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Some Darius tips

Last updated on May 21, 2016
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dorans blade/shield --> phage + dead mans plate + boots --> titanic hydra --> spectre's cowl --> black cleaver --> spirit visage --> stearak's gage
General rule: get damage when you're ahead, tank when you're behind or scared of the matchup
But remember to alter your build to the situation, two armour or mr items is sometimes needed, just like thornmail or even qss
Usually i get merc boots, armour boots when they're full ad and swiftness boots when they have no cc
Always use your titanic hydra to auto attack reset
Get blue trinket at lvl 9
Start blade if u think u can dominate lane, start shield if u think you'll get rekt
Take ingite in lanes u can kill early, otherwise take tp
Tp ganks bot with Darius are hard, i usualy don't do them unless the enemy is really overextended instead use tp to get back to lane or split-push and tp into teamfights
When fighting never start with e, always save it untill they try run away
Always auto attack reset when using w
With practice you can cast w and q at the same time when you press w and q immediatly after
Never ult when the enemy has no bleed stack on them, it will do no dmg
When the enemy engages on you always space them out and kite while casting q
Always step a bit sideways so the outer part of you q hits
Ignite early vs enemies with lifesteal
You can press q and while the animation is busy flash next to the enemy for an unexpected range (this takes getting used to though)
When the jungler ganks and there's no escape, always go for the jungler first they are lower lvl and way squishier, once you get your reset you should be albe to kill your toplane opponent too
Always lasthit with w since you get the mana and cd refunded on kill
Try not push the wave early and look for and early all-in when your lane opponent oversteps to get a caster creep
When this happens use this combo: auto --> w --> q --> auto --> e --> auto --> ignite/flash if nessecary
In teamfights it's okay to stay a bit back and try get your passive stacked on a tank
In teamfights it's crucial to always be looking for resets if you don't get any you'll be fairly worhtless
Never use flash e to engage a teamfight, you need it to flash on a squishy after you get your passive
Don't pick darius vs high range and kite comps (for example cait,ahri,...)
Don't play a passive lane vs ranged champs, instead look for mistakes in their positioning and proceed to kill them with the combo i provided earlier
Place a ward in the normals top bush and near the rift herald
When you're fed and you know you can kill your lane opponent there's no need to kill the tower yet, instead leave it take the creeps and make him come back so you can kill him again
Darius counters: Trundle, Fiora, Irelia, Riven, Olaf, Graves, Yasuo, Ekko (ofcourse you can win these matchups but if your opponent is good it can be hard)
Easy lanes with early all-in potential: Sion, Maokai, Gankplank, Mundo, Garen, Cho'gath, Illaoi, Jax, Malphite, Nasus, Renekton, Shen, Vladimir
You're ult animation can be cancelled by things like fizz e or when you lose vision of your target
Call things like when your lane opontent used flash or tp and put timestamps on so you know when they don't have flash
If you dominate lane and you destroyed the first tier tower don't go back to lane, instead roam bot and force dragon


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