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Fiora Build Guide by Jaypwn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jaypwn

Smiteless Jungle?! Overly Aggressive Fiora

Jaypwn Last updated on January 19, 2014
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Please do not attempt this build if you do not have runes/masteries. Smite is considered a necessary summoner spell for a reason, and runes and masteries are a big part of why you are able to keep up with your teammates in the first five minutes. Also, smite is typically necessary for securing buffs, so I would not recommend using this build in anything but normal games. Currently I am using it to gain the levels 20-30 and it is working quite well.

I chose jungle for Fiora because I feel that she is a bit too squishy in other lanes, and if you're laning, you can't take as much advantage of her excellent ganking ability. Because of her passive I feel that she is well equipped to face the jungle, whether you choose to use smite with her or not. A while back, I decided to try jungling with her without smite, (even I thought I was crazy) and found that my results were consistently better than jungling with smite (trading slightly faster jungling for better late game and better gank-ability). I hope that you will find similar results in your games!

I will try to add in a screenshot of match history of multiple games played in a row with this build and maybe some other pictures later. For now, I apologize if the guide just seems like a wall of text, but the information is good and it shouldn't take but a few minutes to read!

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The idea behind making this is that I have found that for Fiora (and only Fiora) smite really just became a formality for me after about level five in the jungle. Due to maxing W first instead of Q (which you should almost always do, but many people choose to max Q first since it seems like the main damage doer), you are able to sustain in the jungle quite well on the first round through. You clear blue -> wolves -> wraiths -> red -> golems by using W and E and potions at every opportunity (read notes next to abilities for some slight explanation). You recall back immediately, grab madred's razor and about two extra health potions, and you are set to jungle easily for the rest of the game. The first round through is the hardest, but completely doable. At level four, you get your Q and are able to gank immediately, because even though you lack boots of speed at this point, you have ghost (or exhaust or flash, or something other than smite) which will allow you to more easily catch your victim. Even if you can't get a kill at this point (which I typically am able to) you are able to give your teammate an advantage in their lane. Let me repeat that -- killing is not necessary to achieve an advantage. Getting your opponent low on health is enough to make them wary about creeping or make them go back and miss out on experience, which is VERY important. Eventually (around the time you get black cleaver and alacrity) you will be running from lane to lane ganking, creeping in the time that your ultimate is down unless a lane is overextended.

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Summoner Spells

As for my choices in summoner spells, (WHY NO FLASH!?), ghost is just a personal preference, as I feel being faster than the enemy champion allows for a higher damage output than flashing to him once does. Of course, you miss out on the jukes and surprise tactics that flash allows for by going ghost, but I have found that with my high speed (early BoM + alacrity + ghost) and my enemy's slow speed (exhaust) that flash just hasn't been necessary for me.

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Maxing W first is the most important part of making this build work. Your W is the reason you are able to make smiteless jungle an option. Basically you are going through the forest and using your W and E at every opportunity, making sure to only use your E right after an autoattack has hit an enemy. (If you use E right after your autoattack hits an enemy, you will immediately hit again. If you use E then attack, you miss out on basically a free faster attack.) The idea is that you will want to gank with ghost around level four, and should only gank beforehand (without Q) if a hero is very overextended.

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Items - Tanks can't hang.

The idea behind the items in this build is pretty straight-forward. Wriggle's lantern is a must for an AD jungler of course. Black Cleaver is probably the best item for fiora, because with her ultimate (and even burst of speed if the ultimate is on CD), you are putting stacks of armor reduction on the enemy which allows you (and your team's ADC) to do HUGE burst damage. Whether you get ravenous hydra or last whisper next is typically a judgement call. Last whisper makes you just do insane damage, but ravenous hydra gives you some sustain/creeping ability if you think that you need it first. So -- ravenous hydra if you need to creep/stay alive, last whisper if you need your enemy to die more quickerly. Since you are building so much AD, guardian angel is LOVELY at this point in the game, then you finish off with either even heavier AD (inifity edge) or another defensive item to replace your wriggle's. This item build is especially good for shutting down enemy tanks such as Dr. Mundo, Udyr, and Singed.

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For attacking/ganking, you ghost when your enemy sees you, catch up to them, Q, exhaust, E, (W if they want to hit you) autoattack. If they run, Q again, if not, then wait until right after an autoattack and use Q again. (Don't use your W if they aren't attacking you, or you'll waste it. It's huge damage and keeps you alive). If you think they are about to flash at any point, then you can use your ultimate on them. Don't miss your chance for using the ultimate, sometimes you'll get CCed hard by a Sona or other character and will miss your chance. You are extremely squishy. This isn't the worst thing ever late game, because after guardian angel, you can pop up and use your ultimate with enemies standing around you. Your ultimate turns the tide of a battle since you have SO much armor reduction and SO much damage, so make sure you don't miss using it, and try not to team fight without it.

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Creep -- max reposte first, hands down.
Gank all lanes with boots of mobility+alacrity/ghost
Creep during ultimate cooldown
Armor Reduction -- good for Baron/enemy tanks
Ult in team fights -- don't fight without ult
Thanks for checking out my guide.