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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sol-Surviv-ar

Sol-Surviv-ar's AP Teemo

Sol-Surviv-ar Last updated on October 29, 2010
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This is my first build hope you like it.

This is my version of an AP Teemo that I use of TT. It works very well for me, usually get mvp (most kills, assists etc) but relies on being able to correctly place mushrooms into locations that will be most beneficial. This allows me to get fed and to dominate late game.


    High Burst damage
    Good chase mechanism; can be used to escape if you know what your doing
    Ult can effectively weaken enemies while not being any where near them
    Can stealth to avoid ganks
    Good pusher/ farmer


    lower raw dps than Ad teemo or most straight carries (doesnt mean you cant kill them though)
    idk what else squishy?


Camouflage (passive)

Teemo stealth's after taking no action for 2 seconds and gains an attack speed boost after exiting stealth for 3 seconds.
This can be useful for setting up ganks or for generally hiding for enemies laning while low on xp for example. Also works when teleporting back to base and is very useful if enemies are mia and your expecting a gank u can run to the brush and sit there. Note to be careful for wards or oracles as they will see you. Note with current patch does not work with teleporting back to base

Blinding Dart

Shots a dart that damages the target and blind them.
Very useful for shutting down enemy carries in team fights or for adding some quick burst when popping out of cover for a kill. In conjunction with exhaust can also allow you to easily 1v1 against most enemy carries.

Move Quick

Gain increased movement speed until attacked by an enemy champion or turret.
I recommend getting at least one rank in this early for better map mobility and for going in for kills if you don't expect to be attacked.

Toxic Shot

Teemo's attacks inflicted added poison damage on impact and for the next four seconds.
Very useful ability that doesn't use mana and is always active. Great for prodding enemies and gradually decreasing their hp especially with AP it makes it even stronger. It also allows you to compete with carries on dps without having much attack speed on damage. Also great for juking as you can put an attack on them to weaken them while you run them through your mushrooms.

Noxious Trap (mushrooms!)

Places a trap that deals damage and slows any enemy that runs into it and nearby enemies.
Can be a great ult if you know how to use it. Being an AP build your mushrooms will do a very large amount of damage especially against other carries with little hp. One of the best tools for escaping ganks or turning a losing battle into a win or even getting a wipe. But these are not as strong as most peoples ult that can have a direct impact on a team fight. The best spots to put these are at the entrances to the jungle and in brush; also if you can its sometimes better if u feel that you will win the fight to put them in your enemies escape route to kill any runners. Note with new patch has changed to remove the cooldown and allow teemo to store charges for mushrooms. This allows their use in dire moments even better eg in team fights and when ganked - storage time slightly increased makes cooldown reduction even better at lower lvls or with lower ranks of Noxious Trap

I usually solo top with this build but you might want to just dual bot until you get used to playing him. The reason I solo is so that I can mushrooms quicker and start owning the jungle. So to start pick up a meki pendant and 2 health pots. You should probably be able to stay until lvl 6 when u should get your mushrooms and port back to base. Here you should buy your fiendish codex and work on the boots if not but them. Changed to now getting saphire crystal (or ruby crystal) instead to work on rod of ages cause it gives health ap and mana all of which are very useful cause you dont really need to AS

Now should just go around placing mushrooms in the entrances to the jungle and in areas of brush - this should tell you where the enemy is and also can allow u to do some extra dmg on them before they even get to you. I cannot stress enough how important your mushrooms are if they are in the right spots you will get kills. If u get ganked to stand and fight try to run to your nearest mushroom then turn and atk them. Another thing to keep in mind is that if the enemy are buying oracles they wont be able to see your mushrooms if they are in the brush until its to late so dont bother putting them out in the open and just block off the paths in the brush. The rest of the item set is fairly optional based on what opposition your vsing. I choose rylai's first because of the extra health and the increased slow that you get for your darts and mushrooms; also don't worry if you dont finish the build I almost never do.

I choose exhaust and ghost as my summoner skills because exhaust can help to get early game kills as well as shutting down an enemy dps for a few seconds and ghost can be used to help get away for faster champs or when vsing a lot of slows because teemo has very little health he will die fast. Flash and cleanse could also be used to get away and against cc. You could consider ignite for some extra dps but you probably dont need it as your poison will do enough dmg. Heal can also be used but it becomes useless towards late game but ghost and exhaust are still useful the rest wont help much so dont bother using them.

When team fights start breaking out be careful where you travel as you can easily get ganked and die but if you stay behind your team mates you should be fine. Just cast blinding dart on their carry and if u can put a mushroom in the fight for some extra dmg and slow.

That about about covers it I hope u like it and if you rate it down (or up) could you please leave a comment so that I can improve it ty and enjoy

Change Log
19/10/10 - Improved description