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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tru Faulken


Tru Faulken Last updated on September 11, 2010
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Welcome to my Miss Fortune build. I love using her ever since I first played her because well she has big guns :D and swayin boobs lol. Anyways, i decided to put up my build after getting really good scores with it. It mostly focuses on attack speed and damage plus my favourite - her crits.

-She is like the epic harasser and she does it easily
-She is very good during teamfights
-Towerhugging on low health (for enemies) is no longer safe when her ulti is up
-fast cooldown
-very fast movement speed

-mana thirsty early game unless you have clarity
-can get focused down easily
-if attacked by melee dps such as yi or xin, it is hard to fight back (with or without ultimate)
-squishy early game (if u dont keep ur distance)

Summoner Spells + Masteries
I get clarity and flash because with clarity, I can stay in-lane much longer and continue to harass the other enemy champs. Since she has no 'real' escape if attacked since her passive disappears if she is attacked - i get flash so it gives her a better chance to escape sticky situations. With my masteries, I tend to go mostly offensive because of clarity. With clarity i dont need to worry about mana regen that much during early game.

When u start the game, take double-up first for your abilities and buy a vampiric scepter to build up to the Bloodthrister. The reason I go for damage early is so that I can harass hard and occassionally get some early kills. With bloodthirster, not only will I have superior damage - I'll also have lifesteal. Miss Fortune can lane with another champion or can solo mid. Either way, she excels at both. When minions are spawned, u tend to have to last hit minions and also harass the enemies by occassionally firing a double-up on a minion (or champ). Harass from a distance, never stand too close to an enemy champ. All her abilities are done from a distance. When you reach level 2, Make it Rain is very useful for pushing back minions and annoying the hell out of enemy champions. Contnue laning and harassing until you have enough to buy bloodthirster and start building up for phantom dancer. One thing you might realise is that I do not buy boots for her. This is because she already has her passive and by the 1st Phantom Dancer, you will already have the speed of a boots +3. With another phantom dancer, you are basically not even need to have boots.

You should have alreayd started the ganking phase, using your 'make it rain' to slow enemies down and double-up to continue your harassment. Remember if you cant reach an enemy who is on low health, look for other champs or minions close to him to double-up and finish him off. Another good thing about MF is that she can kill any low health champion behind or hugging tower with her ultimate 'Bullet Time'. Remember to use it when your enemies are bunched up or to slow their escape since it is incredibly hard to escape her ultimate. With Miss Fortune, you always come in to throw a single spell like double up or make it rain just to annoy them. But dont face them head-on, u wanna just take out their health from a distance slowly. During team battles, always stay behind another champ who can tank or at least 'act' as a shield for u. Miss Fortune is very important to protect since she can mop up champs with her crits easily.


During late game, I find that Miss Fortune is a very strong Late-game champion, you should almost crit every attack and your abilities should be spammed constantly. Dont be afraid to toss in a 'double-up' in front of tower where you are in the 'stalemate' position. (Where both teams are deadlocked in front of your or an enemy's tower. aka trying to push forward or defend against them.)
During late game, it is no hassle for another champion to 1 on 1 you because of your attack speed and crits, you should be able to kill them in a few hits with your Double-up, impure shots and make it rain. During late game, mana shouldnt be a problem and because of runes, she will have fast cool downs so that you can spam your abilities.

Things to watch out for:
-last hitting minions is crucial to acquire the gold you need to buy the items and stay one step ahead of your foes
-Always be on the lookout for potential ganks
-Miss Fortune's ultimate can turn a dire situation from being utterly wiped out to sweeping over them like a breeze.
-Dont be afraid to harass in front of tower (but not too far in)
-Take crucial care while playing against melee dps or stuns/trap champions for they can be very devastating to Miss Fortune.

I hope this guide helps though I focus on the build as the guide plays a small importance in just understanding how to play Miss Fortune. Thanks for reading and trying out my build. Hope it helps for ya.