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Master Yi Build Guide by SoldierZack

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SoldierZack

SoldierZack´s Jungle Yi

SoldierZack Last updated on September 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi Guys, this is SoldierZack. Posting my Private Jungle Yi Guide.

To be honest, im getting lots of Questions about why i put this and that into my Build. I Don´t want to answer every single question, but ill give it a shot in some cases.

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Well we all know, Jungler need Armor.
I Take Armor per level Seals. But Flat Armor Seals are Better for Early Game and also prevent lots of Dmg taken in the Early Jungle.

Magic Resist / Lvl Glyphs, you dont get much Magic dmg Early, and they are better for lategame.

Armor Pen Quints, we all know why.

For Marks i take Attack Speed, to make the jungle faster and prevent myself from beeing a slow attack Champ in lategame, since we dont have much of space for Attackspeed Items in the Inventory.

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0:01 : Armor, 5 HP Pots for the start.
When youre going well with Early ganks, get Vampiric Scepter and Boots of Speed ***ap, for Jungling and dont skill W if you got a kill before even doing Wraiths. Sometimes ganking Bot/Top after Golems benefits in Gold, but dont waist your time if there is no Situation.

Madreds later on, Turn it into a Lantern for warding Drake.
Now youre getting Avarice Blade for Extra Gold. Then you´ll buy Merkurys Shoes and Phage, since u dont have the Redbuff 24/7. Turning Avarice Blade in Youmoo´s is a must after this! About the Phage, you can turn it into Trinity Force, or you´ll decide to take the Frozen Mallet for Slowing/Hp. Depending on the Enemy Team.

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Skill Sequence

You have to take Alpha Strike first, for Golems. Hopefully u can get a 400Dmg hit on one of them, and instandly Smite the one which got Bonus Dmg. 1 Down = Less Hp lose.

Then u take E, go to wraiths use Q and take E right before you Hit the wraiths. Aim the Boss Wraith first. After Wraiths ull see your hp on the Ground. Use Potion at Golem and at Wraiths to prevent Dying of course! Head to Wolfes, skill W. Nothing special. if youre on full hp, and got enough Mp Left for Q and E, go for Blue. Start Q, kill the Smaller once first, use E on the Big one after killing the smaller once. Smite should be Ready by now, use it.

If you´re doing well you have blue, Meditate and head back to golems. The Rest is Really easy, Skill E E E and R R R and Q Q Q, Meditate for the Last Levels.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport? Yeah, i take it for Split pushing and Ganking (a Ward in the bush at Bot can help you get wonderfull Freekills)

Smite for Jungling of course.

If you dont feel like Teleporting, take whatever you like. Exhaust for massive dmg teams, Flash if you feel like dying in the Quene already. Flash only will leave you alive, if the Enemys dont Flash after you, so Exhaust seems so much better to me.

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Ganking as Yi

Yi has problems with Ganks. If you´re going Ranked, take care of your Team taking some nice Stuns, or Pulls (Blitzcrank e.g.)

Ganking top is Useless in Higher Elo, since its a Survival lane. Try gank bot as often as possible, since AD Carry lane has to get Fed, or its lost anyway.

If you Turretdive, try to keep your Alpha Strike ready for Escape.

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The Power of Soldier

Always, always believe in the Power of you as Soldier! You should NEVER Back down, no matter the Situation. Even if they got 3 Inhibitors down, you can win!

Help your Teammates, be Clever and never lose the Focus. The Nexus!

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The Power of Yi

I will Name some Hints of Yi´s Ability Alpha Strike.

1. You can Dodge Caitlyns Ultimate if you time you´re Alpha Strike perfectly.
2. You can Dodge stuns from Lux, Morgana, and more.
3. You cant Dodge The Stuns of Taric and Sion, but you can lower the time of it by using Alpha Strike. E.g. Sion wants to Stun / Explosion combo you, Stun incoming, you Alpha a minion/mob somewhere, the stun time runs down while you are in the fog of Alpha. Also, you can prevent the Dmg from Explosion by just not beeing next to him anymore.
4. You can Dodge Lux Ult.

1. You can Jump into an low Hp enemy if hes next to a thin wall by using Alpha Strike.
2. You can Escape enemys by Ward/Jump to wraithcamp, golems, Red and Bluebuff.
3. You cant Jump over to Dragon or Nashor, the Range is too low.

The Wuju-Style Powerup

You as yi, get an Extra dmg boost by using your E Skill. When you kill someone with E and Highlander on, your Cooldown of E is gone. Dont use E again just to have it running. E is in most situations STILL RUNNING. If its still running, you get the Bonus of an Activated Wuju-Style, and you also get the Passive boost! Thats an big amount of Dmg! Use E/R if you can kill another Champ right before he falls, so the E is Active again and you dont have a Cooldown on it.

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Dominion Yi

If you Play Domionion, try Take Yi with this stuff on.

Berserk and Vampiric Scepter. 2xE and 1xQ
For Runes use Armor/lvl Yellow, MagicResist/lvl Blue, Attackspeed Red, Movementspeed Quints.

Also take 21/x/x
I Dont know if the Exp bonus in the Last tree actually benefits you in Dominion.
Private Message me if you know if it makes a difference.

Also, Tell your Team to go 4 Top 1 Bot.

Bot Guy should be Morgana, Irelia or smth tanky.
1 Guy should get the Tower Next to the Base, 3 Shall Rush top using the Speedbuff in the Jungle. The one who takes the Base Turret has to come Top! In most Situations you have 2 Ppl bot, 2 Top in enemy team. So you´re 4 on 3 at the top Turret.

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Build still in Progress

This isnt the Full Version of the Build. Ill add more Stuff later on.

Wanna help? PM me with some good stuff and you´ll be named here.

Version 0.1 Date 29.09.2011