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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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SoloPlank: Bane of Squishy Carries

Last updated on December 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The primary goal of this build is to efficiently target and neutralize the opposing teams' source of damage output as fast and as often as possible early on so that they are essentially useless late game. Each item, rune, summoner spell and ability is chosen for a reason-- to make the enemy's squishy carries cower and flee if you decide to come down that lane at every stage. This build is meant for player who like to constantly, but safely, harass in hopes of making tryndameres and akalis ragequit, prevent enemies from farming while farming up a storm for yourself and, finally, to be a valuable member of the team.
The secondary goal of the build is mostly to give you some survivability towards the late game-- if it gets that far.

Mastering the art of Gangplank is not impossible but it requires some diligence in forming the correct strategy. Gangplank has the potential to shift any conflict in his (or his teams') favor using the various tools at his disposal.

Ideally, to use this guide to its full potential, you will either need to solo top and be a somewhat good farmer or lane with another champ and get some early kills. However, if neither of these things happens, all is not lost... for this build can help you make an astonishing comeback in mid- or late-game.

PS. I looked through some of the other GP guides but didn't see one quite like this. If there is one I overlooked, my apologies. Producing a copy was unintentional.

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Runes & Early Play

Lots and lots of crit.
You need crit.
Parrrley can crit as well as apply any on hit effects from any items as well as GP's passive.

GP's bread and butter skill "Parrrrley" is a destroyer of worlds- particularly the worlds of a squishy carry. At any given level (especially early on), very few other champs can put out as much damage at that range with one shot as a crit from parrrley can-- combined with a ~5 sec cooldown... can you spell first blood?

I say early on because although parrrley scales very well into late game, it is relatively at its strongest very early on. Well, what does that mean?... It means you have to take advantage of it early on... if you can, as much as you can.

If you're laning against a squishy melee carry, you essentially must keep parrrley on cooldown as long as they are in range. For the first few levels, up to about level 6, you'll want to last hit minions and keep your farming up as much as possible, but squishy enemy champs take priority over minions when it comes to the use of parrrley. It is far better to send tryndamere back to shop 3 times before he hits level 3 than it is to gain 30 gold from 6 shots of parrrley. If you're laning against someone like volibear, dont bother wasting parrrley on him-- stick to last hitting minions with it, that is, unless he screwed up his runes page or something.

Blue Runes, you can use whatever you want. I prefer mana regen so i can use parrrley quite liberally and not have to worry too much about mana problems.

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Not much explanation required here.. You can move around the survivability masteries into mana regen if you prefer, but this guide is centered around a solo top so survivability is a bit more desired.

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I start with Vampire scepter because, again, this is a solo top build and keeping your HP up will always discourage the enemy from wanting to tower dive you and flash out. If they dont think they can get away with it, generally, they wont try it. I then move on to two cloaks so that my crit is hovering around 40-50%. This generally makes most of your parrrleys a crit. You'll be hitting master yi and talon for about 25-40% of their hp-- about every 5 sec if theyre dumb enough to stay within range. This combined with your Remove Scurvy and life steal makes you a tough kill for those champs that typically enjoy early feeds.
After the cloaks, if I've gotten lucky enough to get off a few ganks with my jungler I'll grab boots and BF Sword. Now you've moved onto being able to chase long enough to keep most champs within range with a second shot of parrrley AND you hit them much harder... about 50% for a champ like cait or ashe. Whatever thoughts they had about trying to whittle you down enough to secure a kill with they're ulti went out the window when they saw their life bar turn half red. By this time you should have a few more kills and you'll want to finish up Infinity Edge and Ionian boots. I get Ionian boots because this build is based solely on getting parrleys off as quickly as possible-- not to mention more frequent uses of your other borderline OP skills.
After that, I generally will go to work on a warmogs if I've been ganked a few times or the enemy carries are doing a little better than I want them to. Right after that, you'll want to finish up the Atmas Impaler for the added defense against AD carries as well as the synergy that is created between itself and warmogs which is just delicious for GP.
At this point you can either go for Bloodthirster or Phantom Dancer. Each has it's own advantages. If you need the additional life steal, go with BT, if you prefer more mobility and crit take the PD.

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Skill Sequence

Parrrley is your right hand man. Without it you are nothing. Without you Parrrley is nothing.
Take it when you can.
Second only to Parrrley is your Remove Scurvy ability. I can't tell you how many times this has saved me from ashes arrow, veigars stun, talons slow, etc. etc. Instantly removing all CC effects and healing you for X amount will get you out of many, many sticky situations.
Third is your Ult. I've placed Barrage as a skill that should be upgraded as ASAP but the truth is that its entirely situation dependent. If youre ganks arent going so well or you're a bit behind on kills OR if your team is low on CC, its a great way to pick up some assists and help the team out a little. On the other hand, if you've got tons of CC on your team, you can get it at lvl 6 but then stick with Parrrley and Remove Scurvy.
Lastly but definitely somewhat least is your group buff. It lasts a decent amount of time-- more than enough to take down a turret but I feel its quite lackluster and doesn't really give you the edge during team fights when it really matters. In addition, it doesn't really help me get away from a chasing enemy or catch up to a fleeing one and Remove Scurvy seems a bit more useful in a jam so I prefer to leave Raise Morale for late game. Team fights come later in the game anyway, so I've placed it at the tail end of the abilities you should pick up.

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Summoner Spells

Take whichever you like. I prefer exhaust because it helps me get two shots off from Parrley by the time the enemy runs or flashes out of my range which is usually enough to destroy them.
I also take ignite because the damage it inflicts in addition to your passive is usually enough to get a first blood.

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Strategy wise your target is always going to be the squishy carries- so look for an opening. In team fights, you should be more than capable of knocking off their last 400-600 HP which can be as much as 50% for some champs AND you can do that every 4-5 secs.
Your ulti is quite the team fight initiator as well as a closer to pick off those fleeing enemies. For whatever reason, the enemy team likes to run out of the Barrage even if it really isnt hurting them much. This causes a significant amount of chaos and disrupts whatever strategy they had planned. Use it wisely.

Ill add more later. Goin home.