pictures and make it all fancy so bare with me.
When I First saw Skarner I instantly wanted to build him like I did.
While laneing I like to Start with a Sapphire Crystal, 1 HP Pot, and 1 MP Pot. This gives me some much needed mana early game and is built into Sheen later on. I like to try and stay in lane as long as I can or at least till i build up 1210 Gold to get Sheen and Boots of speed in one go. Now this is where things can differ. You don't have to skip boots if you don't want to but I do. I use my movement speed runes to make up for the speed and just skip Merc treads to get my Crystal Scepter ASAP. Crystal Scepter is my favorite item on him and it works the same way it works on Mord. The health makes you pretty tanky early game and the AP and slow makes you wreck the enemy. Now that you have your Scepter you can get boots. Merc treads work the best for the tenacity but you can also choose Boots of Swiftness or Sorcerers Shoes. After that building Nashor's tooth is a must. Nashor's is an amazing item on Skarner. It gives you literally everything you need to spam youre abilities and kick ***. The attack speed lets your passive work faster, the AP helps your DMG, the magic regen helps you spam, and the CDR just adds to your passive. In a team fight you will be casting abilities constantly. Finally after Nashor's get a Hextech Revolver for some needed AP and Spell vamp. These items will pretty much make you awesome. You get enough durability to withstand a good amount of DMG while being able to spam your skills and keep your shield up.

So for other items its up to you. The Sheen and Revolver can be made into Trinity Force and a Hextech Gunblade and after that I Build situational.

Tanky Items:
Sunfire Cape: Adds more dps for youre close combat and chasing.
Abyssal Scepter: Lets your abilities and team do more DMG.
Banshee's Vail: Just a good item for anyone.

DPS Items:
Wit's End
or just anything with attack speed.

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I hope you all enjoy my build. I will try and update it as much as I can as well as add new builds like a possible AD build in the future (not a fan but testing).

Feel free to leave comments on what you think about not only my builds but how I wrote the guide. And as always please try before you vote. Thank you.