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Yorick Build Guide by Guest

Solo top Yorick. Like a pro!

By Guest | Updated on June 10, 2012

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I use these runes, because Yorick runs out of mana really fast, and it is vital to have mana for his harass. Also, since you don't start with a Dorans like most AD's do, you need the extra attack damage from your runes to make up for the loss of AD from Dorans. And the magic resist is because I usually go up against AP tops such as Ahri and Kennen and Morde and sometimes Amumu when he's not jungling. So, the extra Magic Resist really helps out. If you find yourself going against more AD than AP, you could buy armor runes but if you did that, get mp5 per level glyphs and armor seals.
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I use these masteries on Yorick, because Yorick is a tanky champ that can deal damage when built correctly. He is like a bruiser, but more tanky less damage. I can't really classify him as anything because he's just... well... Yorick! You could go more AD if you want to, but I'm not 100% sure on how to build him like that. And I wouldn't recommend it.
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Skill Sequence

I like to get E first, because Yoricks harass is really nice. That E just deals damage and if they poke you back, you don't feel it. The E heals you a good bit. I then get W because it has that slow, which allows you to harass more. The way I harass is I W to slow them, then E to hit them, then Q to hit them again. I then get Q for the extra damage and speed to run away. A good way to take down Towers faster would be to hit them, then instantly click q. It does another hit immediately. If another minion wave is coming and your Q is still active, hit a minion to reset the CD and pop out a ghoul to give you more damage. You should also W when you can while taking down a tower and E a minion. With all 3 ghouls out, you will be taking that tower down in no time! You can also ult yourself to take it down, but I like to save my ults for team fights. Always ult the AD carry!!!!!!!! Unless someone else has a higher AD than the carry, always ult him.
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Yorick is a tremendous farmer. His W has AoE which will take out more than one minion. But the real reason he's a good farmer is because he can completely zone out enemy champions. Allowing you to out level, and out farm. If you are on purple/red team, ask your jungler if you can take the double golems for the extra gold and exp. It does help out quite a bit. He might be a jerk and say no but take 'em anyways and say I said it was okay. ;)
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Team Work

Try to let your AD carry get the kill. Yorick is "just a tank". He's not as OP fed as an AD carry is. And always remember, do not rely on your jungler to baby sit you. If he isn't ganking don't blame your "bad game" on him. I usually get ganked by the enemy and my jungler never ganks but that doesn't bother me. It's a really slow game at first with Yorick due to the lack of damage but a lot of tankiness on him. During the laning phase, you will be lucky to get a kill. You start getting a lot of kills after level 12 though. Maybe not kills but assissts yes. Unless your team sucks. Which then you gotta carry cause you're pro right?
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Manamune is probably one of the best items for Yorick. If you want, you could start out with Meki Pendant and hp pots for the fast Tear. After you get your tear farmed up a little, there go your mana issues. Spirit Visage is also a really good item on Yorick. The 15% extra healing effects does increase his E and the CDR is really nice too. Along with the health. Usually by the time I start building Atma's when I have 2k health. Why so early? By then we're done with the laning phase and I need armor. So I get that instead of going for a Warmogs. The game usually ends by the time I start building Warmogs. But, there are those occasional long games where you can build your whole set!
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I hope this helps out a lot. It's taken me quite a bit of games to find out the proper things to say in this. I probably said something stupid but oh well. By my personal experience, everything I've said was 100% correct. Good luck on your Yorick games. And remember to spam those ghouls!
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Yorick Guide

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Solo top Yorick. Like a pro!