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Smurfin Voli - Thunder Thighs

Last updated on October 31, 2012
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Smurf Volibear is the best champion in the team. Mostly because he CAN NEVER DIE. Make sure to stack health, and tank everything for your team to support them as you secure that kill with your w when the enemy is below 10% hp. The massive health you have will make it do even more damage, and your q and e combo will allow no chance of escape.

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No runes or masteries are given at the creation of a new account, except one mastery point.

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Put one point into improving ghost. Allows maximum Ussain Bolt powers along with rolling thunder.

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Stack a ton of health. The reason for this is to let your team do all the work, and then secure that kill with your w, which stack on hp. Switch out mobi boots for merc treads later on, for you'll be focused quite a bit when you're 20/0/0. But with your passive, ghost, q and heal up, no worries! smurf voli is almost unkillable as smurf singed (coming soon)

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Skill Sequence

Max W for kill securing potential and easier cs. Max e next, for massive slows. Max q last, but get a point early. Get r whenever you can.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and heal work very well. Ghost is essential for African levels of speed. Heal can be interchanged with exhaust or teleport.

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So remember: Tank everything, build as much hp as the US debt, and secure those kills with your w. When your passive is up, proceed to 1v5 the enemy team under their turret. Warning: if done in lvl 10 ranked games, your elo will have bigger drops than the Greek economy.