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Sniper Killzone

Last updated on January 5, 2011
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Chapter 1

Caitlyn- The Sheriff of Piltover.

Hi guys, this is my second build, first one is Miss fortunate killzone, it won bronze for September :). This is a build i'm working on and will most likely edit in the future. As I've said in my other build this isn't a MUST DO, this is a guide line, change what you want and play how you want, this is just to get you into you YOU'RE grove!

Great early game ganker, harasser, and pusher.
Great support dps (will explain later)
Great escape utility

Low health
If caught in CC she goes down insanely fast
Not a great late game ganker, at least not as good as most.


Headshot- Innate Passive

-Every 8 attacks (attacks while in brush count as 2), Caitlyn will fire a headshot, dealing either 150% damage to a champion or 250% damage to a minion.

-This is great for early harassing and late game creeping. early game just hit or last hit creeps till its up then shoot the person you are laning against. This will add up over a little time and soon you will be ready to go in for the kill.

Piltover Peacemaker- Q

-Caitlyn revs up her rifle for 1 second to unleash a penetrating shot which deals physical damage (deals less damage to subsequent targets).

-Skillshot that deals damage to everything in a line where she casts it, it has about a half second to 1 second delay so aim it accordingly. this is your main source of damage, other than your ult and auto attacks. When in team fights hit where it will do the best, whether that is at one person or the entire team depends.

-Example- if i go into a team fight and shaco is reaming my team from the back while the rest are in the front i will cast it at shaco to kill him ASAP. but if they are all in front and i can hit them all or most of them then i will cast it at all of them.

Yordle Snap Trap- W

-Caitlyn sets a trap to reveal sneaky yordles. When sprung, the trap immobilizes the champion and deals magic damage over 1.5 seconds.

-You can only have 2 of these! use them wisely, you can put them at choke points for a lure, or plan an escape route when laning. Drop them on the problem champs in team fights. Or even use them as obsticles for chaser to avoid.

-Examples- So im running from a warwick or something, and i cant take him due to low hp or whatever. I lay a trap in front of me a few paces and run right over it. Either he will run around it giving me a little more of a lead to get away or he will run over it and im definately safe.

90 Caliber Net

-Caitlyn fires a heavy net to slow her target, the recoil knocks Caitlyn back.

-This is good for slowing, within reason. Escaping the nasty champs. and chasing.

-Examples- Someone is coming at me and im not ready for them to come anywhere near me. i cast the net towards them, if its good they get slowed and im zoomin away.

A shaco comes in behind me and i get him down decently before he passes me.

I cast the net at him before he gets past me and keep shooting, he is slowed while still trying to run to his towers and then hes dead.

Ace in the Hole- R- Ultimate

-Caitlyn takes time to line up the perfect shot, dealing massive damage to a single target at a huge range. Enemy champions can intercept the bullet for their ally.

-The channel is about 1.5-2 seconds. When it goes on it will follow the person out of range, but not in stealth. After the channeling.. even if the target stealths the shot will follow them and hit them unless someone takes it for them.. most of the time noone takes the bullet for their friend on purpose. This is great for picking off the low health runaway, or simply just pew pewing a loser who doesnt understand that the lane they are in is yours.

-Example- In team fights i use this on the squishiest person at the beginning of the fight, that makes them either die or run away, most of the time the squishy is a DPSer so ti works out, they lose a dps and we kill the rest of them if not all of them.

Other ways i use this are to hit someone in my lane to get them down slowly, so i can flash in and get the kill when i'm ready. Most of the time it dissuades them from pushing to hard due to the damage it does. The cooldown isn't too long either so it should be back up for the next gank or teamfight.

Item Build


Strongly Advised Items-

Optional Items-

Explanation of Items

I picked these items because ive found them to work the best and be my personal favorites to compliment this hero.

The core items are mandatory for this champ in my opinion, The damage is a major plus, the crit damage, life steal, and attack speed of the items compliment her abilities and make her one tough gunner to go up against.

