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League of Legends Build Guide Author DoomHammer666

Snowball Cho'gath

DoomHammer666 Last updated on December 13, 2010
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Okay so I've been playing Cho'gath for a while now and I've tried a bunch of different builds. This build isn't necessarily going to be the be all end all super tank but you have a lot of annoying offense and team fight nuke ability with it. Here's how I best suggest you play this build.

Start the game with a Doran's ring and an mp pot, you should have a little over 600 hp. You aren't going to be the toughest character on the map in fact despite your hit points you need to be careful around the DPS in your lane. Use your mana as much as you want to drop ruptures and Feral Screams on the enemy for ping damage, you'll either scare them off kill them or make them mad enough to rush you and die.

Use clarity first as your mp is gonna drain really fast at level 1-3 then your MP pot. this will allow Clarity to recycle it's cool down so you can use it again when needed to keep laning and harassing your enemy. Once you have enough recall and get your sorc shoes then teleport back and repeat the previous process.

Once you hit lvl 10 you're more then likely going to start racking up kills and feast stacks, here's where it gets important to watch your mana and your clarity. If you see a rupture opportunity take it, if it misses back a bit and try again next opening, if it hits move in and try for the feral scream. This build runs AP and Armor snowball in the Mejais and Leviathin, these are your next items.

You WILL be in fights and because of the way people get scared of Cho'gath and rush him you WILL be the epicenter of team fights. Lead with a rupture feral and then kite away from them towards your team, when you can repeat the two piece combo. If you see a feast drop take it if they're close but don't chase through the team. Killing with Rupture and Feral is going to be your last hit bread and butter.

Next you want the Raylei's for the slow by now if you haven't been focused raped you should have some decent stacks on your stuff. The insane slow from your ability spamming is going to make you the perfect kite tank nuke. Next you want EITHER the Void staff or the Warmog's, this is preference or necessity I prefer the warmog's as a last resort considering once you have the Void staff you're hitting so hard that you don't absolutely need the extra HP.

Once you have the entire build you are face roll city, the only thing to watch is team ganks and stun magic spikes, you rely on rupture and silence slows so be careful. people ask me if I go tank and when I say no I go snowball AP Hybrid they say AWESOME!!

I have carried so many teams with this build and they always start to focus me down because I hit so hard. Blue buff is a nice addition to this build for the MP regeneration and the CD reduction. I've had some loses with this build but I always have a high kill and assist count and a low death count for the team average.

Rupture+Feral is your bread and butter practice leading your ruptures to ensure a hit and remember you can feral over walls if they're close enough. A lot of Cho'gath players rely only on feast for kills but with this build you can do pretty much anything with your vorpal spike on your meleeing for almost 2-300 damage.

This build is one I modefied from a set I saw a great Cho player use and it works perfectly for me. Try it out, screen shots will come soon, and please vote and leave comments I always want to hear from other players!