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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Slapping people with your giant bear c**k. A guide for Udyr

Last updated on June 30, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So you wish to play Udyr...

Hi there! :D I thought in honor of his ultimate skin and to help people who are suddenly interested in Udyr. I made this guide to help new Udyr players master the spirits of nature. Also for skilled Udyr players such as my self. Both of us may learn a thing or two provided you give feedback. :P Now I know Udyr, he's my main. I love to play him and he's awesome. So everything in this guide is there from someone who plays Udyr a lot and knows him well.

Udyr is a powerful champ that many people would disagree on mainly because they always see bad Udyr players. Like with any champ, you can make him powerful IF you know how to play him.

I will point out that this is my first guide. So any lack of quality is expected. Like pictures an videos and such. But I'll do my best in making this a worthy read. :D

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Match Start:

Now I know this may seem odd not to get any jungling items for jungle, but a main problem for junglers is funding. A jungler can't fund his core build from the jungle alone as you may or may not know, hence why it's a good idea to gank to get more gold from assists or covering a missing lane.

This is made around so you can safely get your core item set no matter how good or bad your current game is. Besides, Udyr is more than capable of handling camps without the need of jungling items.

First Return:

This is a of a pricey first return set, I know. But the cutlass is what helps Udyr not only gank well but also helps him from being kited.

Use this after bear stance to close in very quickly. Also the damage and life steal is very good obviously.

Early Game:

These items are to make up for Udyr's cons and build up some this core items. Sheen for that much needed mana and more damage, Wardens Mail for more armour and gives a boost to his already great dueling. Along with Merc Treds for more tankyness and kite prevention.

Mid/Late Game:

This is the core item set. One that I find universal on what skills you're maxing out. Randiun's Omen not only makes you very tanky and has kiting prevention it also makes you dangerous in team fights. Allowing you to slow everything around you. Giving your team the upper hand. Buy this item first. BotRK is a must because of the damage, life steal, AS and active. The passive also is great since you'll be almost hitting the 2.5 AS cap if stance dance right. IBG is obvious to giving more damage, mana, armour and a little tiny boost to his Turtle stance and Phoenix stance. Get either Blade or Iceborn first depending on the situation on the game.

Situation Items:

These Items a purely situational. Since Udyr is very versatile build wise, any of these items can be useful for udyr. I personally take Black Cleaver and Last Whisper for more Attack Damage and also shreds enemy ADCs.

You can replace BOTRK for a Wits End if you so desire. Both will make you hit the AS cap very easily if you max out or near max out Tiger Stance.

FM is obvious, perma slow who ever is on top of your kill list.

Boots of Swiftness is there for kite prevention if the enemy team has a lot of slows. Also makes you very fast with bear stance!

SV is something to take in case the enemy has a lot of AP. Also boosts your life steal from turtle stance and BotRK!

Atma's Impaler is a total bruiser item and one I'd recommend of the enemy team mostly has AD for their only damage.

Warmong's is Hp. Nice. Simple. Straight to the point tankyness.

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Pros and Cons


    High burst damage at early levels.

    Not very item dependent on terms of damage.

    Large amount of life steal from his W + good amount of shield.

    Very fast from passive and E + Stun. Could also kite melee champs if done correctly.

    Has high AS from Q + dot to shred squishies.

    Large amount of magic damage from R to be tanky and deal decent damage.

    No one can catch Udyr. Ever.

    So long as your not the target of initiation, you can counter initiate by stunning EVERYTHING!

This is all what you max out first obviously.

    Can be kited if you play him wrong.

    Is a mana hungry son-of-a-***** at early levels if you stance dance too much and waste mana.

    High skill cap.

    You need to know what stances order you'll be dancing with depending on the situation. And that can be really tricky to master.

    Relies to hit his targets with basic attacks, so preventing from attacking at all from slows to stuns drastically lowers your usefulness in team fights.

    Is a victim of poking and can't poke back. So you just sit there until you see and opening of engagement or someone else does it before you do.

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Well, Udyr is AA reliant as you may have guessed by now. So he needs to auto attack as much as possible for each ability to be effective (Not so much on Bear stance. But still dealing a bit of damage none the less) and this gives him a lot of early, much needed AS.

The rest is straight forward. Armour for armour. Attack damage for attack damage. And scaling MR glyths because MR is more needed to longer the game lasts because the APC's will have more AP at 45mins than 25mins.

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Simple tanky mastery set. Udyr's main problem of team fights is that he needs to walk right into them. So he needs to be very tanky to actually do something productive. The 9 in offense is more damage because why the hell not? Granted there's the mana regen bonus from utility. But blue buff should be the all the regen you need.

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Stance dancing.

So learning how to stance dance is very important as it maximizes your damage, utility and tankyness. It also maxes your passive. Giving people a big hint that you have to stance dance. Normally they go for three repeating stances in an order.