The Banshees veil isnt in core even though i wanted it to be, she doesnt have great survivability if she is caught in CC before she can react. Thats why i feel that Banshee's Veil is very very veeeerrryyy good with her, the health and MR are will make you one tough chick and the passive is absolutely amazing for her. It blocks the stun and you are flashed away and runnin from the 5 man gank thats after u.

The optional items are all of the items i feel that should be put into the rest of her item build depending onw hats going on, if the enemy team is being steemrolled get the damage items, if there are lots of tanks get some arpen and bloodrazer.

If your team is having trouble in the teamfights or you are getting picked off a lot then get some defensive items.

As ive said, later game she is a SUPPORT DPS, she wont be the major dps in the fight but she WILL be one of the major forces leading the team to victory. her utility can ensure a win for your team if played right.

Play Style-

I prefer to go mid personally, early game she is a beast and i usually get a kill in mid early on, unless its anivia cuz of her dang egg. im not saying you can't defeat anivia im just saying it takes some more planning and patience.

Early game- Grap your doran's blade and a pot and head to mid or a side lane.

Last hit, or jsut auto attack the monkeys outa the minions and use your Q ability to harass the enemy champions. Don't waste too much of your mana on the creeps yet, your mana wont allow it. Once you have your trap put them in the bushes or in the side lanes near the enemie's middle tower. Side lanes may be better because if they are in the bush of the river there is a decent chance they wont go off, but if they are in the side ally then there is a great chance anyone runnin to mid that way will trigger it off.

Mid game- By this point you should have your boots and hopefully your Bloodthirster, if not just your BF sword and Scythe. You should be galavanting around the map picking off people for your team, does this mean to run in guns blazing without help? no... you will probably die if you do, head to bushes lay some traps and gank with your team so you get the upper hand. If your ganks fail, you have some trap behind you to lead them to so you can either finish them off or get away right? :)

Late game- This is all team fights and you should have your Bloodthirster, boots, and hopefully most of your IE finished. when your tank initiates put a trap down in the middle of their team to immobilize/DoT one of their championgs and spam your Q hard, you can throw in your E slow/zoom to slow one of them as well, this also makes you less likely to be targeted because your farther from the fight... use your ult on the DPS, or anyone it will kill. if your possitive it will kill the person then use it on them! then keep going with the Q W E spam.. make sure if you can that you are able to trap any runaways.

Trapping (and how to get it done)

I've heard a few people say her traps are useless, because people can see them, she can only have two, and the activation is too slow.. Well im here to tell you the haters are wrong!

Cahsing Chasing someone and want to get a trap down? blink up and put it in front of them, the distance you need for it to trap them is from you to the end of the circle, so if you can blink to them or ahead of them and lay it in their path it should either get them or they will go around it, if they go around it they just detoured and you get some more hits in and hopefully kill them.

Running away Is someone chasing you? lay the trap in your path ahead of you and run over it, this will make them go around it, turn around, or get hit giving you a kill, or an easy escape.

Stealth traps? who needs 'em?! Lay traps in the middle of the lane where the minions go, if the enemy is melee they will most likely hit it while attacking your creeps leaving them vulnerable to some pain and giving you sight for an ult if they try to run. If its a ranged they normally don't pay attention to the ground their minions walk on. so put the trap on their caster minions or melee minions and let them push, their creeps will move forward and she just might hit that trap and get her face melted as a thank you.

Escape rout If your setting up a gank, or your team is about to initiate a team fight from the forst, lay some "insurance" traps in the bushes on the path you will take to get away incase things go south. following your path will almost 10% ensure your escape, unless ofcourse pantheon mandrops on you while your recalling because there just so happens to be a ward at the bush you decided it was "safe" to recall in after your amazing escape.


Thanks for reading my build guys, suggestions are welcomed and i hope this helps you master the beastly Sniper Woman!

cioa for now!