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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kimerik

Solo annihilation malph

Kimerik Last updated on January 3, 2011
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This build is if you know you well be solo laning top or in some rare cases going mid. I run with two other guys who are in ventrillo or right beside me so this might be needed to accomplish the same ideas.

reasonings for spells......
clarity .....You are VERY mana dependant. You need it to kill, you need it to tank, you need it to survive, you need it to harras.
But you dont have space for mana items. Neither on DPS or TANK build. This skill gave me so many kills or saved my or whole my team *** that i just cant go pass this spell

ignite.....I like it for the run away boys.....i would take flash but in a battle i get mouse happy and tend to turn the wrong direction or mis click the hell out of my spells.
usually when i go for a kill its by a turret where someone thinks they are save with half health....wrong...i ult(r) pound(e) and by then i can q/ or ignite. also When i go into teamfights ignite the first squishy i see . mostly the dumb ones who stand in the fight instead of the ones who wait to see if their team will win.....doing with helps other carries make that quick push of burst...when i run i usually have a fiddle,kennen,zil that well just completely eat people so the beggining ignite sometimes helps with a flasher who you would have gotten with it because of this simple fact.

Item selections......First off alot of people are like Omg he dosent have boots lol how funny,WRONG. Your solo farmer and a tank with a hell of alot of hp. i build this way because of the simple fact it works and works quite well. If you getting creep kills and you get at least a assist by lvl6 you should have enough money in a solo lane to by SfC. This item if really op at a lower lvl. it makes a assassin think twice before trying to gank or a carry from pushing a tower even if you at really low health. Boots depending on the team dodge or magic resist i look at it as a 3 to 5 ration depending which is more on their team and who i think could do the most harm to me i choose acourdingly. of the best items in the game for teamfights...this with a pot or two goes along way in pushing towers and inhibs. alot of times both teams get lucky a team fight and usually one person will only be standing from both teams. instead or retreating and healing up you have a tank there to man handle you way to their base..and also i sometimes save my ult knowing i will be a forcus fire in a fight. if i see myself going down fast i save it come back pop it and usually turn it around for our team.....althought you need a elixir on stand by every once in awhile so you dont just die apon ressing.

When lower lvl and solo top or btm you should keep some defense but harass at the same time. mostly you want to stay alive until you jungle buddy comes in for a gang lvl 4-6. if your against another solo you should always be offensive. Malphite can take a lot of damage and give it also. if you solo you want to lvl q-w-q-w-e-r its your q for harassing and w to just sit and tank creep waves if need be.... i have ignite clarity mainly for my lvl 6 kill.... this is very easily don't if you have harassed the whole time you solo lanes or even 2v1. You can pretty much even do it on their turret. ill let myself get really low in mana so they start to push on me usually we'll both be half health. when he or she gets to cocky and presses to far out i clarity,w,ult on them,e,r,ignite good game. they are always dead. if you have done this right you should be able to buy your belt. now if your solo laning you shouldn't need boots till about 11-12 when your teammates have pushed a turret or visa verse.....if you have a good jungler you well have a couple more kills in your lane before that lvl do to ganks . SfC is the first item i build which makes malphite nearly unkillable from the start one usually 2 lvls above anyone else and you ca take so much damage. once sfc is build i buy boots to be able to keep up with teammates and for ganks... once you reached that point you can build him however you need...magic resist or more tanky. GA is the second thing i would say get because if done right you well have pissed the whole team off and they will just try to get a kill. I hope this build works for you like has for me. if you teammates aren't fail and you a confident tank you will 80% of the time have a 25 surrender or you'll end the game prior to that time maker.