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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ebichiyu

SoloQ Snowball Soraka (Healer)

Ebichiyu Last updated on July 10, 2010
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Here's a quick run down of my build, I'll follow up when I have more time with a more in depth description + pictures.

First of all this is a guide to playing a successful, and game changing, Solo-queue Soraka.

Now this build is meant to make sure you survive, and allow you a little bit of room for aggression while you attempt to grab a kill or two. Your build focus's on cheap, but effective items that will both help you survive, as well as snowball as you rack up the assists.

Summoner spells Flash and Ghost are meant to be used, mainly as an escape, but also allow you the aggression I was talking about before. You can chase a bit further while hoping to nab that infuse kill. Then use your flash and ghost as needed to run away.

Your main objective with this build will be healing yourself and your team while keeping your mana up, as well as your casters' as well. You should be holding back and making sure you don't get cut off from escape as much as possible while staying close enough to your team mates that you can still throw out your heals and silence's as needed. Don't put yourself at risk for a kill shot, the assists are the bread and butter of this build, kills help but aren't worth dieing for. So keep team mates between you and the enemy, and make sure you have an escape route or two.

The skill build order is somewhat up to you, if you are keeping your mana up ok you can level your heal up a bit faster, just remember infuse is both a mana regen as well as a nuke/silence. Get your ult anytime you can and level starcall last, it's good, but this build isn't too expensive so creep kills are not as crucial as it is for other builds.

Speaking of your Ult, keep an eye on your team mates in other lanes HP also, you can save them/help with ganks from accross the map with a well timed Wish.

Onces the game gets about midway and there are little team fights starting up, that is when I find the team mate who seems most aggressive, and deadly, and follow them around with heals. Usually this is where your assists really start to climb, and you may even nab a few kills with infuse once you get the hang of things.

Late game you will be targeted a bit more, but again timing your wish with your blessing, and infuses will save your life, and the enemy team will wilt around you. Your team will have realized how much of a help you are in team fights and you will be protected.

I will get this all in better order/talk about items/finish this build later on. Just remember this build is for assists. Think like a backline healer, and you will play it well. There are a few items I switch out now and then depending on the other team and how the game is progressing, but again I will talk about all of that later. Just to touch on it though, if you are being targeted heavily early/mid, don't be afraid to grab tank items with hp/mana on them. Soraka benefits from AP, but does not depend on it.

Hopefully you guys will like this build, and leave some feedback/tips for me. I have not lost a game in solo queue yet with this Soraka build/play style. My K/D/A Ratio averages out to about 3 kills per 1 death per 10 assists. usually top 20 assists per game depending on length, and its not uncommon to go deathless.