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Slow burn teemo

Last updated on August 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is a professional build shown to you by an expert gamer on league of legends. Firstly before i talk about the items or the masteries, the concept of this idea is to work on damage over time by teemo not only having the poison venom but on top stacks with other abilities which would cause damage. Now the advantage of having this slow burn concept is as follows:

- If you are up against an opponent and you harass him/her using basic attacks, they will see the damage and general move back in instint, whilst them moving back they will suffer from burn. Normally this is standard when teemo generally does a bit of damage from his poison effect but when combined with the right items, it would be damage on a large scale.

Ok so now im going to describe the masteries, now the reason why i have gone for 21 on offence is that you will have penetration from both magic attacks and from normal attacks thus hinting out the poison dart able to penetrate your opponent with decent damage. The other aspect of having teemo with 3/3 on sunder is immaculate in this build as it is the burn which would penetrate even more on there defence so if you are up against a high defender like rammus, he still would suffer dearly from this build. To finalize the reason why i have 9 on defence is that teemo is squishy as you all know and does require some defence in order to stay in lane, less chance of being killed quickly, with the extra addition of 1 damage block , this would provide a neat package for you to actually get your burn hit on.

So now im going to talk about the items, runes you can anything you want altough i would recommend AP, HEALTH, PENETRATION FROM MAGIC OR ARMOUR, the usual stuff..the main thing that makes this burn tick is the ITEMS. Now you see items above and there is a reason why they have been chosen the way they have. Now some of u might think the bloodrazer at the start could take a while and yeah it probably will but you have to remember once you recieve the bloodrazer, you will start to see some progress in terms of kills, champion assists, etc. With the addition of the malady which again you can upgrade from the vampirit, you will notice a slight increase in the burn damage in addition to the poison although still not enough damage being dealt but is noticeably threat to your opponents as lifesteal is key in this meta. To finish the items, having the frozen mallet not only gives you stupidly amnount of hp that can keep you going but it slows your opponents down and you guessed what that means, more chance to deal burn. Than you've got the sword of divine is just ....amazing to describe..this which the items at the top combined just puts out sooo much burn and damage it is just crazy and it has an in built penetration effect where u will not miss any of your attacks and reduced there armour which is epic. Finally the cleaver, we all know it stacks with malady but did u know that the items above stack as well..making this the most overpowered combo on teemo ever to step foot in league of legends, even more busted than shaco whose more overatted than mudkipz. Try this build out and i guarentee you 100% you will win every ranked game..GUARENTEE.