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Build Guide by Tahoparaszt

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tahoparaszt

Sona early laner, lategame support build

Tahoparaszt Last updated on October 1, 2010
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Hello there!

Played quite a few matches with Sona and sadly experienced that many players simple don't understand how to play with her, so I decided to make this little build for her.

First of all lets see her abilities:

Passive: It is a very cool passive called Power Chord. After 3 spellcast your normal attack will deal bonus dmg. This is very powerful in early game, so watch it and when you reach 3 stacks always try to use it for harrassing.

"Q" skill, Hymn of Valor
Hymn of Valor is your only dmg ability (if you don't count your ulti). It's an automatic shot that target's two enemy close to you (mostly like heimer's micro rockets) and does magic dmg to them. It seems to hit champions over minions first, so great for harassing. It also applies an aura to every team member close to you, increasing AD and AP. Always keep it up in teamfights and ganks.

"W" skill, Aria of Perseverance
It is your healing skill. Not as powerful as Soraka's or Taric's heal, but you don't have to bother with targeting and has no casting time at all (u can cast while running). It always heals a champion near you who has the lowest healt + yourself.
It applies an aura that gives bonus armor and magic resist.
Try to keep up in teamfights.

"E" skill, Song of Celerity
It is your "OMG RUN RUN RUN" skill for escape and chasing half-dead enemies. Gives you and your allies a few % running speed for a few seconds and applies an aura that increasis speed. Not as important to keep it up in teamfights, keep it for important situations.

"R" skill, your ultimate
Crescendo is a pretty much weak spell for an ultimate. It is a short range (animation is waaaaaay bigger then it's hitbox) stun that makes some funny dmg (like 350 on lvl 18....) and stuns every enemy it hits for a crazy 1,5 seconds. It is the best to keep it for hot situatioins (escaping, to break a channeling like miss fortune, Malzahar or WW ulti).
If you do not need to break a special spell then try to hit as many enemy with it as humany possible.

Summoner spells:
Clarity is the key to stay in lane in the first 6 levels. Its a must. Nobody can save up that much mana to skip clarity. That is impossible or you don't spam enough. But Sona is about SPAM! SPAM like hell!
The other spell can be flash (if you don't trust yourself to avoid trouble) or teleport what gives you more mobility.

How to play Sona?

Most players play Sona too passive in the start and stupidly in mid and lategame.
You must play 2 different playstyles with her during a game.
lvl 1 - lvl 7/8 or until enemy tower destroyed in your lane:
First: NEVER solo lane. Sona is the most powerful support char in the game. You need a friend to play with. Akali or other champs who can use both AD and AP are the best choice, since your blue buff gives both.
Build up your passive 3 charges at your base for "free".
Go moderate agressive in the beginning. You are not a Soraka healbot. You have very brutal nukes with your "Q" and a well times passive shot. And your "Q" spell harass 2 players the same time! Use it as often as your mana lets it. A bit later I will write about item build. What you really need in the first few level is MANA. Sona is a SPAMMER. She spams her heal, she SPAM her dmg, both on 6 sec CD. If you wanna keep up your auras to support your lanemate and keep both of you alive you need endless mana. Get mana regen!
Sona is not a good killing machine. Try to lasthit only minions and let your teammate do the dirty job. Meanwhile he creeps you can harass. Harassing is the key. With your "Q" spell you have a very very long range. Shoot it, run. Shoot it run.

Hopefully you managed to get a few assists, maybe lucky kills and destroyed the enemy tower. As the game goes on you become less and less effective as a dmg dealer and more and more effective as a support. By lvl 10 you should have at least mejai, or even better if you also have tears. From now you only allowed to move with your team. Hunt for assists, try to steal a few kills to charge your soulstealer.
There are some key things what you should always keep in front of your eyes:
- You are very WEAK! Not tanky at all. Always stay behind your team. You have long range, even longer for your heals and you get the assists with your auras. Shoot a Q, shoot a heal, stay behind the team, repeate.
- SPAM MOTER*****R! That is something I can't tell you enough. The more you spam your skills the more aura your team gets. And ofc you need 3 spellcast for your passive to shoot.
- Don't waste your passive. Whenever you get 3 stacks attack someone / something. Better to attack an enemy but even a creep and reload your passive.
- Never use your ultimate to engage a fight. Your team sees it, they rush the enemy and boom, your crazy epic 1,5sec stun is over. Always use it midfight to interrupt or to catch runners.

As champions get more and more items Sona will be weaker and weaker. So if you play Sona you will always wanna win a fight with a 25 min @ surrender or faster then 40 mins. When enemy champs get their items your heals become simply not enough and your dmg will be moderate. Your best spell will become your "E" to boost your DPS to escape or to chase an enemy.
For lategame you can't really boost your heals up, since they are AP based but you can your dmg. Lich bane (with good amoung of Mejai stacks) + your passive gives you a crazy 1K nuke every 6 seconds (550 basic attack + 500 Q hit) Care that Lich bane has a 2 sec global cooldown what is longer then your GCD on your songs. Little less spam here :)

Item build:

For the first few levels of laning u need one thing: MANA. U wanna spam your abilities as much as humanly possible to harass the enemy and keep your lanemate alive. So first take a Meki pendant with 2 mana pots.
I often see Sona's buying healing pots. But hey!
First of all you are a healer. From 1 mana pot you can heal nearly twice, what is less then a healing pot but you also heal your lanemate!
Your second item is a MUST HAVE. Never ever seen it in any build or on any other player:
Chalice of Harmony!
What was the first lesson? Yes, SPAM IT MOTHERF*CKER! If you really wanna spam you will need crazy amount of mana. Chalice unique passive gives you what you need. You can basically stay in lane endless with it. Gotta love it. Also the magic resist it gives helps you survive.
AFther chalice I usually buy a single boot for a bit of speed. I don't upgrade it yet since u have a skill to run faster and it's often not easy to decide to pick ninja tabi against a melee team, mercury against casters / CC'ers or Sorcerer's if your team is fed enough. I personally don't prefer swiftness, since if u play with Sona you must be able to positon yourself always in the background and with your speed buff u can always escape.
The next item is the base of this build: Mejai!
Sona is not a killing machine but due to game mech. u will get crazy amount of assists (mostly 5 in a teamfight, since if your auras heal, dmg or boost your teammate who gets the kill you get an assist. You can stack your Mejai SUPER FAST. If u manage to survive a few teamfights you can get 20 stacks before you reach lvl 18 and that makes you terribly powerful on both healing and dmg-ing.
Now it's time to upgrade your boots to your choice.
Your first 3 items are very cheap items, you can get them in 10-15 minutes in a normal match or around lvl 10.
Your next items should be Tears of the Godess for mana (u remember to SPAM IT MOTHERF*CKER) and sheen to make use of your normal attacks beteween 2 faceroll on your keyboard.
IF you still didn't win the match upgrade these to Archangel and Lichbane.
Your last item should be Zhonya's ring but by the time u can buy this you either win or lost.

I do not recommend to buy tanky items on her. If you get nuked or first targeted tell your team to protect you. Any good enemy team will try to nuke you first but if you stay in safe position and your tanks are not totally weelchair-positive you will dodge trouble and ***it your tem from behind suffering minimal harass.

Hope this little guide will help your play with Sona.