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Skarner-The Team Godsend

Last updated on June 17, 2012
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Hey ladies and worms this is my first guide but I am very confident in my build/style of Skarner play. The order in which the items are listed are extremely viable and will help you get to that late game or 20 minute surrender no problem. The way I play Skarner is a complete set of attack speed runes. why? because I know how Skarner works and the attack speed helps me all throughout the game. his ultimate is his best skill to pick up IMPORTANT kills. Because his ultimate is so important, I pick movement 3 boots making the distance traveled further than a Blitzcrank grab. with move speed boots,trinity force, and your masteries; shielding up Skarner will grant you 509 movement speed... some people say that getting a force of nature is a good choice since it gives you magic resist and movement speed but I find that most AP champs aren't an issue because you can shield yourself pretty well whilst scaling it 1 level behind your crystal slash/slow aoe. The shield also helps you sustain just as much in the jungle as fracture would and with the mastery build all of your beginning items COME EASY to obtain when you've PROPERLY cleared out your jungle.

NOTE: Ganking with Skarner before level 6 should be very strategic and should almost always be in the circumstance of the enemy lane being over extended. you will only have cloth armor /or normal boots at this time and Skarner doesnt have any gap closers besides his flash, and you wan't to save your flash for early level turret diving or wall jumping.

If you build your Skarner in the way the order I have listed, you will find yourself UNSTOPPABLE, and will be a huge asset to your team. turret diving, damage soaking, damage dealing, in their faces, WTFing everyone you come across.

NOTE 2: I mentioned that I use full attack speed runes but, armor seals and 3 armor pen marks will help you sustain your jungle and do a little more damage but honestly, while using full attack speed runes you will find your shield coming off of cooldown in no time and can sustain just as well. I HOPE YOU FIND THIS USEFUL