How to initiate a target: Bear to close in then Tiger then either Phoenix or Turtle depending on what you either maxed out or what the situation demands So Bear-Tiger-Phoenix/Turtle-Bear again. Spam Bear stuns and Tiger and then Turtle then Bear again ect. If your initiating a team fight as you'll need the tankyness and the CC to stay alive and stay useful. So Bear-Tiger-Turtle-Bear ect.

How to be a the tank in team fights: Spam Turtle and Bear stance. Stun everyone who's close you your squishes. A good way to tank is to charge in for the ADC, stun them then proceed to shred his/her butt by spamming Q, E and R. If you force him/her out of the fight then that's good as the enemy team has lost a large amount of their total damage.

But what you want is for everyone to turn their attention towards you. Remember that bear stance gives a ghost effect so you can just run straight past them and back towards your team. While they're focusing you down they'll be playing "Focus the tank" while you spam stun and spam Turtle and Tiger for AS and lots of life steal. Making you VERY tanky. Going for the ADC so that everyone focuses on you is what I like to call a "Mind Taunt". Not always going to affect every enemy but even if it totally fails you knock the ADC out of the fight anyways.

How to disengage: Spam Bear and Turtle. If someone is catching up, time your bear stance CD to activate it when they're close enough for you to turn around, E, bop them on the nose and keep running. If you can master this you will be almost never caught.

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Skill Sequence

Now, this maybe awkward to you fellow Udyr players out there, but this is how I PERSONALLY build his skills if I can. I sometimes max turtle and leave phoenix if I need to be the tank of the team. If you think your skill set is lovely then go right ahead.

As I've mentioned before. Udyr is very versatile. This comes from what skills you choose you max out and ones you leave. This is a skill set that is focused on damage and utility. If you, the reader, thinks it's better to leave phoenix stance out and max Q,W and E like I said above. That's up to you. It's really what the situation demands is what skill set you make. But since I have a primitive mind set of "If they die fast that's a good thing" I like this build as it deals more damage.

Now, if you would allow me to do some amateur mathematics here...(P.S disregard the the next paragraph if you wish to keep things nice and simple. TL;DR version: 1,075 magic damage for 5 seconds if you follow everything in this build).

Udyr's R, maxed out, deals 675 magic damage if all the waves of fire hit and the proc hits twice. If you have high AS. Thanks to BoTRK, Mark Runes, Masteries, Passive, and a maxed out Q which gives 176% bonus AS, which is 1.684 AS. Add that to his base AS at lvl 18 which is 0.957. So 0.957 plus 1.68432 equals 2.63. That's 0.137 useless AS as you hit the cap pretty easily. So for each second, you can make 2.5 attacks per second. Also provided you opened with Bear stance, Tiger then Phoenix. You can easily make 400 magic damage for the first 1.5 seconds and provided all the fire waves had hit, another 275 magic damage over 5 seconds (May I add that tiger stance lasts 5 seconds as well). So for five seconds you can hit 12.5 attacks which is 4 procs of phoenix stance. Sooo for 5 seconds you could deal 1,075 magic damage in five seconds. Provided everything hits.

So that's why I choose this skill set. To sate my primitive blood lust. (Also, you should see people panic on the damage a tanky UDYR can do. Scares the **** outta them)

(Note, I'm not that great with maths. If I have made any mistakes could you please correct me so I can fix this part of the guide and help me make it better quality. :D).

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Udyr that has phoenix stance at lvl 2 is one of the most clear time junglers in the game.

With that being said, the camp order should be:

Blue Buff. (Smiteless or not).

Wolf Camp.

Wraith Camp.

Red Buff.

Gank top/bot or mid lane

Or you could go do the other golems if those two lanes are doing well already and don't need your help.


When ganking, Udyr has these things: CC, Damage, and movement speed. What he does not have, however, is a gap closer. Making his ganks a little lack luster. If you really need the laner dead, you could always cast bear stance then flash in for a gap closer. Probably the best way to gank early as udyr. I really surprises the enemy and puts a whole ton of pressure on them. This is why getting Bilgewater Cutlass is a good thing to have as early as possible after boots. It slows them down and speeds you up! Closing the gap on them very quickly and pound on them with your team mates.


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If you have enough money after buying items and you have enough for a ward. GET THAT ****. One of your jobs is warding the jungles. Just ONE is helping the team and catch out invaders. If you want to play passively, ward your buff camps. If you want to be aggressive, ward their camps so you can go after their blue when it's open or if you and your mid go after the enemy's mid and jungle to catch them out and get a kill along with your buff. But I'll leave this video from Sky to help further explain why you need to ward:

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Final Notes.

I hope this guide was useful and informative to people who wish to know about Udyr and how I personally play him. If you have any feedback, please do so. So I can improve the quality and accuracy of this guide.

Now go shred and maul some faces! :D